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Ouran Host - College, 3

"Ouran Host - College, 3"
orig. 4/10/2013
Elly x Mori
"Cuddling" scenario(s) PG
Non-Canon Anime/Manga: Ouran Host Club


Elly had her hair tied back in a blue kerchief and her sleeves rolled up as she went about the kitchen cleaning up. The cake was in the oven and she was certain Honey would love it. She'd had to search for a long time for the recipe, but she liked to do things for the laconic young man and his younger cousin, especially since they had helped her out.

Living with Haruhi was infinitely better than with that horrible girl she'd been assigned to before. Her new room mate was nice and clean and quiet; they got along very well.

She picked up the bowl she'd mixed the batter in and contemplated it for a moment before dipping a finger in to run it along the edge. She got some on her palm and other fingers as well when she did and she laughed faintly to herself.

She froze moments later as a warm hand lightly grasped her wrist. The door - she never heard it open when he came in. How could someone be that quiet?

"Cleaning up?" The low voice was Takashi's, but there was a difference to it. He sounded almost playful. He brought her hand up and slowly licked some of the batter off. Elly swallowed hard, her heart beating so quickly she could barely breathe. This wasn't like him at all!

"Uh, yes. Just cleaning up after a little baking, Mori."

He nibbled on her fingerpad. "Call me Takashi."

"T - Take - but wait, isn't that like, personal? Calling you by your..."

"What are you baking?" He finished cleaning off her hand and to her complete and stunned amazement placed a tender kiss on her palm. Elly's face flamed and she placed her other on the counter to steady herself. He inhaled deeply. "It smells really good. And so do you," he added in that thrilling new tone.

"I - I wanted to thank you both for helping me so much." Her eyes widened as he placed his hands on either side of her, effectively blocking her in one place, so close to his body. "First in class, then with Ari and the new room arrangements..." The large rabbit hopped in when he heard his name and sat close by, ears flicking as he watched.

"A cake," Mori - now Takashi, she thought in a daze -- mused. "It would almost have to be."


"Mitsukuni will love it," he assured her. "Do I have to share? Or do I get something sweeter?"

"Um." She gulped again. She knew how strongly she was attracted to the man but had no idea he might return the feelings. She understood what they had done before in their other school in Japan, though, and was nervous. Was this an act? Did he do it often to other girls there?

When she didn't answer he turned her around with two hands placed gently on her shoulders. He bent down and was only an inch away from her, his eyes half-lidded and mouth slightly parted, when the door slammed behind them.

"I'm back," Haruhi called. She paused in the doorway with her mouth open, one hand clasping a bag of groceries by the plastic handle. "Oh. Well, now."

Takashi straightened and waved at her. Elly was frantic behind him, waving with both her arms in an effort to do something; she didn't know what.

"It's okay." She shrugged the two off and walked to the counter near the fridge. Ari followed her, nose crinkling as she sniffed the cabbage she was setting aside. "None of my business. But I should have warned you, he gets like this when he hasn't had enough sleep."

"What?" Elly blinked.

"Someone woke him up prematurely." She shrugged and squished the plastic bag into the reusable holder they kept hanging up on one of the cabinet doors.

"You get ... this way when you're sleepy?" She touched his chest lightly and he smiled at her and wrapped both arms about her waist. "Yeek!"

"I don't feel tired."

"You're tired, Mori." Haruhi said flatly. "Listen to you - you're talking. Go take a nap."

The tall man lifted Elly easily into his arms and walked over to the couch in the living room area. Without a further word he settled down, pulling her snugly alongside him and half-draped over his chest. Eventually she relaxed and as she fell asleep, she cuddled innocently closer.

That's the way things stood when Honey found them an hour later. The young man walked over, his eyes shining with glee. Ari was hopping alongside him.

"He didn't sleep good last night," he told the rabbit in a hushed voice, a tiny smile twitching the corners of his lips.

Elly woke up some time later in warmth and comfort, nestled close to Takashi and listening to the strong, steady beat of his heart. She only regretted that once he woke up it would end. Worse yet, her arm was asleep. She must have fidgeted a little too much, for in a moment his eyes opened and he yawned.

Then he slowly blinked at the girl cuddled beside him, focusing in mild surprise.

"You didn't get enough rest before," she explained sheepishly. "So, uh, you got..."

He said nothing. His arm didn't drop from where it rested lightly around her waist but she felt it twitch.

"Haruhi told me you can't help it, it's o - okay," she stammered. "You sort of put me here. That's why, uh, I'm here." She cursed silently at herself. She needed to speak but the handsome, laconic young man was so close. She could smell him, a special mix of all the scents that he used or was around often. Everyone had a smell - the perfume or soap they used. His was spicy; she couldn't tell if it was cologne or just one of those fancy deodorant they made for guys now. Either way his closeness combined with that was making her feel light-headed.

"Sorry." He glanced down at her and saw she was blushing prettily. Two hectic patches of color had sprung up on her cheeks.

"It's okay! I guess it's not your fault, you must have done this to others back..." she trailed off as she saw his expression tighten. "Sorry, Mori." She bowed her head.

"Told you," he said slowly as he got up into a sitting position, careful to bring her along with him. "Call me Takashi."

Elly nearly fainted.

A few doors down the friends were all gathering for an informal lunch. The topic of interest? The growing friendship between the silent young man and their new friend.

"...and then he told her to call him 'Takashi'," Tamaki, the leader of the group, babbled gleefully. "I heard him."

"Only Honey calls him by that name," Hikaru mused thoughtfully.

His twin brother Kaoru made a face. "Yeah, we don't even call him that."

Haruhi made a small face, then grinned. "At least they were quiet."

Half the table erupted in a flurry of sound and shocked movement. Tamaki actually fell over backwards in his chair with a loud clatter.


"Relax, guys. All they did was sleep."

"Why wasn't I told about this?" The blond self-proclaimed 'father' of the group was bawling. "I'm so happy for him! I thought he'd never find someone."

"Why not?" The twins spoke in unison.

"Well, I mean, he's not actually such a lovable guy. Not like me." He gargled when Haruhi whapped him in the side.

"Cut that out."

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