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Monster College - 1

"Monster College - 1"
orig. 10/20/2015
MH Elly x Jackson (21+)
"First Meeting" scenario (PG)
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


Eruri Fang had not gone to college right away like most high school graduates. She had taken some time to figure out what place would be exactly perfect, and while she didn't think this was it, she finally realized it was the best she could do. Many students here came from a school she had heard about where they didn't alienate you for being different. She had her doubts, but here she was at last.

The pale-skinned young woman peered nervously around the corner of the hall. Flyers for dances and study aids littered the wall but she didn't glance at them right away. First she looked both ways and even up on the ceiling - this was a college for monsters, after all -- to make sure she was alone. Relatively certain she was for the time being, she drew a deep sigh of relief and placed a hand on the paper closest to her. What looked like a soft breeze suddenly riffled all the papers as she closed her eyes and held out her other hand. One slip fell gently into her palm.

"A map. Great." Talking to herself wasn't the best habit, but when one didn't have friends it was what you did. She grimaced and clamped her lips tightly shut as she tried to figure out where she was. And that was what she would later think was her first mistake. Because she was concentrating so hard, she didn't hear the footsteps behind her from a small group of girls. They saw her and stopped, pointing and whispering. Gossip turned quickly on campus, and she had already been spotted since she moved into her dorm room. These ladies knew who she was, and they'd formed some unhealthy opinions.

"Well, hello there." One of them stepped up, a chill smile on her face. She had a green tint to her skin and flowers in her equally green hair. "We haven't met, have we? I'm Blossom."

"Oh! Um, sorry. I was just looking for a map... my name's Eruri. I'm, uh, called Elly, though."

"A little old to be a freshman, aren't you?"

"Maybe." Elly's expression did not change. "I stayed at home for a year and a half before enrolling."

"Interesting! Well, we're all positively wondering, dear - "

Here it comes, Elly winced. The nail in the coffin.

"... what type of monster are you?"

She could lie; she knew that was an option. She'd even done it several times when her folks had moved her from one high school to another during those hellish teenage years. But it always came back to haunt her, so she told the truth. Besides, anyone could see from what she looked like. Her head came up, showing her white cat's face clearly as her human hand rubbed the side of her cheek. "I'm only half monster. Nekomata - a demon cat. My other half is human."

The other woman's eyes narrowed, but all she said was, "Some of the people here are half and half - all sorts of types. Maybe you'll meet some." She glanced down at a flower on her wrist. The stamen jutting out of it was blushing red. "Ooops! Almost late for class! We'd better go." She nodded to her as the group walked past quickly. Elly's ears drooped.

That went great, she thought bitterly. They already know the rumors. 

She'd hoped differently, but even here she was treated coldly by most of the people she met. Her monster side was known to sometimes seduce human men for the fun of tricking them. Her other half was human, which sort of proved that point and made the human-phobes dislike her as well. If she ever looked at someone's boyfriend she was vilified, and the same if she spoke to any guy. It didn't seem to matter what she did. In time she learned that the music floor was the best hiding place, especially since she had vocal training most of the time and she'd be right there when class rolled around. Her favorite place were the sound rooms and mixing studio where she could listen to herself after a recording to see how she could be better and fix her mistakes.

One really bad day she was holed up as usual when she heard a crash against the door. Her ears perked as her head jerked up, startled - she could just make out the back of a head sliding down the window. Concerned, she yanked the door open and a gangly young man fell almost right on top of her with a yelp.

"Sorry! Ugh, sorry, ow! Dang it..." He rubbed the back of his head, shook it as if to clear it and picked himself up. Elly winced when he reached out a hand to her.

"It's okay, I'm fine." She couldn't help glancing around to see if they were alone. If not, she'd just be making her day worse.

"No, really. I knocked you over. I'm sorry." He cleared his throat in embarrassment. Sighing, she let him steady her as she clambered back to her feet. He looked human, with pale skin, black-rimmed glasses, a moderate eyebrow piercing and dark hair with blond highlights. His chin had a light dusting of fuzz on it that could barely be called scruff but was dark enough to qualify. He actually coughed this time, and she realized she'd been staring.

"Thanks. I - I was just stunned for a moment." She nodded and stepped back, hoping she didn't look like a complete idiot. Then she thought of something. "Are you okay?"

He turned his head. A huge pile of books were spilled all over the place in the doorway. He stared at them with a gloomy expression. "Yeah. I knew better than to bring this here. I won't need it anyway." He paused, then held out his hand in greeting this time. "My name's Jackson."


"Do you ... uh, take classes here? I never saw you before."

"Yeah. I never saw you, though, either."

Jackson blushed. "You might be surprised," he muttered under his breath.

Elly's ears twitched. "Say what?"

"Oops." He grinned sheepishly. "You have good hearing... I forgot. Cat ears. Heh. I'm, uh, sort of incognito when I come here. Usually. Kind of." Elly helped him pick up some of his books. He tied some with an old-fashioned leather strap and slung them over his shoulder. The rest he shoved in a worn green pack which went over the other. Her eyebrow raised when she saw the yin-yang symbol on it.

Maybe he likes Asian things, she thought. Then she had to bite her lip when, unbidden, her next thought sprung to the surface. Maybe he likes Asian women. "It was nice meeting you," she said, astonished to find that she meant it. But that didn't change things. "You'd better go before anyone sees you with me, though. Especially if you have a girlfriend."

He looked taken aback. "Wh - what?" But she was quiet, and gently pushed him out of the room, closing the door. He stared after her for a few seconds, frowning, but then jumped and nervously ran off as if someone were chasing after him. Elly felt a bass rumble in the floor, but couldn't hear anything outside since she was in the sound-proofed room. Obviously someone was playing loud music with the door open. Well, it didn't matter. She shrugged and tried to go back to her practice, but her mind kept wandering.

That guy was cute and he seemed really nice.

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