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Campus Piece, 3

"Campus Piece, 3"

orig. September/2013
Alt. One Piece Elly x Zoro
Sexual bet, adult content
One Piece College based non-canon

"So how did you get this scar?" She traced a finger along the rippling tissue on his chest and he grinned down at her.

"It's a stupid story, that's why."

"Humor me." Elly crawled up on him until she was straddling the big man's torso. His grin grew wider and he blushed a little.

"You know why I wear leather when it's hot? On the bike?"

"No. I just thought it was because you liked leather." She paused, a twinkle in her eye. "And it makes you look badass." Zoro snickered and caught her hand in one easy snatch. His fingers curled around her wrist and he drew her palm close for a kiss, staring into her eyes the whole time with that mesmerizing glare he had.

"Nmm, cut it out. I'm not going to be distracted this time."

"Is that a challenge?" He licked slowly and she laughed again, shaking her head.

"No! I know better than to get you started."

"Fnf." He let her hand go and she stroked his chin lightly. "I wear the leather so I don't get scraped up if I fall off."

"Has that happened often?"

"Enough." He shrugged. "I had to crash once to avoid hitting some jackass that stopped for no reason. There was a nail in the road or something and it ripped me pretty well open." He snorted. "I had to have a whole series of tetanus shots... oi, the hell? No, don't stop," he rumbled faintly when she paused in the middle of unbuttoning his fly.

"I just want to see if you have more."

"Lots," he chuckled. "Ankles, legs, all over. Don't you know most of them by now?"

"Yeah, but I want to really look at them this time."

"Ngh, don't let me stop you." He sighed with relief when she stripped his pants off. "Here." Elly smiled widely as he obligingly pushed his boxers down.

"I said I was looking," she stressed as his fully erect member bounced into view.

"Not my fault." He shrugged to indicate his helplessness. "Stop being so fucking hot." He leaned back comfortably on his elbows as her fingers smoothed the rough skin on his thighs. "If you're gonna keep touching me like that you won't have to deal with it for long."


"Try it," he snickered. "Just don't blame me if you get splashed."

"Oh gross, Zoro..." She got cut off when he took her face in two big, warm hands, bending over to kiss her. He deepened the kiss outrageously, holding her in place so she couldn't move away if she wanted to. When he broke the kiss he slid his tongue slowly out from her mouth, lazily regarding her flushed features and ignoring the bead of saliva on his chin. He licked his lips and dropped his hands, moving back to prop himself up again.  

"Count them," he told her quietly. "If I can't hold out for the entire time your hands are on me, I'll do something special for you."

"How special?" She could barely whisper. His eyes were on her, his dark, dark eyes... so serious, so full of sexual promise.

"You'll never forget it."

"You mean that, don't you."

"I always mean what I say." He raised an eyebrow at her and smiled fiercely.

"Wait," Elly said suspiciously before they clasped hands on it. "This isn't some joke of yours, marimo, is it?" Zoro grasped her hand in his and pulled her over his body. She yelped but didn't protest when he placed his forehead on hers and stared intensely in her face.

"I will make you pant and scream and shake," he growled in his dangerous tone of voice he reserved for training, the one that was the most determined and deadly. Her face darkened in a massive blush.


"Sexual bet," he rumbled in a challenging tone. "If I do hold out the entire time, we make love." She drew in a sharp intake of breath. They'd never had sex before. "Agreed?"

"Oh, Zoro..."

"You can back out if you like," he added with a cocky grin.

"You ass! I won't do that." She took a deep breath. "You're mine, I saw how much you liked my hands on you. Agreed."

"Good," he purred softly. "You can start whenever." His eyes slipped shut when she lightly stroked the most prominent scar again, tracing it down his chest.

"This one's my favorite anyway," she murmured. "It's just damned sexy."

"Hnn." He sighed when she rolled her fingers off his waist and perused his midsection.

"Nothing? Ah, well... here..." Fingertips grazed his skin above his navel. He shivered but said nothing. "I think this is one. And here, how did you manage this!" Trailing back up his flesh she moved slowly to his neck and caressed the tanned flesh everywhere with careful strokes. She even brushed his lips and eyelids with her palms as she sought any irregularities on his body.

