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All characters will be described as they appear in the work of this blog. I do, however, strive to keep all characters the same as they appear in any work of fiction. The only thing you have to get past is that they're in love with my character: if you can do that, how they act is natural. Characters listed in order of importance/appearance. I suggest CTRL+F to search for a particular anime/manga/show/game or movie if interested, as the list is huge.

The Main Cast

Elly Sketchit

Female, original character. 
Elly is a nekomata (Japanese demon cat). She has the ability to control anything inanimate and is an immortal being in a strange alternate world set someplace that looks very much like a mash-up of all the places I personally like on Earth. Her main color is white (fur & skin, very pale), with lavender eyes, but she dyes her fur & hair purple quite a lot, sometimes in stripes.

Roronoa Zoro

Male, from the anime/manga ONE PIECE.
Zoro is a very grumpy strong guy that carries 3 katana (swords) with him at all times. He's fond of red meat, white rice and ale and napping. He's easily embarrassed by emotions other than "kicking ass". He's the main house (Elly's) bodyguard.

What he calls Elly: stupid cat
What Elly calls him: Zoro


Male, from the anime/manga ONE PIECE.
Sanji is a slender, excellent chef that dresses and grooms himself impeccably. He's a huge flirt (going on lech) with any even semi-attractive female, making him a constant thorn in Elly's side whenever she's not near him. He's the main house chef.

What he calls Elly: Angel
What Elly calls him: Sanji

Trafalgar Law

Male, from the anime/manga ONE PIECE.
Law is a slender, tattooed young man that's kind of goth in looks and emotion. He has the ability to create a surgical "room" anywhere, indoors or out, as large as he wants. Inside the room he can control reality by slicing off parts of things, re-attaching them in different ways, etc. He's the main house doctor/surgeon. 

What he calls Elly: Pretty
What Elly calls him: Law

Tracey Sketchit*

Male, from the anime/manga Pokemon. 
*edited for age reasons (he's 20+ yrs old)
Tracey (aka Kenji in Japan) is a young man with greenish-black hair and what some would call poor fashion sense (red headband & shorts, green shirt, blue sneakers). He's an artist, however, so most are forgiving of his garish outfit. He has a marill, venonat and scyther (named "Pops").

What he calls Elly: Fur-Baby
What Elly calls him: Sketchy

Holt Hyde*

Male, from the cartoon Monster High
*college age (he's 20+ yrs old)
Enrolled in college and taking music classes, which is how Elly met Jackson for the first time. A fire elemental and the "other half" of Jackson's "Jekyll and Hyde" lineage, he's easily prone to anger and lives by the seat of his pants, taking chances a lot. Is popular.

What he calls Elly: Baby
What Elly calls him: Deej or Holt

Jackson Jekyll*

Male, from the cartoon Monster High
*college age (he's 20+ yrs old)
Enrolled in college and taking mad scientist classes. A human ("normie") and the base personality of his "Jekyll and Hyde" lineage. He's careful, gentle and often shy. He's grown a bit of chin scruff since High School and wears contacts a lot, but is otherwise the same. Is more of a "nerd" than his popular "other half".

What he calls Elly: Elly
What Elly calls him: Jacky

The Smaller Cast

Sometimes characters appear for a short while and seem to disappear... they don't, but they're guys I've had a crush on and then my interest waned. They may come back later in the stories (and they do exist in the world), but their listing here will be shorter due to lack of appearance. 

Alistair, game, Dragon Age
Cullen,  game, Dragon Age: Inquisition
Volkner,  game, Pokemon (Gym Leader)
Smoker, manga/anime, ONE PIECE
Zell Dincht, game, FFVIII
Gan Ning, game, Dynasty Warriors
Sima Yi, game, Dynasty Warriors
Guo Huai, game, Dynasty Warriors
Xu Shu, game, Dynasty Warriors
Lu Bu, game, Dynasty Warriors
Kaito, game, Vocaloid
Mr. Burke, game, Fallout 3
Piccolo (cloned), anime/manga, DragonBall
Ray Stanz, movie, Ghostbusters
Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka, anime/manga, Ouran Host Club
Abe no Seimei, movie, Onmyouji
Ginko, anime/manga, Mushi shi
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, anime/manga, Tiger & Bunny
Nougami Neuro, anime/manga, Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro
Gintoki Sakata, anime/manga, Gin Tama
Zelgadis, anime/manga, Slayers
Portgas D. Ace, anime/manga, ONE PIECE
Jackson Jekyll, cartoon, Monster High (college vers., 21)
Holt Hyde, cartoon, Monster High (college vers., 21)

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