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Monster College - 7

"Monster College - 7"

orig. 1/13/2016
MH Elly x Jackson (21+) 
Confession(s) scenario - PG
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


Jackson didn't always know what Holt did when he was using their shared body, memory-wise, but he did feel the effects. For instance, when Holt partied too much and got drunk, it was often Jackson that paid the price with a hangover the next morning. He definitely felt what he had done with their girlfriend. Changing back into his human form was sometimes disorienting, and this time was even worse. He pulled himself to his feet, noticed a few mansters grinning at him through various doorways, and ran headlong into his own room with his face flaming.

"That idiot! Half-naked and he runs out into the hall." He turned and choked on the rest of his speech when he saw Elly lounging on the couch. "Oh. Uh, hi." He thought hard, frowning a little with concentration as he recapped what he remembered before blanking out. He'd wanted to tell her he loved her, but something had happened. She had run away from him, and he had turned monster form to catch her.

"It's okay." She patted the couch next to her. She had found that it was easier to just tell him what was or had been going on when he looked like that. It helped smooth things along. "Blossom tried to instigate, like she usually does. I found out about your High School pact with Frankie. That's what got me upset."

Jackson scurried over, nearly tripping as one sock got caught on something on the floor and pulled off. "Augh!" Arms pinwheeling, he plummeted headlong onto the couch. Elly exclaimed sharply and caught him as he fell. "S-sorry."

"It's okay. Crossfade got a little jealous of all the attention you've been paying me, I think."

"Crossfade!" The chameleon blended immediately into his surroundings at his master's yell.  It looked like the stolen sock was bobbing across the carpet back to his terrarium.

"Aw, don't yell at the poor little guy."

Jackson let out a gust of air as he righted himself. "We okay? Because she has a boyfriend, you know. And I have you. Oh. Oh, yeah. Also: why am I half-naked?" He patted his chest to confirm this fact. 

"We're okay," she told him.

"I don't think I have any underwear on," he added, blue eyes wide and stunned.

"Probably not." She blushed but didn't explain.

"Ohhhh-kay," he drawled, raising an eyebrow. "I'm just going to assume nothing too serious happened for my sanity's sake, and um. I need, I need a shirt - I need a few things."

"You want me to go?"

"No! N-no, I wanted to tell you something before all this -" he waved his hand around to indicate everything that had happened -- "began. We'll go out to eat if it's okay with you."

"That sounds great," Elly said warmly. She followed him with her eyes as far as the bathroom and then smiled at him before he closed the door. She stood up and ran a hand through her hair, fluffed her skirt out and made sure everything was in place. As she sat back down again she felt little paws grabbing her ankle and watched as the yellow-and-green colored Crossfade melted into view. "Aw, little guy," she murmured. "Confused about what's going on? I think your friend is, too." He allowed himself to be stroked, curling his tail around her wrist when she did. 

"Hey, Jacky?"


"Crossfade curled his tail on my wrist."

"Oh, that." He stuck his head out the door, chuckling. "He wants to be picked up. It means he really likes you."

"Ohmigosh, that's so cute." Elly lifted the bright lizard up and set him in her lap, where he stared at her with his giant, unblinking eyes. She petted him until Jackson walked back out, now sporting a yellow sweater with his slacks and a pair of worn leather loafers. 


"He's so cute." She tapped the critter on the nose and he winked one eye very slowly at her. "Do you have an idea where you want to go?"

"I think so." Jackson picked up his pet and set him gently down on the armrest. "Don't eat the soap again. It's not food." Crossfade flickered colors in acknowledgement. 

"He ate the soap?" Elly glanced back at her shoulder as they were leaving.

"Yeah." He closed the dorm door behind him and locked it. "He was bright blue for a week and kept burping bubbles. I think he liked the mint scent." Elly giggled. Jackson took a deep breath and extended a slightly trembling arm towards her. She accepted cheerfully and they set off to get some food. Many restaurants and bars had crept up around the college in the surrounding town, and it was easy to walk to get what you needed if you didn't mind the weather. The day was mild, and it wasn't too far before he smiled and pointed.

"That one okay?" It was an Asian themed place, one he knew was very respectable about couples. He wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible since he knew probably would be talking a lot about sensitive topics.

"You sure, Jacky?" It was a rather expensive place and she knew it. 

"Yes." He rubbed the scruff on his chin and looked off to one side. "I earned some extra money from some experiments I ran a few weeks ago."

"All right."

They were seated quickly, with no fuss and settled in at a quiet corner in the dimly-lit dining area. The booths were large and secluded, making it an excellent place to have a romantic meal. Once they ordered and were served drinks, he cleared his throat. 

"I, uh, wanted to talk to you about something."

"Yes." She set down her sake cup, ears swiveling forward. 

