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Ouran Host - College, 6

"Ouran Host - College, 6"
orig. 4/10/2013
Elly x Mori
"Rescue" scenario(s) PG-13
Non-Canon Anime/Manga: Ouran Host Club


Elly sighed. She was exhausted and just wanted the night to be over already. At some point she had passed out in Mori's arms, and has only woken up a few minutes ago. The door opened a crack, spearing the harsh white industrial light from the clinic directly at her cot. A very tall shadow appeared in the doorway, but before he could enter he was accosted by the nurse.

"Are you her boyfriend?" She asked in clipped tones. Elly closed her eyes. This day officially couldn't get any worse. She was spared at hearing him answer, though, because their voices dropped out of range. There was some low talk between them and apparently the nurse decided he was to be trusted, for the light flicked on and he walked in.

"You awake?" He sat down by her side, watching as she nodded. When she didn't offer anything else he was forced to speak again. "They said you're going to have some bruising. It will hurt for awhile."

He paused, frowned as she still remained quiet. No, she wasn't quiet - he leaned over and placed a hand on her arm when he saw she was crying again.

"S - sorry. It was all so wonderful until that happened. I actually felt special." She suddenly wiped a hand roughly over her eyes and sat up. "So can I leave? Did she say?"

"I'll take you home," he said firmly.

The nurse glanced up as the tall guy strode out carrying the bruised and tired girl. Her dress had been ruined but he had given her his jacket to cover the stains and torn material. She smiled to herself as he left. Despite the horrible turn of events, there was a very positive thing that had come of this. She had every confidence in him; he seemed so honest and concerned in asking if there was anything he could do to help.

Takashi was even more quiet than usual as he carried her home. Elly didn't mind. Her arm hurt, the bruising faint now but it would deepen hideously later, as she knew all too well from previous injuries. She just wanted to crawl into bed. Thankfully, the painkiller the nurse had given her had started to kick in halfway there and she was dozing in his arms long before he started to walk up the steps. Haruhi had called the group together and they were all waiting for them in the living room. They exclaimed softly at the sight of a grim Takashi and a very pale Elly. He hesitated only briefly before walking into her bedroom.

It was a beautiful undersea world inside, with fish tanks lining one wall, a large whale shark plush sitting at the foot of the bed and marine books everywhere. Even the lamp he snapped on beside the bed was a blue color with fish on it. He sighed and pulled back the covers with one hand, carefully settling her on her uninjured side.

"M'wha?" Her voice was fuzzy, distorted.

"Sleep," he said softly, pulling the sheet over her. But she reached out and fumbled for his hand.


Takashi's eyes widened. "Not your fault." She shouldn't be apologizing! But now was not the time for discussions. She trembled suddenly, pressing her face into the pillow and he panicked. How could he make her feel better? Sleep would help, but she was fighting the medicine to try and talk.

"Shouldn't have gone," she mumbled. He frowned and placed her hand back on the sheet.

"Go to sleep," he said more firmly. He bent down and brushed a fall of stray hair away from her cheek. When he straightened, her breathing was slow and regular. He watched for some time until he was satisfied she wouldn't wake.

Discussions were already underway in the living room.

"She looks like she's okay, thank goodness," Tamaki sighed.

"Define 'okay'," Kyoya drawled, raising his eyebrow in disapproval.

"Bruises are better than anything worse!"

"So here's the facts," Haruhi interrupted the two grimly, laying her hands down on the coffee table. "She went into the bathroom and then those girls went in after her. They came out."

"She didn't." Takashi stepped into their circle from the back.

"That's right," Honey chipped in. He glanced worriedly at his cousin. He hadn't seen him this angry in ages.

"I've heard the stories," the brown-haired girl told them. "She's never been really accepted here. Most of the girls make fun of her and are just as nasty as her last roommate. To hear them tell it, she's never had a date until Mori-senpai took her out..."

Takashi raised an eyebrow. "Huh."

"... and she said as much to me earlier, too."

"Never?" Koaru leaned back in his chair.

"Ever?" Hikaru echoed his twin almost perfectly. He scratched his cheek reflectively, his eyes lost in thought. "Then she was really looking forward to that dance. Geez!"

Takashi folded his arms across his chest and nodded in affirmation.

"We have to fix that," Tamaki decided.  "Haruhi? Is that what you're thinking?"

"Well," she drawled, "I'm probably not thinking exactly what you are, but yeah."

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