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Monster College - 6 (Part 2)

"Monster College - 6 (Part 2)"

orig. 1/11/2016
MH Elly x Holt (21+) 
"Third base" female scenario - adult content
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


Holt returned in a few minutes, shirtless with one hand rubbing his abdomen.

"Damn, girl, I think I strained mo-o-o-o-re than a few muscles." He sang the word out like he did when he was in a particularly good mood.

"Ouch." Elly winced sympathetically. "Are you okay?"

"Hell, yes!" He said quickly. "I've just never..." He trailed off, realized what he was saying and blushed deeply. "Uh, so I think I over-reacted, you know?"

A smile quirked the corners of her mouth. "I'm fond of that 'never' part. For real?"

"Yeah. Well, not now." He grinned at her and knelt down, resting his knees on the couch on either side of her legs. "You're not scared, are you? Can I..?"

"Holt Hyde!" She spluttered in exasperation. "After what just happened, do you really need to ask again?"

The young man coughed apologetically. "Still nervous. Different reason." 

"You're so cute."

"Augh, what?!" He tackled her so they lay flat along the couch against each other. Elly wriggled wildly underneath him as he started tickling her under her shirt. "You think a man wants to be called cute?!"

"I take it back!" She shrieked laughter, trying to escape his grasp. "You're a monster! A fiery," here she grew so choked with giggles that she could barely set the last words out, "sexy lover."

"Damn straight."

"Now quit, I can't breathe!"

"Yes ma'am!" He kissed her neck. "Right away, immediately!" His words were muffled as he continued nibbling. It still sort of tickled, but more interesting things were happening that had her immediate attention. 

"Whoa, that'd better be your -"

"Hand?" His red eyes were alight with mischief and he dropped her a wink. "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't." He broke into fresh laughter at the expression on her face. "C'mon, baby, my - ah -- other part can't move like this." He slid a palm up her belly, causing her to gasp loudly. "I'm not stopping," he hummed against her mouth before nuzzling for a kiss. 

"Good. Don't," she panted.

"You asked for it," he reminded her, pulling her shirt up so he could remove her bra. Once the silky fabric was removed, she felt very exposed. No one had ever seen her like this before - she didn't even change openly at the gym in front of other women. Holt's breath whistled out of him but he was silent. He simply bent and wrapped his lips around a pert nipple. Elly was caught by surprise and she cried out rather loudly, throwing her arms around his neck and grasping the back of his head. She dimly thought that the flames on his head felt just like regular hair before losing herself to the pleasure of his suckling. Holt moaned a little, shifting his weight around. He was aroused again, and wanted more than anything to do what his body craved. Like she'd pointed out before, though, he was trying so hard to be careful and not rush things. He switched to her other breast and teased her for a little while longer, until he could barely stand it anymore. Elly was clutching his shoulder blades, gripping him tightly and moving sinuously against him below. 

"Think you can handle more, baby?"

Her response was immediate and very gratifying. "Please don't stop."

"Brave girl. But you shouldn't have worn a skirt," he admonished, shaking a finger in front of her nose. "There's no challenge for me." She was inclined to agree at the speed at which he whisked her panties off. "Aww, blue. I'm always touched to know that's your favorite color." He sighed, then let them fall off his hand to billow softly to the floor. 

"It is," she agreed wistfully, stroking his upper back. He shivered and slowly moved his hand, feeling the slightly coarse purple hair below. He held her close and curiously stroked the strange folds of her body while she trembled and moaned. The only thing that kept him from messing up a second pair of shorts was his concentration on making her feel as good as she had made him feel. 

"You're so wet," he murmured. "I made you want me that much."

"Yes," she gasped.

At least I remembered that from Health Class, he thought, mind racing. "How much do you want me, baby?"

"So much," she whimpered. Her eyes were glazed with passion and her breathing was heavy. "Oh, that's sweet..."

"This?" He rolled his fingerpad and her breathing quickened. "Ah, good girl," he whispered as her cries grew more intense. Holt laid completely against her, rubbing himself on her thigh while his finger dipped and moved. 

"Oh, Holt, yes!" He kissed her deeply, shuddering as she gripped him lower, her hands tightly grasping his rear. 

"Woooow," he gulped when they parted.

"Wow," she agreed weakly. They grinned at each other.

There was a sudden flurry of knocks at the door. "Hey! You guys gonna be at it all day or what?" It was Heath from across the hall. Holt's mouth twisted into a comedic "o" of dismay. 

"Oops!" She bit her lip, but couldn't stop the laughter. 

"Sounds like something was pretty funny," Heath drawled. "Not what we expected to hear after all that. Well, some of us did..."

"I'm gonna destroy you, match head!" Holt was out the door in two seconds, ignoring the fact that he wasn't wearing shoes or a shirt. His temper raged in place of his now-forgotten erection.

"Look who's talking!" She heard Heath yelp as he sped away. Luckily for him, the other fire elemental also forgot that the range of the headset went only so far. He fell to his knees halfway to Heath's room, transforming into a completely baffled Jackson. He blinked down at his partially-unclad self, assessed the state his body was in, and groaned loudly.

"Awwww, crap!"

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