Jackson tapped the table nervously with one long finger. "I should have said something earlier, but, I don't know... " He paused, sweating a little. 

"Take your time." She reached out and covered his hand with hers. He struggled with himself for a few minutes before beginning.

"The Frankie thing," he began nervously, "she wouldn't date me until I worked things out with Holt."

"I heard."

"And Holt and I didn't reconcile anything, even though she said that. It wasn't enough. Then she met Neighthan; they hit it off, we've always been friends but that's it. I should have told you about it, but I didn't think you'd get upset. Because you're the one that made us stop and figure things out. We couldn't lose you."

"I wasn't really upset about that..." she caught his disbelieving stare and shrugged, embarrassed. "It wasn't that. But thinking about everything, and how I felt, made me nervous for some reason."

"I know why."


"Yes! It's my fault." He took her hand and held it up, clasping it with his other as well. "It's just that everyone's been dating for years and they're all saying how much they're in love and I never had that. I didn't know what it felt like, so I was confused when..." He stammered and stopped. 

Elly found she was holding her breath. "Yes?"

"...when I had all these new feelings." He leaned forward, blushing, and kissed her hand before looking up into her eyes. "I should have told you sooner. I'm so much in love with you."

He watched as two great tears welled up in her eyes. "You're right. It's scary. I love you, too."

"Thank goodness," he sighed. "I knew, but, still..."

"Yeah," she grinned weakly at him. "It seems so quick, but it's been a few months. And I think I knew right away. I just couldn't admit it - not out loud. I've had such crap luck with males. Like, growing up." Jackson let go of her hands when she moved but stayed silent. She hardly spoke of her family and he wanted to know all he could about her. Elly took a sip from the earthenware cup and continued. "No one accepted me because I was half and half, not really demon and not really human. Or, at least, that's what I thought I was for years and years."

Jackson swallowed his drink quickly to avoid choking. "What? You don't have human blood?"

"Nope," she shook her head with a wry smile, her lavender eyes distant. "My mother told me a few days ago. I guesd she wanted me to know because I'm on my own for the first time. I grew up with a human stepfather. My real dad was a demon like my mother. A monster."

Jackson realized he was gaping and closed his mouth with a snap. "What kind? Why didn't she tell you?"

"I looked up a lot of stuff before leaving Japan," she murmured, staring at her hands as they fidgeted on the table before her. "She never let me have swimming lessons, or go near standing water deeper than my ankles. Father was a Scandinavian nix."

"Nix..." He thought hard. Monsterology was taught at an early age to youngsters, of course, but there were so many that it was difficult to remember sometimes. The water gave it away, though. "A water sprite? Aren't they all female?"

"I thought so, too, but no," she answered with a shrug. "In Germany and Scandinavia they have male ones that lure people into the water. Not just the opposite sex, either, like the females do. Their songs get everybody. But they don't sing. They use a violin." The waiter returned at that point to let them know their food would be arriving soon. They thanked him and then looked across at each other, both thinking about what had been said.

"Huh." The human side of him was in shock, but he swore he felt Holt capering around inside him with excitement at the thought of her being all monster. 

"I know, right? Anyway, mom told me that she never let me near water because in anything waist deep I might things. Something. I always thought it was just because I was part cat. She didn't like water."

He cocked his head at her quizzically. "You love water, though. Even your favorite color is blue."

"I know. I'm drawn to it. She had the hardest time keeping me away all those years. And I like to sing, so maybe it's related."

"You don't play anything." It was more a statement than a question; he knew she didn't play an instrument.

"Nope. Just sing. And it doesn't have any power or anything."

"You sound really pretty, though," he told her shyly.

"Thank you." She glowed at the compliment. "I wonder why I don't have any power from that, though."

"Maybe it's because you're not a guy? Or maybe if you did learn to play something..."

"I heard that it's inherent if you're that type. I would have been playing a violin if I was a male nix - it's a- a compulsion. But I never knew my real father enough to ask questions. Worse than that, my stepfather never really seemed like he loved me the way other dads did their daughters. I guess I know why now, but it still sucked. Every man I've ever had contact with didn't trust or didn't like me. I just wanted you to know that I have issues like that. And I still don't know what will happen if I go in water."

"What happened to your dad?" Jackson asked in a low voice.

"She said when they broke up he left. She doesn't know where he went or where he is now." Bringing that up always made her a little sad, and it must have shown.

"I'm sorry, baby," Jackson whispered. Startled - he never called her that -- she looked up to see the strangest thing. Jackson was reaching out to touch her face with one pale human hand and the eyes staring deeply into hers weren't blue. They were darker, almost purple. Before she could say anything their meals arrived, and his eyes had returned to the bright, clear color they were when he was in human form. The meal was delicious, and the rest of day was spent in a much happier mood after that. Yet later, when she lay in bed she couldn't help thinking that they both had some things they didn't know about themselves.

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