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Ouran Host - College, 5

"Ouran Host - College, 5"
orig. 4/10/2013
Elly x Mori
"Rescue/Bullying" scenario(s) PG-13
Non-Canon Anime/Manga: Ouran Host Club


Elly went out and purchased a new dress for her date; she even went as far to add accessories and try on jewelry to make sure everything was as perfect as she could make it. Haruhi found all this amusing, and said as much the night before to her friend as she anxiously checked everything for the tenth time that night.

"Relax. It'll be fine." She tossed some vegetables into the salad she was making. Elly's lop-eared rabbit was sitting up attentively, watching her as she handled the vegetables, but no one was paying attention to him at the moment.

"It's just new for me, that's all," Elly blurted out. "I've never been to a dance." She took a deep breath, let part of it out and then yanked a chair up and sat down. "Okay, okay. Have I been annoying about it?"

"No, no." The brunette waved a cheerful hand in the air and put the leftover greens away in the fridge. "Look. I'm not saying you shouldn't be excited. You just need to take it easy. It's not like it's your first date or anything, right?" Although her back was to her roommate at that point, she nonetheless sensed Elly's sudden tension that confirmed her suspicions somewhat. The lengthy pause in which she floundered about for an answer helped, too.

Thankfully, she was saved by the beeping of the oven timer. "The rolls are done! I'll get them." At this point Ari fell over on the floor, twitching. No one was going to give him a carrot! Unforgivable. He picked himself slowly up and moped off to the back room to take a nap.

"Thanks. Ooh, they smell good." Haruhi carefully acted like the last few moments hadn't occurred to spare her any further embarrassment. She wasn't sure why the other girl had never been on a date before, but it was obviously sensitive material. The discussion then turned to other matters as the rolls were brought to the table, and the rest of the night passed without further incidents.

Elly slept well despite her anxiousness, and the day before her date with Takashi passed - eventually -- like they all did. Soon it was time for her to get dressed and wait for him to arrive with Riley. The good-natured driver had told her that he would pick her date up first, so it seemed more traditional than her going to get him. They lived close by on campus anyway, so all he had to do was circle the building lot before coming to get her. Elly checked the window every few minutes until she spotted the car - he'd chosen the limo without even asking, and she blushed a deep red when she saw it pull up in front.

"Oh my god," she gasped softly under her breath.

Haruhi wasn't dressed yet since her boyfriend lived directly beside them. They could leave whenever they liked, so she'd hung around to see what happened. She watched, smiling, as the door opened and Takashi walked in without his cousin. That was something she had seen only once before when the boy had gotten separated from them. He wore a dark blue suit and tie, and she was further astonished at this conscious choice to match what his date was wearing. Elly almost always wore blue if she could possibly help it, and he'd known this. Her reaction was about what she expected - nervous and shy -- but amazingly, Mori was not. He offered her his arm and ushered her into the waiting limo. The vehicle started and she had thought it would be a quiet ride to the hall. He surprised her for the first time that evening by complimenting her.

"You look pretty."

She swallowed very hard past the lump that had formed in her throat. "Th- thank you." She wanted to say that he looked handsome, but found it increasingly hard to speak. Mori touched her hand gently.

"I like blue."

"So do I." She took a deep breath. "You're handsome in blue."

His eyes widened and it was his turn to blush. Mercifully, they pulled up at that moment and he got out quickly to cover his embarrassment. People stared as he walked around the big limo and opened her door. Many of the girls from her class were there, and they dragged their own dates inside as the couple walked in. It was dimly, romantically lit in the large dance hall with a buffet on one side and seating on the other. It was exactly what Elly had thought a dance would look like, and she smiled tentatively at the thought that here she was at last. Her new (and only) girlfriend was there already, fending off advances from her blond-haired beau.

"Haruhi!" She turned around and waved, grinning broadly. "I thought it took a little longer to get here," Elly mused. "Riley must have given us some alone time." She chuckled under her breath at the thought.

The group of girls clustered inside watched with mounting irritation as Takashi led her over to the their friends. As they passed the refreshments, someone bumped into her and spilled about half a glass of punch over her side.

"Whoops! Sorry!"

"Hey," Haruhi frowned. The girl had come seemingly out of nowhere and she was suspicious.

Elly sighed. "It's okay," she said in resignation. The person didn't look all that honest in her apology to her, but she tried to force thoughts like that away. She was getting paranoid - the whole community couldn't be against her. "I'll be right back," she told her date. He nodded silently, watching as she moved towards the bathroom. The door closed shut after her and Mori turned around, waiting calmly for her return. Unfortunately, the battalion of Elly's enemies marked this as their big chance and attacked. He grimaced and tried to ignore them. The girls clustered around, vying for his attention and getting angrier every second he didn't bother to look at them. His expression was bored, his eyes half-lidded and mouth set in what would seem a disapproving line if he had been frowning. He simply waited.

Five minutes passed, and then ten. Takashi motioned Haruhi over, pointing at the door with a concerned look. She immediately picked up on what was wrong and she slipped inside to see if anything was wrong. The young women around him seemed nervous now, and some backed away.

It didn't take long before the bathroom door suddenly slammed open to reveal a struggling Haruhi carrying Elly. His date's face was paler than usual and speckled with blood. The front of her dress was also streaked with red and she was cradling her left arm as they stumbled along. Haruhi looked furious as she half-dragged, half-carried her to an alcove in the wall. Takashi's eyes widened in a rare display of shock. He sprinted quickly over while the rest of them stood staring in shock. Tamaki was already questioning his own girlfriend in concern, shaking as he worriedly checked her for any injuries. The brown-haired girl was wearily explaining that anything on her was from Elly and no, she didn't know what had happened. Just that she'd found her in a corner trying to crawl up into a sitting position and crying.

Takashi considered Elly gravely for a moment as she leaned against the wall, her head hanging down. He reached out with one hand but before he could tilt her face up to talk with her, she raised her head. Her eyes were full of tears.

"Hurts," was all she whispered brokenly. His expression went from shock to sheer fury.

"It will be all right," he said softly in his deep voice. The sound was soothing and she allowed herself to be persuaded. She was so tired and sad and confused that nothing seemed to matter at the moment except his comforting presence. He bent and picked her up, careful not to bump her arm against his chest, and turned slowly to face the curious throng that had gathered some distance from them. The girls backed up when they saw the calculated rage in his eyes.

"Takashi?" She murmured worriedly.

"Let's go," He said shortly, and began striding as fast as possible to the clinic on campus.

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