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Campus Piece, 2

"Campus Piece, 2"

orig. 5/25/2013
Alt. One Piece Elly x Zoro
Third base scenario(s), both - adult content
One Piece College based non-canon

The campus was barren in the middle of the day. Near lunch most of the Professors went off to take a break and so did the students. There were only a few clustered people gathered around as the big green-haired man and the slender blond strolled through the middle of the center.

"What did you want, ass?" Zoro squinted at his companion. Sanji had been wordless for a long time and that wasn't like him. Suddenly he pulled a handful of small packets out of his pocket and shoved them in the big man's hand.

"Here," he urged. "Take them."

"What the fuck!" Zoro shouted, drawing the attention of a group of chatting students nearby.

"For Christ's sake," the blond man groaned. He dragged the bigger man to one of the benches near the pond and pushed at his shoulders. "Sit! And quit shouting." The bigger man grumbled but when he saw the curious looks they were getting he quickly composed himself, sitting down on the cold concrete.


"You guys are the hot topic around," Sanji grinned. "You weren't interested in a lot of girls before and she kept turning down all the guys that wanted to date her. Now you got together and everyone's talking."

"Tell me about it." Zoro slung his bag to the ground. It fell with the heavy sound of books and clinking weights. He swore under his breath. "It's embarrassing sometimes."

"It didn't help that she turned up with that hickey the other day." He ducked, blond hair flying, as the other man swung at him. "Shit, man! C'mon, you knew people would see that. You wanted 'em to."


"I'm just saying," Sanji snorted. "Honey knows Elly's damn near in love with you and she's worried you might not know what to do about it when the time comes. Just say you'll wrap it up and we can forget we ever had this discussion. Geez."

"Is this what's gonna happen to me, too?" Zoro stuffed the condoms in one of his shirt pockets.


"Do they always tell you what to do?"

"Women? Yeah," Sanji agreed. "Trust me, it's better than yelling for hours. And it's usually a small thing." Zoro squinted at him, trying hard not to blush. Sanji caught the look and nodded. "Yeah, we have. Why the hell you think I had those?"

"Hey - what'd you bring for lunch today?!" An exuberant young man was running up, dressed in a red sleeveless shirt and cut-offs. He bounced onto the bench and peered down at them.

"Screw off, ballerina," Sanji snickered. The messy-haired newcomer frowned and whapped him on the back.

"It's acrobatics, and I get to play in some weird music thing with the Advanced Theater class."

"What?" Zoro snapped his head up. "Luffy, what the hell're you talking about?"

"That's right, that's what Elly's taking, isn't it." Sanji tilted his head to one side. A koi splashed about in the pool behind them, snapping at something on the surface of the water.

"Are you two really going out? She showed up with this biiiiiiiig mark on her neck and..." Luffy crowed with delight when Zoro blushed violently. "Ooooh, did you get to second or third?" He sprang backwards quickly when the green haired young man leaped at him.

"You son of a ...!"

"Don't hit me!" Luffy was laughing hysterically. A limber man, he had bent himself almost backwards to avoid the blow. They always teased him about being a 'ballerina' because the acrobat team had to wear tights sometimes for practice. But no one could touch him in a fight and his thin, whipcord body belied his massive strength. He was one of the only guys on campus besides Sanji that might be able to give Zoro a run for his money in an actual fight. There were some people that were disappointed they were all friends because of this.

"What time is it?" Zoro asked suddenly. Sanji shook his suit jacket sleeve back a little and consulted his silver-link watch.

"It's almost 5, man."

"Shit. I have to go pick her up." He grabbed his bag and slung it over his back, bicep flexing so hard the shirt fabric twitched. "We'll forget about it," he told Sanji firmly as he ran off towards the Fine Arts building. He ignored the catcalls from behind him, giving his friends the finger as he ran full pelt through clumps of laughing young adults. He was fast; he got there in a few minutes and wasn't winded at all. He banged open the huge stage doors where the classes practiced after sessions.

"Cat? You in here?"

"Zoro!" A warm, lavender-smelling body slammed into him from the side and he whuffed air out his mouth in a rush. He instinctively placed an arm around her side, squeezing lightly. She sounded happy. Good.

"Hey, watch it." He looked down and sure enough Elly was grinning from ear to ear. She wore a soft white sleeveless top and jeans today that were at least one size too small. He blinked, started to blush when he realized he'd been checking her out and looked around guiltily.

