Friday, October 23, 2015

Short Stories

(Erotic Fanfics)

If reading on your phone, scroll down to the bottom of the story and hit "view web version" if the text doesn't appear properly. It makes it easier to read! 

ONE PIECE - Miscellaneous

Big Cats (Zoro x Elly) *adult
A Christmas Gift (Elly x Zoro) *adult / self bondage, spanking
Merry Christmas, Stupid Cat (Zoro x Elly) *PG
Apologies (Zoro x Elly) *adult / rape
11/11/2017 (Zoro x Elly) *adult
Mine (Zoro x Elly) PG-13
Restaurant Date (Zoro x Elly) *adult
Gentle Cook (Elly x Sanji) *adult
Let's Hear it for the Boy (Zoro x Elly) *adult
The One That Pissed the Fangirls Off the Most (Zoro x Elly) *adult / anthro x human
Scars and Kisses (Zoro x Elly) *adult
Sounds like Love *adult / sounding
The Long Jump (Zoro x Elly) *adult / depression/suicide attempt
Suite Sea Night (Zoro x Elly) *adult
6-30-2015 (Zoro x Elly) *adult
I Don't Like Cats! (Zoro x Elly) *adult
Creep (Sanji x Elly) *adult / rape 
Creep: Zoro Edition (Sanji x Elly, Zoro x Elly) *adult / rape
Valentine's Day, 2007 (Zoro x Elly) *adult
Haircut (Zoro x Elly) *adult
Dancing (Zoro x Elly) PG-13
Pity Party (Sanji x Elly) PG
Catnip (Zoro x Elly) PG
Massage (Zoro x Elly) *adult
The Mermaid's Curse (Sanji x Elly) *adult
Gentleman's School (Zoro x Elly) PG-13
Fuzzy Cuffs (Elly x Sanji) *adult / BDSM
Gossip Gets the Guy (Zoro x Elly) *adult
Insomnia (Zoro) *adult
Roleplaying (Sanji x Elly) *adult
Cool Pool Waters (Zoro x Elly) *adult
Attack of the Fangirl (Zoro x Elly) *adult / a response to young trolls

ONE PIECE - Campus Piece Series
(Zoro x Human Elly, college story)
Campus Piece, 1 *adult
Campus Piece, 2 *adult
Campus Piece, 3 *adult

ONE PIECE - Smoke & Mirrors Series
(Smoker x Devil Fruit Elly / Stockholm Syndrome)
Parts 3 & 4  PG
Parts 5 & 6  PG-13
Parts 7 & 8  PG-13
Parts 9 & 10 PG-13

Ouran Host Club - (College Series)

(Human Elly x Mori)
Ouran Host - College 2 PG
Ouran Host - College 3 PG
Ouran Host - College 4 PG
Ouran Host - College 5 PG-13 *injury
Ouran Host - College, 6 PG-13 *comfort
Ouran Host - College, 7 PG-13 *dream date

Monster High (College Series)

Monster College 1 (Elly x Jackson) PG
Monster College 2 (Elly x Holt/Jackson) PG
Monster College 3 (Elly x Holt/Jackson)  PG
Monster College 4 (Elly x Holt/Jackson) PG-13
Monster College 5 (Elly x Holt/Jackson) PG
Monster College 6, Part 1 (Holt x Elly) *adult
Monster College 6, Part 2 (Elly x Holt) *adult
Monster College 7, (Elly x Jackson) PG
Monster College, 8 Part 1 (Jackson x Elly) *adult
Monster College, 8 Part 2 (Jackson x Elly) *adult
Monster College, 9 Part 1 (Jackson x Elly) PG-13
Monster College, 9 Part 2 (Jackson x Elly) *adult

Pokemon (Video Game/Anime Series)

Electric Love Affair (Elly x Volkner) *adult 

Miscellaneous (One shots, maybe two)

A Narrow Escape (Elly x Zell Dincht: FFVIII) *PG-13
His Little Songbird (Elly x Mr. Burke: Fallout 3) *adult
The Morning After (Elly x Mr. Burke: Fallout 3) *adult
By the Waterfall (Elly x Piccolo) *adult / some guro
The Jin Dynasty (Elly x Sima Yi: Dynasty Warriors) *adult / almost full rape
The Beast and the Harlot (Elly x Lu Bu: Dynasty Warriors) *adult / violence, dominance  
His Little Experiment (Elly x Dr. Franz: Roliana) *adult / creepy violence

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