Friday, October 23, 2015

Short Stories

(Erotic Fanfics)

All stories will have the pairing as it appears in the work of this blog as well as the rating if the piece isn't erotica (I like decent stories, so you can't have all sex, all the time)!  Please note that I strive to keep all characters the same as they appear in any work of fiction. The only thing you have to get past is that they're in love with my character: if you can do that, how they act is natural. Fics listed in order of importance/appearance. I suggest CTRL+F to search for a particular anime/manga/show/game or movie if interested, as the list will get huge.

If a piece has controversial subject matter I will place a big ol' red WARNING beside it. Also, if you like a piece, please say so! It's nice to hear feedback once in awhile.

ONE PIECE - Miscellaneous

Suite Sea Night (Zoro x Elly) *adult
6-30-2015 (Zoro x Elly) *adult
I Don't Like Cats! (Zoro x Elly) *adult
Creep (Sanji x Elly) *adult WARNING
Valentine's Day, 2007 (Zoro x Elly) *adult

Haircut (Zoro x Elly) *adult
Dancing (Zoro x Elly) PG-13
Pity Party (Sanji x Elly) PG
Catnip (Zoro x Elly) PG
Massage (Zoro x Elly) *adult
The Mermaid's Curse (Sanji x Elly) *adult

ONE PIECE - Campus Piece Series
(Zoro x Elly, college story)
Campus Piece, 1 *adult
Campus Piece, 2 *adult
Campus Piece, 3 *adult

ONE PIECE - Smoke & Mirrors Series
(Smoker x Elly, Stockholm Syndrome+)
Parts 3 & 4  PG
Parts 5 & 6  PG-13
Parts 7 & 8  PG-13
Parts 9 & 10 PG-13

Ouran Host Club - (College Series)

Ouran Host - College 1 (Elly x Mori) PG
Ouran Host - College 2 (Elly x Mori) PG
Ouran Host - College 3 (Elly x Mori) PG
Ouran Host - College 4 (Elly x Mori) PG
Ouran Host - College 5 (Elly x Mori) PG-13 *injury
Ouran Host - College, 6 (Elly x Mori) PG-13 *comfort

Monster High (College Series)

Monster College 1 (Elly x Jackson) PG
Monster College 2 (Elly x Holt/Jackson) PG
Monster College 3 (Elly x Holt/Jackson)  PG
Monster College 4 (Elly x Holt/Jackson) PG-13
Monster College 5 (Elly x Holt/Jackson) PG
Monster College 6, Part 1 (Holt x Elly) *adult
Monster College 6, Part 2 (Elly x Holt) *adult
Monster College 7, (Elly x Jackson) PG
Monster College, 8 Part 1 (Jackson x Elly) *adult
Monster College, 8 Part 2 (Jackson x Elly) *adult
Monster College, 9 Part 1 (Jackson x Elly) PG-13
Monster College, 9 Part 2 (Jackson x Elly) *adult

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