Monday, September 26, 2016

Monster College - 9 (Part 2)

"Monster College - 9, Part 2"

orig. 9/26/2016
MH Elly x Jackson (21+) 
First time scenario, adult
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


It was quiet except for the faint tick of the clock on the wall and some vehicles outside. They were up high enough so that the bustle and commotion of Boo York didn't disturb them, but Jackson kept tossing and turning on the lavish couch he lay on. Finally he gave up.

"I can't sleep," he groaned dismally, one arm flopping off his makeshift bed.

Elly evidently couldn't, either, because she answered him right away. "Well, come over here." She threw the sheets back on the bed.

"Uh..." Jackson placed his glasses on and peered over. "That might not be such a good idea, you know."

"You want a written invitation?" Elly asked him archly. "It's okay."

"Y- you sure?" He stood at the side staring at the spot she'd made for him. "Honestly, I feel less sleepy already. Way less."

"For now. C'mere."

He sighed. "I tried to warn you." He stretched his arms over his head, yawned, then climbed in, wriggling down under the sheets. "Wow, this is a lot nicer."

"Told you." She snuggled close and laid an arm across his chest. "Now, for the serious stuff." She paused for dramatic effect while he gulped nervously. "Do you really wear button-down pajamas to bed?"

The glare he gave her made her chuckle. "Elly."

"I'm serious."


"It's not because of the situation?"

"Nope." His cheeks were burning. "I really do. Is that weird?"

"Nope." She matched his tone perfectly. "S'cute."

A huge yawn stifled any retort he may have made, and he once again admitted defeat. "Okay. Good night, then."

"Good night."

She woke a few hours later to find a pair of earnest blue eyes staring at her. There was warmth, and an arm curled comfortably about her waist. Elly blinked sleepily. "Hnnn... Jacky?"

"Uh huh."

"M'what time is it?"

"Err, I can't see that far without my glasses. But it's dark out." He ducked his head. "Sorry if I woke you." His arm squeezed a little tighter. "You were all the way on the other side of the bed."

"Nah. I think I just woke up."

"Good," he murmured with a curious tone in his voice, and unexpectedly pulled her so close against him that she gasped. He wriggled one of his legs between hers and brazenly nudged at her sex while his mouth pressed against her own. Shocked at his boldness, Elly checked his cheek for that telltale tattoo but saw nothing. She relaxed in his embrace, the warm little glow she felt starting to turn into a serious burn in her lower belly. After awhile, Jackson slipped his tongue slowly from between her lips and caught a great breath of air. Neither spoke, both breathing heavily for a moment and staring into each other's eyes. And then, in yet another daring move, he pulled his leg out from between hers and rolled over on top of her.

"Yes." Elly reached out to grasp his shoulder blades and pull him down against her. This time he hesitated, uncertain about how much weight he should lay on the young woman under him. He eventually settled for propping himself up on his arms and laid his lower half directly on hers. A soft sound escaped him as he felt her legs wrap around his, then a moan when she tightened them. Clothing was removed from Elly first, since she wore a simple robe, and his hands shook a little when he saw she wore nothing underneath. His hands caressed her breasts with a tenderness that nearly drove her to tears. He was always gentle, but this felt very different. It was more stimulating, a teasing flutter of fingertips and light tracing as if he wanted to cover every inch of her sensitive skin. She threw her head back, drawing in air, and then cried out as she felt his warm mouth settle on her nipple. Eyes closed, Jackson ran his tongue around, feeling the tightened nub of flesh and tasting the faint taste of her perfume. Elly cried out again and caught the back of his head in her hands when he began to suckle.  He was having a difficult time because all the sounds she was making excited him terribly. And, of course, she had begun to touch him everywhere she could, including a delicious rubbing on his rear that he couldn't ignore. He broke with a moist sound from the other breast he had switched to some time ago.

"I can't," he gasped apologetically. "I can't... please," his voice grew thicker as he struggled to speak. "Touch me," he begged, giving his hips a little thrust for emphasis.

"Take these off," she murmured, raising the waistband of his pants. He nodded absently and struggled out of them in such a hurry that she covered her mouth to hide a smile. Once nude, he seemed to become shy again but she ignored this, gently sliding a hand down his stomach. She trailed a finger suggestively past his navel and Jackson jerked wildly.

"Elly," he groaned, his head drooping forward.

"Damn," she sighed. "You're sexy when you're pushed to your limits." She paused. "Let's see how far I can go, then, until you break."

"Elly!" His voice rose when she encircled the tip of his stiff member, tugging gently. It took all he had not to scream and he shuddered instead, his arms feeling weaker as she teased him. After a few moments he besieged her with kisses, his breath hot and his mouth hotter, passionately using his tongue for all he was worth. Her hand felt so good around him, better than before, for with no restraint she was exploring him in ways that were driving him wild. Her fingers rubbed, dipped, and caressed, even going so far as to slip a tiny bit inside him. He had known this excited some men, but had never thought he would be one of them. The pleasurable shock that ran the length of his bobbing erection convinced him, however. His hand eagerly sought the warmth of her sex to dip inside, testing her reaction. When he heard her sigh his name, he knew. "I... I want to..." She wordlessly lifted her legs up, blushing as she exposed where he would need to enter. Her hands now gripped his upper back, and he could feel her trembling.

Yet he paused. "Uh..."

"It's safe," she said quietly. "Please, Jackson, I want you."

"Oh my god." He shook himself all over, hard. "Okay." The tip touched her body and he closed his eyes. "Ah, ha..." One deep breath and he pushed forward. He almost pushed himself completely off when he heard her cry out, but she wrapped her legs around him with a firm shake of her head.

"No, no, just wait... minute." She frowned, then wriggled a little. He felt himself slip a little deeper inside and she whimpered.

"Did I hurt you?" Pleasure aside - and he could very hardly think of anything else it was so great -- he was worried.

"No - well, yes, a little." She smiled and stroked his upset face. "But I'm adjusting." Jackson considered for a minute, then had an idea. He pulled back in spite of what she said, moving forward again only to rub the head of his member at her slick entrance. She gasped, and he moved faster until she was tossing her head back and forth in abandon. Then he thrust once more, slowly, partially. And drew back.


Back, in a little more. And repeat...

Jackson's pleasure was doubled by her rapturous cries as he made love to her. He held her as close as he could while he moved, his body rising and falling in an act as old as time. He lost track of anything, of everything, only listening for her breathy moans and trying to duplicate what made her sound more excited. In the course of that, his own body's reaction was not long coming. Jackson kissed her deeply, words failing him in the heat of the moment and he felt her quivering around him, inside and out. His own orgasm was so intense he strained forward, thrusting as hard as he could. His mind wanted to fill her as much as he could with his essence, his love, his need for her. The several short bursts released were so powerful that he flopped forward when finished, completely spent in every sense of the word.

Neither spoke, nor felt they had to. Both were tired, sweaty, and sticky from their exertions but despite this they fell asleep again, Jackson curling an arm around her from behind.

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