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Monster College - 2

"Monster College - 2"
orig. 10/21/2015
MH Elly x Jackson (21+) / Holt (21+)
"First Date" scenario (PG)
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


Jackson slid on a sock that had fallen on the floor and almost fell. Arms flailing, he managed to steady himself and even caught the pens that rolled over the edge of his desk when he'd bumped it. 

"Hey, yeah." He smiled and placed everything back where it belonged. Score one victory for me today, at least. His other venture hadn't turned out quite as well. He couldn't find the girl he'd seen that day in the music room. He had even tried going to the exact area - sound room four, he remembered everything from that day -- but she hadn't been around. Jackson sighed and rubbed the side of his face with one hand. He couldn't worry about that now, shouldn't, but it was bothering him. He'd really liked her.

Elly turned on the light in her dorm room and flopped onto the bed with a groan. She had only been here a week but it seemed like so much longer. She was terribly homesick and everything about this country was different, which didn't help. Most of the people she had met had all formed baseless opinions about her, which she was used to but didn't help her morale, either.

"Wonderful," she said in a voice near to tears. Maybe she would go out and try to do something. But her favorite pastime was going to clubs to enjoy the music, and she wasn't sure what was acceptable here or where anything was. 

"Excuse me," a polite female voice interrupted her musing with a faint knock at the door. "I'm sorry, we've never had a chance to welcome you!"

She sat up and looked in astonishment at the smiling girl. She had a patchwork of stitches everywhere, different colored eyes, and hardware in her neck. "Hmm? Me?"

"We certainly not talking to other person in room," the blue-skinned female beside her said with a thick accent. She was wearing a cold-weather outfit even though it was spring. Large fangs protruded from her glossy lips. "Especially since there no one else in room."

The first stepped forward as Elly did, holding out her hands in a friendly way. The bolts on her neck sparked. "I'm Frankie," she grinned. "This is Abbey." Abbey waved, her flat expression not changing, but somehow appearing more benevolent than the others Elly had met. 

"You can call me Elly." 

"I heard your name was something different, but you changed it a little to modernize it."

"Yeah, it's not what's on all the lists and stuff. I'll have the college get it right eventually." A smile quirked the corners of her lips, but she was cautious. "Are you - did you hear the rumors about me yet?" There. Maybe it would be better to head this off at the pass if this wasn't meant to be. Like that cute guy the other day... she closed her eyes momentarily. Ugh, why can't I forget him?

Frankie looked sad. She reached out and patted the Asian woman's arm. "Yes, we did, actually. That's why we felt we had to come right away."

"We heard things get worse," Abbey added. "That's why we stop by to invite you to dance at club nearby."

"Ohhhh," Elly breathed. She couldn't believe her ears!

"Yeah," Frankie said enthusiastically, her eyes lighting up (literally, Elly noticed with a start of surprise). "Lots of people from the college will be there. We'll show everyone how nice you are! Rumors can't be trusted." She nodded as Elly finally broke out into a true smile. 

"All right. Let's go!"

The club was close by the dorm where she was staying at. It was a simple place, a rough stage set under a coffee house in a concrete basement with a bar on the side. It was packed, though, and she heard some really good music inside. Frankie and Abbey walked in with her, but soon wanted to go get something to drink. They said it might take some time explaining to the bar monster that they didn't want anything intoxicating, and offered to take her along. But Elly didn't want to always rely on others. She thought things were finally going right, and wanted to see how she did on her own. 

Things went downhill shortly thereafter. And worse yet, it wasn't from a group of women. She was suddenly surrounded by a gang of men, a vampire, werewolf and a few she couldn't even identify.

"Hey! Isn't that the cat whore?"

"I heard she'll sleep with any guy she can get her claws on."

"Maybe you'll finally get laid, Barry." There were loud snickers and she felt a hand grasp her arm roughly. Elly's ears drooped. It had all started so well. Her two new friends were elsewhere, she was alone and menacing people were circling angrily around her. She wasn't afraid because she had faith in her monster talent and her ability to fight if need be, but she would have to leave immediately, or else there would be trouble. She wrenched her arm out of the manster's grip and turned around, trying to get her bearings. A huge flash of light shone in her eyes. No -  not just her eyes, she was surrounded by it. 

A spotlight?!

A resounding voice echoed through the room. "Aaahhh... you guys need me to come down there?" There was a flash of fire, and the men yelped in pain as their bottoms were singed. The one that had grabbed her was seriously in trouble as he was on fire, the offending arm flaring in the otherwise dim room. "Don't you dare pick on my date. Get on up here, sweetheart, and let's show these monsters some real party music!" There were loud cheers from the throng of dancers. Confused and in pain, the guys darted for the door as Elly tottered towards the sound, still half-dazed by the light, which followed her until she was stepping up to the stage, where the DJ and his turntables were. He looked furious at first and she blanched, but then he flashed her a winning smile. One arm extended towards her while the other flipped switches and dipped sliders. She was sort of pleased that he'd been that angry at the guys picking on her. It was sweet.