"No one's here, shy guy," his girlfriend snickered. She gasped and then giggled against his neck as his fingers wandered.

"Don't," she warned. "Or I'll manhandle your earrings."

"Promise?" Zoro grinned and tickled her ribs lightly. His girlfriend burst into fits of laughter, trying to hold it in but unable. She squirmed around in his lap until he really had to stop. Her wiggling was exciting him too much. As soon as he stopped she wiped the tears from her eyes and nipped his earlobe. "Hey!"

"No way, this is fair game now."

"Cat..." He warned, his voice growing thick with arousal. She didn't pay attention and kept tugging on the piercings until he growled. She laughed  and he kissed her hungrily, hands squeezing her jean-clad bottom.

"Get a room!" A somewhat familiar voice suddenly yelled out of the shadows. Elly and Zoro jumped guiltily apart in time to see a thin shadow leap out from behind the curtain.

"What the hell!" Zoro snarled. He hated being interrupted but what was worse was that he hated being embarrassed even more. His face had immediately flushed scarlet and he growled irritably. "You don't have to watch."

"But you're smearing your genetic codes around where we have to have class. So disgusting." Elly knew that mocking tone. She closed her eyes.

"Clubba," she groaned. Her friend grinned toothily at her, left eye twitching. One skinny arm shot forward and he hauled himself up on a plastic chair that was placed in the middle of the stage. Dark hair flopped into his eyes and he pushed it back with the palm of his hand. Something shiny was clenched in his fist.

"I thought we were alone," Zoro grumbled. "Get over here, frogface!"

"The hell I will, when I have this!" He brandished a cell phone high in the air, pushing the chair back with one foot so it rested on a single leg. "Check out my YouTube tonight, kiddies! The hottest new couple making out like feverish rabbits... " he yelped and fell backwards as the bigger man slammed a foot on the polished wooden floor, shaking it hard enough to dislodge him from his crooked chair. "Holy crap!"

"You do that and I'll make sure you lose those pointy teeth you're so proud of." He looked so menacing that Clubba stepped back but Elly heard the rumble in Zoro's chest. He was trying not to laugh.

"We have to go," she said and began to fidget. "It's going to rain soon and your bike isn't built with a roof." Thunder rumbled ominously in the background as if to warn them and Zoro nodded.

"Later, Frogface," he said amiably, picked his girl up and walked out the door. Clubba was left lying on the floor with a dazed expression. He stared at his cell and grinned evilly.

"Aw, rain!" It was starting to drip from the sky above when they got outside. Elly threw her hands above her head to no avail.

"It's only a little," Zoro grinned. "We'll go to my apartment instead though. I'm not far away. "

"Really?" She leaned against his back as they saddled up. Minutes later they had poured into his tiny apartment and were instantly stumbling for the bedroom, unashamed of their desires. His bed creaked with the added weight for some time until Zoro gasped for air. He leaned back and wiped the sweat from his brow with the handkerchief he had laid aside, the one he usually wore under his helmet when he was out riding.

"That asshole cook talked to me today," he husked. She began running her fingers idly up and down his chest, making it hard for him to think. A strand of purple hair had fallen free of a popped barrette and was deliciously tempting him as it lay against her pale neck. He finally reached forward and toyed with it as she spoke.

"Mmmn," Elly sighed. "What'd he want? Honey talked to me the other night about" She faltered a little but went on. "Did she wheedle him into doing the same thing to you?"


"I bet she did." She giggled faintly.


"Women are more open than guys about that sort of thing." She looked at him calmly. "But we haven't done anything yet. We're safe until we cross the line." Zoro choked a little on that.

"I'm not doing anything wrong, am I?" His face had broken out into another huge blush.

"No, you're not." She laid her head on his chest and sighed, deeper this time. They were quiet for awhile as she listened to his heart beat. He stroked her hair and waited. They'd been together long enough for him to know she hadn't said everything that was on her mind yet. "Why does everyone keep telling me we're going too fast? They all think we've... you know." He visibly relaxed. Thank god, he'd still thought she was upset with him for some reason.

"Idiots," he dismissed with a snort. "If someone's really bothering you about it, tell me." His face hardened. "They won't bother you anymore."


"I mean it!" He mouthed her neck, hissing with anger. "They're upsetting you. No one is allowed to upset you." The gentle mouthings became kisses and licks that he punctuated his argument with. "I want," he rumbled, "you happy." Pause. A little nibble on her wildly beating pulse. "That's it."

"It's not killing you to wait?"

