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Monster College - 3

"Monster College - 3"
orig. 10/22/2015
MH Elly x Jackson (21+) / Holt (21+)
Defensive boyfriend scenario - PG
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


Jackson straightened his bow tie one last time in the mirror. He was wearing a charcoal-colored jacket and pants with his favorite yellow shirt, and tonight had put his contact lenses in instead of the thick-rimmed glasses he normally wore. He glanced nervously at the closet.

"Not again," a voice groaned dismally behind him. "You look hot," the yellow-skinned guy on the bed snickered, aware of the pun he'd made. "No, seriously, man, you look fine. Look, she's into you. Both of you. She's not gonna care what you're wearing, okay?"

"Shut up, Heath," Jackson muttered absently. He turned around, lips pursed, and decided that his friend was right. "Yeah... okay. I'm just nervous. It's our third date."

"You finally going to kiss her?"


"Whaaaat? Don't blame me, you're the one that's too chicken." He clucked a few times, then rolled off the bed just before Jackson swung at him. "Quit it, Romero."

"You mean Romeo?"

"Whatever." He shrugged and strode casually out the door. "Oh, and remember, if you get lucky play it safe, I left a gift for you in the nightstand..." Jackson threw a book at him but only caught the closing door. 

"Damn it." Knowing what he'd find but still morbidly curious, he opened the drawer and found a couple of condoms on top of his journal and pens. He slammed it shut as fast as possible, his face bright red. "Ughhhh, Heath, you asshole."

Despite his being so nervous the date went well, like the others had. Soon it was time to go back home, and he found himself thinking about what Heath had said about that kiss. He linked arms with Elly as they walked, pulling her closer to his side. "Did you like the play?"

"It was great," she said happily, squeezing a little. "I had a lot of fun today." Jackson smiled, his heart starting to race like it always did after one of their dates. This time he led her back to his dorm room, expecting her to question him but she was silent. She just hugged his arm a little tighter.

"You want to come in?"


"I don't want you to think I'm being too forward..." He yanked nervously at the collar of his shirt which felt two sizes too tight all of a sudden. 

"Jacky," she chided gently, reaching out and grasping his tie. "I think we're past the 'first date' stage now. You can relax a little." She slipped the knot and freed his neck in a moment, unbuttoning two buttons along the way. "There. Breathe." She handed him the strip of fabric. 

"Th- thanks."

"Don't mention it. Besides, I'm the one that's nervous. You had dates before, right? So you've ...err..."

"I'm not an expert," he snorted and  gestured for her to sit on the couch in the middle of the room. "I've had dates, but, uh. They never really went that great. I'm the 'friend guy', and I usually stay that way." He sat down beside her and forced himself to bravely curl an arm around her shoulders. He was thrilled when she cuddled close, purring faintly.

"Not with me," she told him matter-of-factly. "I mean, ughhhh. I didn't mean it that way."

"I think I know what you mean." He very nearly couldn't breathe his heart was beating so fast. He looked down at her snuggled up to his side and moved without thinking, placing a hand under her chin and turning her face up for a kiss. Her mouth was warm and inviting, but he didn't linger long. He jerked his head up as he heard an out of place click! Jackson squinted, staring intently towards the faint sound. When he saw what it was, he clenched his jaw so hard Elly could see a ripple in the muscle.

"What's wrong?"

"Company." He carefully got off the couch and strode towards the window, his eyes never leaving the monster dangling there with a camera held in one suction arm.

"Did he... ?!" Elly laid her ears back and hissed something that sounded appropriate to the situation in Japanese. She pounded a fist on the arm of the sofa, tears starting in her eyes.

"All right, so what?" the squid guy blustered. "It's already uploaded to the campus page... wait, what're you gonna do?" He nervously watched as Jackson reached over on his desk, his eyes still boring into him. "What?" He picked up his iCoffin, attached to a set of earbuds, stuck them both in and slowly reached for the play button.

"Run," Jackson said shortly.

"Oh, crap," he muttered, eyes wide as the nerdy human jammed his finger on the pad. He slid down off the window as fast as he could, before the flaming burst that announced the human's monster side. Holt flashed into existence and stared around the room. He noticed Elly staring angrily out the window with tears in her eyes and glanced down at the fleeing squid man on the lawn below. Fortunately for him, squids don't run very fast. But Holt could - and did. He snarled and dashed off after the other as fast as he could, leaving a faint smell of smoke in his absence. Elly watched as the flame elemental marched up to the now-terrified voyeur. 

"Hey! Don't - I was just ..." Holt was so angry he didn't even use fire; he just punched him right in the face. "Ow, damn it." The impact made a wet, slurpy sound but the flabby skin of the sea monster didn't really get hurt, it just caved in. "Now I have to wait until this evens out." He flinched as Holt glared at him. "Okay, sorry! I won't do it again! Geez!" 

"Phew." Elly sank back down on the couch. It was too late anyway; half the campus had probably seen the photo. The more she thought about it, though, the more she realized it wasn't a bad thing. People would talk no matter what, and they were dating. 

The door banged open and Holt Hyde strode in, iCoffin in one pocket of his jacket. "I ought to have turned him into an appetizer," Holt fumed. He marched over to the couch and sat down beside her, popping one earbud out so they could talk. "You okay? What'd he do?"

"Wh- you didn't even know? Then why did you go after him?"

"I sort of guessed after he apologized. But he upset you. That's all I needed ..." He glanced down at his hands and muttered something that sounded like "...stupid!" under his breath. Then he remembered her cat-ear hearing. "I didn't mean you!"

Elly swallowed loudly past the sudden lump in her throat. "I know. But it wasn't stupid." She slid up to him and hesitantly wrapped her arms around his neck. Holt glanced up, surprised and more than a little pleased. "I'd already wiped his phone of the image. But you were so sweet."

"Sweet?" He chuckled drily. "Most gals think it's embarrassing. I can't freaking control my anger sometimes. Wait... you what? How?"

It was Elly's turn to laugh. "Well, my mom can change form and control the dead. I'm half human, and I can't do any of that. But I found out I can mess with a lot of inanimate stuff." She paused. "The computer's really hard, though. The photo he took of us - uh, of me and Jackson -- will stay up there unless someone takes it down."

"You and...?" Holt's lower lip thrust out in a pout. "No fair! Were you messing around?"


"Yeah?" He turned and slipped his arms around her so they were fully embraced.

"Define 'messing around'," she giggled.

"You..! Ack! That's it. My turn." He pulled her tightly against him and kissed her so hard he took her breath away. "I wonder if we could call him back," he mused playfully. "Maybe I want a pic, too."

"You ass," she snickered. "You're that jealous? You're two sides of the same man."

"But with different personalities, memories." He pressed forward so passionately this time that she moaned softly, clinging to him in a way that caused him to shiver. "Maybe we better talk about us," he murmured. "I mean, I don't wanna talk, I wanna..." There was a long moment where he showed her exactly what he wanted to do, accompanied by her surprised mews of pleasure. "...mmm, but, um. I'm kind of sharing you. I want equal time."

"Equal time," she mused when she regained her senses. "All right."   

"Yeah. You've like, got two boyfriends. Deal with it." And with that he pushed her back down on the couch, deciding that was enough talk for now.

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