Thursday, January 8, 2015

About & FAQ

"It is very, very easy not to be offended by a book. You just have to shut it."-- Salman Rushdie


I just want to say something here. This is not a blog intended to anger folks, insult them, or do anything "nasty". A healthy sexual life means many things for many different people, and this is my way of blowing off steam, so to speak. Not that it should matter - because if you don't wish to read the sexual exploits of a crazy nekomata that poses mostly as a lady with ears and a tail, then you can simply click away. In fact, please do. I will ignore any and all rants directed at me because I'm doing something you personally don't care for (if super curious for my take on trolls, see below). I write without smutty language, always striving to be romantic and have as much plot as possible to circulate the stories well. It's true some will contain erotica, but I feel that it is a mature type and as well-written as I can manage.

Personal stuff:

  • I'm most certainly older than you. 
  • I'm also married, have many pets (never gonna have kids by choice), and I love music, writing, drawing, reading, gaming. 
  • I'm a nerd from back when 'nerd' meant you got horribly physically and mentally scarred by the social status/atrocities committed against folks labelled that way. 
  • I don't like to call myself labels like "furry" or "gamer" because when folks get together in any large group they start doing/saying things that I don't agree with. 

Where does the name come from?
"Moy Mell" is known as the "Happy" or "Pleasant" plain, a.k.a the "Plains of Pleasure" in Irish/Celtic lore. I've used it as my private sanctuary since I was a little girl and first started reading the old faerie tales that began my love of writing and fantasy.

Where is Moy Mell Located?
An alternate world, much like our own except it only has what I personally consider "the good parts".

Why are you doing this?
'Cause I like it. It's fun for me, a way to vent. Others really like my work, too, so I decided to share it with people.

Original Characters
I own the concept of Elly Sketchit: the mad nekomata, her design, and her back story. Obviously.

The Trolls, They Love to Hate Me.
They do. They really do. I either get fans of my work or people that think I care that they say they "hate" me. This section will answer some stuff  tossed at me from people that think they have the right to say what I do. The kind of folks that make websites, artwork, videos (etc) devoted to informing the internet about how terrible I am, or even saying they want to kill me. 'Cause it's all happened. Weird.

He's Mine, Not Yours
Technically, all males in Moy Mell stories/art belong to their original creators. And if you write or draw, that's your personal universe. If I write or draw about the same guy, it's mine. Our universes don't ever have to cross! Other people making the characters you like sexually active does not make them any less available to you.

You're a pedophile
Gross. Also, untrue: everyone I write about is over the age of 18. Also, they are not real. Also also wik: I don't like most real humans, let alone children.

You're too old for (this guy, that guy)
I was born in 1976, so do the math. I probably am older than you. But you'll realize as you get older that you don't age inside your mind. Well, some people do, but to quote my mother, "I still feel like I'm 18."

But you're married
So? Does that mean I can't look at anyone else for the rest of my life? I love Zoro dearly, he's my freaking soul mate. But it's human nature to be attracted to who you're going to be attracted to. It's emotionally and physically normal*. He knows when I start having a new "crush" and he'll even joke about it with me. If my husband doesn't mind, someone who doesn't really know me shouldn't.


In closing: you probably don't know Elly very well. I barely do and I've been in my skin for 39 years as I type this.

*If you want to upset me for fun, I won't play with you. Go someplace else.

*If you're upset over my work: don't be. Go someplace else.

Going somewhere other than a place that upsets you works every time. It's not worth it to carry a vendetta over something on the internet. Live your own life, let me do the same, and everyone will be happier. Maybe read this Guide on How to be Happy. Hope it helps.

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