"Graaagh!" He broke apart and rolled halfway off the bed, his head dangling inches from the floor. His muscled torso flexed, holding him in place so he didn't slip. Zoro flailed his arms in a display meant for her alone. "I'm dying, it hurts so bad. I have to have sex. Right now." He snapped upright so quickly that she shrieked startled laughter. "Isn't that what the guys all say?"

"Doesn't hurt, hmm? Brave boy?" She snickered as he pouted, lip thrusting out and eyes half-lidded with mock anger.

"Don't fuck around, woman." His lip twitched and he turned his head. Elly laughed louder and playfully touched the bulge in his boxer shorts. "Hey ...not what I meant, but ah," he squirmed around until he was all the way back on the bed again, "yeah. Oh, yeah." He closed his eyes, murmuring under his breath while she slipped his stiffening penis out from his underwear. She ran a finger along the tip, patting at the hole in the soft head and smiling when he shifted under her caress. He liked soft, gentle touches - interesting for someone that was regarded as being rough and crude to many people. She fondled him rather than stroked, relishing the feel of his smooth, warm skin before it got flushed and sticky. She loved every part of this man and it showed. Elly looked down quickly when something brushed her free hand but it was only his. He curled his fingers around hers and sighed.

"Okay?" She asked softly. He smiled, eyes still closed. A lot of the ladies that admired him around campus thought he would be a wild lover, someone that would bruise and hurt without caring. Some were excited about the prospect and he'd always had admirers. The big man hadn't looked aside then and certainly not since. Elly remembered when a gang of girls from one of her classes had been asking questions, wondering how she could be so tough. But she didn't need to be. Her fingers gripped him very lightly, tickling above and rubbing underneath. After a short while her hand was slicked with his personal lubricant, more than she had seen since they had been fooling around. He was excited, his breathing also harsher and louder then she had heard him yet. Maybe it had something to do with their discussions. Maybe it was just the wash of rain on the windows and the distant thunder adding a romantic setting to their play. Zoro swallowed hard and whispered from where his head rested on the pillow. Short green hairs had strayed and now decorated the white cotton in various areas from his movements.

"I'm..." He shivered and wrenched, hand tightening around her own. Elly gave him a final stroke then quickly whipped the small washcloth they had placed nearby around his trembling manhood. He grunted agreement one moment before growling, his hand taking over to catch his seed as it spouted. She leaned back, watching his face tense and his jawline tighten. She wanted to kiss it and when his shoulders finally sagged with release she did, smiling when he chuckled. "Yeah."

"'Yeah' what, mister?"

"I agree." Zoro placed the cloth in the hamper that stood near the bed and rolled over on top of her.

"Hmmm?" Her wide eyes shone with utter sincerity. "Honestly, sometimes I never know what you're talking ab-" He placed a hand across her mouth and shook his head.

"Quiet, pretty." When he removed his palm she was too shocked to say anything and he kissed her lingeringly in silence for a few minutes. His warm, solid body on hers was causing the usual reaction. Her belly was on fire, heart pounding and muscles quivering with expectation. And he didn't stop kissing her, dominating her mouth with soft lips and tongue. Zoro's scent was everywhere, the smell of clean sweat from his exertions and the muskier undertone of his sex making her weaker than she already was. She couldn't believe he'd said that. They'd been dating for several months now and she still couldn't catch her breath if he complimented her since he rarely did.

Warm hands were unbuttoning her jeans and tugging gently to remove them. She lifted her torso off the bed to help and they were soon on the floor next to his clothing. He still wore his boxers but he'd tucked himself back inside the flap so when he rested against her below they weren't skin to skin.

"I wonder what it's like," she murmured drowsily as he nuzzled her neck, hands busy below.

"What it's like?" His teeth closed on her earlobe and she grinned. "I don't ask the guys. Don't you ask what's-her-name, Honey?"

"Zoro!" He snickered and kissed her mouth.

"How do you think the pervert had condoms to give me?"

"Shit," Elly bit her lip. "I just thought ... okay, okay, I knew they had sex. I never thought I'd be talking to you about it, though." A loud crack of thunder caused her to jump forward into his arms instead of resting quietly on the bed. Zoro chuckled and rolled backwards in a sitting position so she ended up facing him with her legs wrapped around his waist.

"We won't."

"Won't what?"

"Have sex." He laughed at her wide lavender eyes, so stunned she didn't even look hurt. "That's not right." He blinked lazily, sure of this fact and calmly stating what appeared to him to be obvious. When she bit her lower lip he noticed and shook his head.


