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Monster College - 8 (Part 2)

"Monster College - 8 (Part 2)"

orig. 2/8/2016
MH Elly x Jackson (21+) 
"Third base" female scenario/oral - adult content
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


Elly sat on the couch. She was vibrating with nervous energy, knowing what was going to happen. His words kept echoing in her head, preventing any coherent thought and hindering her breathing. She placed a hand over her heart and swallowed hard when she felt how fast it was beating. And then the door she was watching opened and Jackson walked from the bathroom to the bed. He grabbed a pillow in one hand before returning. 


"Mmm-hmm." He set it down before her and knelt on it, bouncing once to see if it offered enough cushioning. She bit her finger. Seeing him kneel down in front of her was almost too much. The images it conjured up made her heart race even faster until she had to gasp for air. "Breathe," he told her with a wry smile, reaching up to touch her hand. "You're the one who always tells me that."

She managed to inhale deeply with her eyes closed. "Yes, so-sorry. It's just that you look so..." Another deep breath and she was able to continue, "...handsome. Sexy."

Jackson chuckled with embarrassment, glancing down at the floor. "Me? I don't think I've ever been described as either of those things before."

Elly tittered nervously as he ran a hand up her leg. "You are," she insisted, then jumped when he traced the zipper on her jeans.

"I believe if I'm to be successful in my endeavor, these need to come off." He unzipped them and she stood, biting her lip a little as she helped pull them down and away. Jackson didn't hesitate about the thin slip of panties she was wearing; they came down with a tug of one long finger. Elly was shocked to find her normally shy boyfriend taking a strong initiative and she instantly sat when he gently urged her down. "There," he murmured. She was sitting with her legs close together, and he had to tap her knee and smile up at her before she realized what he wanted. Blushing wildly, she spread them apart but had to avert her eyes from the sight of him scooting in closer. 

He kissed the inside of her thigh and she whined softly. "Jackson..."

"Shh. I'm loving you."


He grinned to himself, pleased with his ability to excite her. "Serious now," he whispered, pulling to the front of his mind everything he had learned about female anatomy. Sometimes it's okay to be a nerd, he thought, bemused. He had known this day was coming and spent some time on the internet researching things. Most of the sites had been informative, although a few had made blood rush so quickly to his face he'd almost gotten a nosebleed. All of them had made him feel uncomfortable, at first, but he'd learned what he needed to know. In theory, anyway. Now it was time to put that knowledge to the test. Shaking on the couch and undressed from the waist down, Elly somehow felt more exposed than she had with his other half. His position nestled between her legs had a lot to do with it, but when she felt his fingers gently exploring she sighed. She wasn't really prepared for more than this, however, and gasped loudly in a moment. The most delicious sliding motion was added to the shallow thrust of a careful fingertip. The teasing burn in her belly flared outrageously at the new sensation and she let out a loud, cat-like cry. Jackson couldn't look up as much as he wanted to and he didn't stop what he was doing to speak. He hummed softly instead, one finger moving slowly, mimicking what his body yearned to do in a gentle mimicry of sex. His tongue lapped delicately around the hard-to-find female pleasure center, sometimes pausing to use his lips as well to kiss the small button as best as he was able. 

"Jack-k..!" Elly was beside herself. Never before had she felt anything like this and she lost herself, forgetting where she was and who lived in the rooms all around them. Her cries were very loud, and it was a good thing both were too occupied with what was happening to hear the raucous cheering from the students in the rooms around them. She was also highly flattering, which made many of the guys raise their eyebrows at each other. "That's so good, Jackson, you're so... good..." He pressed on, trying to get the perfect spots and loving the feel of her hands threading through his dark hair, pulling him towards her. He did try to draw things out, but the new pleasure was so much that she was overcome long before he was done teasing her. The sound of her whispering his name over and over again in a mix of joy and unfeigned awe caused him to shiver. He swallowed, suddenly aware that his throat was dry, and wobbled back to sit on his haunches. His pale young lady was draped backwards on the couch, her chest heaving. 

He wiped at his mouth with the back of his hand and sighed shakily. "Relax a little," he told her quietly. "I'll be right back."

"Mnn." Elly took the time that he used to wash his face off and brush his teeth to do just that. She felt like she was going to melt into the couch. She cleaned herself up a bit, too, with the help of some wipes she carried in her purse. Both had barely made themselves presentable before there was a loud bang on the door. Jackson suddenly realized how loud they must have been. He flew out of the bathroom, his face as red as could be, his head filled with thoughts on how he could handle this. The guys around him were all... well, such guys. This would prove to be extremely embarrassing. He steeled himself and opened the door after a peek to see if Elly was all right. 

"Oh...." Shit, he thought, dismayed. A huge bull-man in a tight-fitting shirt stood menacingly in the doorway, staring down at the much smaller human. "Manny," he choked weakly. "Hi." Manny blew steam out from his nostrils and stamped on the ground with one foot. Jackson jumped back a little, his face paling at the sight of his biggest bully in High School. He hadn't even known the minotaur was enrolled; what was he doing here?

"Hey, guess who was visiting," Heath announced somewhat snarkily from behind the big monster. 


"Ha!" Manny lowed with good humor, surprising Jackson and causing Elly to jump. "I gotta say, way to go, normie!" He slapped him on the back, causing Jackson to stagger. "Next time, get a room, though, eh?" He mooed again with laughter when he saw both their faces.


"Yeah, cuz," Heath added, "I don't think the guys in this dorm are gonna question your - ah - abilities -- in certain areas from now on." He stuck his head in and winked at Elly. "You've got some good lungs, girl." The door shut, leaving Jackson half bent over with a flaming red face and an expression that would have been hilarious if not for the situation. 

"Oh, dear," Elly gasped.

"Erk," Jackson squeaked.

"We've definitely got to be more careful from now on."

He held up a trembling hand, then half-collapsed on the couch in a few strides. His third, muffled "erk" seemed to agree with her.

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