"Who ...?" He had blue skin, hair that was a burst of flames, a tribal tattoo on one side of his face and, strangely enough, an eyebrow piercing like the one she had seen on that cute guy in the music room. In fact, his face resembled his, but he was clearly not human, and that guy was. Being feline, though, she had some extra abilities and one was her keen sense of smell. This guy's scent was almost identical to the other guy's. Maybe they're brothers.

He winked at her and tapped a button on the panel. "Once again, this is your hot," he chuckled, aware of the pun, "DJ Holt, and I'm cutting in to let you all know a little something special..." His voice slipped into a sensual purr that made her knees go weak. He then pointed at the bar on the side of the club. "Last call for alcohol!" He snapped the button that turned on the mic in his headset and rolled his eyes at her. "Those other assholes should have called it quits on the booze a long time ago."

Elly giggled despite herself at his antics. The ensuing scramble for the bar left the dance floor almost empty, and she easily spotted Frankie and Abbey, waving cheerfully at her with relieved smiles on their faces. He'd answered her question and she knew who he was, but why had he called her up here? It was nice of him to help her, but he could have just scared the guys off and left her to be with her newfound friends. She noticed that he waved back at them, so that was probably why. Maybe they had told him about her. That somewhat dampened her spirits, but she knew a handsome guy wouldn't just take it upon himself to rescue her like some...

"...damsel in distress?"

"Erhm, what did you say?"

"I said," Holt spoke over the thump of the music filling the air around them. "'What's wrong, my beautiful damsel in distress'."

"Oh," Elly choked. "Um. It's just that... this is all so," she took a deep breath. "I mean, why did you help me?"

"You didn't do anything to deserve that hellacious treatment. Besides, I couldn't let you get away from me again."

She shook her head, utterly confused once more. "What?"

"You'll see." He held up a finger and pressed it gently to her lips, effectively silencing her before he turned the mic on in his headset again let the crowd know this was the last set of music for the night. There was some dissent, but it seemed good-natured, and she had to admit it was a lot of fun being there, helping with the music. He was eager every time she suggested a piece and they even danced a little in the limited space they had on stage. She noticed that he looked more worried as the last song played, and he trailed the music off slowly. Most folks were gone now and those that weren't were getting their things to leave. The last notes faded out, and he clenched his jaw tightly.


Elly jumped back with a startled oath. His clothing burned away into a more sensible set of slacks and yellow button-down shirt. Her eyes widened as his skin tone paled, his hair extinguished... and then Jackson was standing before her, looking as astonished as she was.



"I thought you guys had met already," Frankie's voice called out from the side. Neither of them took their eyes off each other while she spoke. "Jackson, didn't you tell her your last name when you met?"

"Err, no," he said weakly. Elly raised her eyebrows in an unspoken question. He coughed apologetically. "Jekyll," he said in a very quiet voice. "My last name is Jekyll. Annnnd that was Holt Hyde that I'm assuming you just met." He flinched. "I hope he didn't make a jerk out of me." Her ears skewed crazily into opposite directions, she could only shake her head. 

"Jackson," Frankie laughed, "He helped her out. You guys had a great time."

"We did?"

"Y- yes, we did," she confirmed.

"You two looked like were hitting it off," Abbey commented, and Elly blushed. Frankie, meanwhile, was giving Jackson a very pointed stare. She looked at Elly, then back at him.

Ask her out! she mouthed silently.

"Um, ah... Elly?" Jackson choked a little when her eyes met his. "It's not that late, uh, yet. Do you want to go get a coffee upstairs or something?"

Abbey and Frankie grinned in unison as she looked questioningly at the girls. "Not with us, we have to get back to our dorm. Big test to study for tomorrow..."

"Yes. Test." The two hurried out.

"Just us?"

"Yes!" The word squeaked nervously out of him. 

"That sounds great."

The coffee house above was great for after parties, especially college monsters that needed to sober up fast. They ordered and Jackson insisted on paying for her, which she accepted because she didn't know what else to do. He was so earnest about it, so she just smiled and thanked him warmly.

"You know, I don't want to alarm you or anything, but this is my first date," she murmured when they were seated in a semi-secluded booth.

"Not really?"

"Really." She stared into her coffee, embarrassed, then changed the subject. "But everyone thinks I'm so 'experienced'. I'm not. You saw how those guys were treating me..."

He held up a hand. "Um, no, I didn't. That must have been Holt."

"You're completely separate?"

He shrugged, then tilted his hand back and forth. "Well... yes and no."

"Yin and yang?"

Jackson blinked, then smiled shyly at her. "Yes. He knew you, because I'd met you before. But I don't know what he did tonight, with you." His eyes widened. "I mean, I -"

Elly laughed softly. "I get it. And we just had fun. But he really saved me back there. I like him... and you."

"I guess it's lucky that we met, then," he stammered, putting his hand down. He then noticed that they were resting very close on the table. Shit - it's the perfect moment, Jackson thought, panicked. Remembering that she'd said this was her first date, he moved a little farther up until just their fingertips were touching instead of holding her hand outright. Both of them were blushing hard now. When she didn't jerk away he slowly enfolded hers in his palm as gently as he could.

"I think so, too," she said quietly.

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