"It's just a wrong word." He groped around, trying to say what he meant. "With you it has to be more..." He stopped talking for a moment to kiss her, a serious kind of kiss that finished his sentence for him. As he touched her through her bra she moved against him suggestively and he whistled with pleasure. Elly squeezed her legs around him and he dropped his face to her chest, panting.

"Zoro," she whispered raggedly. Her cheeks were stained pink, a nice contrast to her pale skin.

"We have to stop," he swallowed hard, gulping. "I do. Minute. Just a minute." He tried to back away but she wrapped her arms around his neck with a strength that surprised him. Her mouth found his and this time she was aggressive, stabbing her tongue past his lips with a ferocity that caused his neck to start to burn. His face flaming, the blush spreading down his throat to his upper body he tried to speak but she was determined. Zoro gave in, kissing hard and groaning when her hands trailed down his neck to his shoulder blades. He tried to shake the ticklish chill but she didn't stop those light caresses, brushing his back with her fingertips. The big man slowly reached around and placed a hand on the hem of her tank top, lifting with a questioning look on his face. They'd never gotten completely naked before and it had been a sort of rule between them. One half of their bodies always stayed clothed if only partially. Now he was only in his underwear and if he took her top and bra off, she would only have her panties. His breathing sped up when she lifted her arms above her head.

What had he done, what had he said? He didn't know or even care soon because they were writhing against one another, almost completely nude and moaning softly. The rain pattered harder on the windowpane and thunder boomed, drowning out their soft cries. The little bedroom was dimly lit by the flashes of lighting that followed each rumble and crack. Although he'd come once already, Zoro's body was eager for more and he took liberties he had only dreamed of, rubbing his stiff member along her thigh and curling his toes into the bedsheets at the feeling. Her breasts were free and he handled them gently, carefully pulling at the stiff nipples in the way he knew she liked. Her hands wandered over his powerful back, eyes dreamy as she stroked the heated skin. When he leaned forward to place his mouth on her breast she cried out, her nails digging into his flesh. Zoro's body tensed and a wave of desire hit him so hard he saw spots. When he moved he had placed his lower body directly on hers. Their groins were firmly pressed together through their underwear for the first time, his rigid erection nudging insistently between her thighs.

"N- not yet, not yet." He drew his head back, blinking at her voice. "Keep yours on?" Elly's eyes were moist with unshed tears. Tiny liquid beads had welled up at the corners. Zoro nodded, not trusting himself to speak. His hand dropped down her side, fingers catching in the elastic of her panties. They ran along the skin under the band, his dark eyes never leaving her own. It was only when she smiled at him and wiped her tears that he slipped them down. She lifted a leg and kicked them awkwardly off, laughing at her clumsiness. She could laugh but he still couldn't talk, his throat felt like it was completely closed off. He stared at her body, forgetting to breathe for a long while until he had to gasp for air. Elly laughed louder and ran her palms along the soft fabric of his boxers. Zoro blushed darker for a moment and pressed himself on her lower body. Elly gasped raggedly, the feeling of his safely clothed erection right on the spot where she wanted him to be. But not yet. Just a touch, the cloth rubbing - dragging -- on her wet body. Her arms curled tightly around his big neck and he blinked down at her questioningly.


"Don't stop," she gasped quickly. "Don't ...oh god, right there, Zoro." Her face twisted with passion and he swallowed hard.

"Uh, Cat, if I don't stop we're gonna have a problem." He grit his teeth when she whined softly, shivering all over and obviously in the final throes of passion. The fabric of his boxers was stained wet across his member, molding it to his body and showing his second erection plainly. He shifted when she stopped moving and kissed her lightly on the lips. "We shouldn't do this too much."

"I know," she panted, holding him close. 

"Good, though." He coughed and nipped at her neck playfully. Ignoring his discomfort below he looked over, out the tiny window. "I think it stopped raining. You wanna get cleaned up and go out?"

"If you do, yes." Elly smiled when he picked her up and stepped around to the bathroom. He was open about everything around her and was soon trying to aim his still-erect penis at the toilet while she washed up a bit and pulled her clothing back on. She chuckled at his grimace and he snorted. They'd had this discussion already and it was a comfortable joke that made them feel closer in that special way. Soon they would be ready for a fun date and they'd probably end right back up here for the night.

Now, though, everything was calm and quiet and perfect, the way it should be.

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