"Don't think I have any there," he gruffly informed her as she toyed with his earlobe. "No cheating by screwing with my earrings." Elly chuckled and nodded agreement. 

"What about your arms. I know I've seen them here." She heard a muffled exclamation as she rubbed his thick bicep and pressed onward. She needed to win this, didn't she?

"Yeah." Zoro sounded strangely subdued. His erection hadn't abated and the tip of his thick member was slick with a thin coat of lubricant, proof that her teasing was getting to him. But not fast enough. "I have more on my legs."

"Wait, I said whole body."


"Flip over." There was a stunned silence and then he groaned.


"That's right, love," she cooed wickedly. "Turn around and let me see if you have any scars on your backside. You promised." Muttering darkly that she would regret fucking around with him he flexed one of his massive arms and flipped over in one smooth move.


"Yes!" She ran her hands rapidly down his back to his rear but was disappointed to find no scarring. Of course, she thought. Why would he have scars on his back? It wouldn't seem right. Her hands idly caressed the smooth, paler skin of his rear and he jumped. It was just a tiny movement but she was tuned to his emotions and she read his sudden nervousness in the way he tensed under her touches. She heard him swallow when she dipped lower and then cough, choking underneath her.

"I'm not going to have scars there!"

"Really?" She hefted his balls and gently squeezed, feeling their texture. Zoro's rough panting was music to her ears. "All right, then, I'll just go here..." Tickling his thighs, then digging her nails in a little as she went. Now he was growling, hips bucking involuntarily into the mattress. But she only had his legs left!

"Get it over with," he snarled impatiently. "Don't stop."

"Scared of losing now, are we?"

"You'll see," he snapped. His anger wasn't real but a means to hold himself in check. She knew it would mean a very serious session when she was finished with her examination, though, and she began to tremble as she perused his lightly stubbled legs.

"Oh, well." She traced the scars on his ankles - the last ones -- and then sat up. "I lost, didn't I?" The green-haired young man glanced sourly back over his shoulder and rolled over to face her. He had a dark blush staining his cheeks and a sticky patch of semen dripping from his abdomen.

"No," he said matter-of-factly. "You didn't." Elly stared incredulously at this evidence of her prowess - startled by it, even.

"Oh, wow," she murmured. "Wait..." Her expressive eyes paled when she realized what this meant. It was too late. Zoro had flung himself upon her, hands whipping out to catch her wrists and pin her down to the far end of the bed.

"You win," he whispered. "Want to know what you get?" He hadn't bothered to clean himself off and his embrace slicked her middle with his seed. She shook her head numbly, purple side locks of hair splaying out on the rumpled sheets. He smiled and kissed her briefly on the lips, so gentle she barely felt it.

"You're taking this well. Have you ever lost a bet before?"

"Only to you." He lapped at her lower lip and she shivered. "I'll lose everything to you. Doesn't matter."

"Oh." She tried to kiss him back but he moved away as if shy. This ploy both confused and excited her. "Zoro?"

"I said everything." He moved back and flicked his eyes open, staring at her penetratingly. "Thanks to our bet you can have everything but one thing tonight." His hands grasped her and pulled her close, rolling backwards on the bed so she lay on top of him.

"One?" Dazed, she looked around the room. He was hypnotizing her with his expressive voice and she never cared to fight it. Elly dreamily let her boyfriend woo her softly to him, enjoying every second of it. He never spoke like this. It was nothing short of amazing.

"One," he agreed. "No sex. But you can have everything else now."

"What? I don't..."

"I love you." He spoke with his eyes cast down again. She saw why when she ducked her head and her entire body locked up. Her tongue felt furry in her mouth, her heart bashed itself crazily against her ribcage.

"Oh," she said again in a faint little voice. "You said..."

"No one ever touched me like that before." He wiped angrily at his wet eyes with the back of his hand. "We're not just fucking around."

"We're not," she agreed, her eyes misty as well. Her hands trembling, she clung to him and he hugged her tight.  In due course he rolled her over, caressed and kissed her to orgasm as well but in reality it wasn't the best part of the night. She would always remember the first time he told her he loved her more than the playful loving afterward, good as it was.

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