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Monster College - 8 (Part 1)

"Monster College - 8 (Part 1)"

orig. 1/14/2016
MH Elly x Jackson (21+) 
"Third base" male scenario - adult content
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


Elly stretched her arms above her shoulders, yawning loudly. The light coming in her window through the curtains was very faint, and she perked her ears, catching the sound of raindrops outside. She wrinkled her nose disapprovingly. Jackson was taking her out to see a movie later, and she hated walking in cold rain.

"Maybe it'll clear by lunchtime," she muttered to herself as she stumbled into the bathroom to get ready for the day. A shower and change of clothes did nothing to wake her up, but the cup of coffee she made did wonders. Sighing to herself, she checked her phone to see what was in store for the day besides her date. There was an email from the music department, and she clicked on it and read while she sipped.

MusicDept@MC.scaru <MusicDept@MC.scaru>  
Jan. 13, 2016
To all music students:
We've been asked to celebrate in a music festival on Feboo-ary 2 that spans two entire nights in the amazing city of lights, Boo York! The classes will be performing within several avenues which include clubs, dinner theaters and the like. We know this is short notice, but as it was an exceptional experience for those that can attend, we decided to try and reach as many students as possible.
All students will be responsible for their own travel and food expenses within the city limits. 
Please sign the check-in sheet at your respective classes if interested and your professor will discuss which area you would be best suited for.

- The Music Staff

She could hardly believe it. This college was the first place she'd been to besides her home country, and she was excited about the chance to see more of the world. Especially someplace everyone talked about like Boo York! And - the best part of all, she realized, a huge smile spreading across her face -- was that Holt was in music classes, too. Where she went, Jackson would, of course, want to go... but when his other half was involved directly, he had to go. She bounded up out of the chair she was sitting on and rushed to get out the door. So what if it was early? She just had to see him now.

Jackson was feeding Crossfade when he heard the tap at his door. Although it was early, he thought he knew who it was. "Be right there!" He called out, dusting his hands off and making a mental note to wash up as soon as possible. He barely had the knob turned before Elly tackled him in glee.

"Holy -!" He grabbed the frame with one hand and his girlfriend with the other. 

"Whee!" She kissed him solidly on the mouth. "I couldn't wait!"

"Geez, you're more excited than I thought you'd be." He closed the door while she flounced off towards the middle of the room. 

"You know why, then? The music thing?"

"Yep. Excuse me." He walked into the bathroom and washed his hands. "I have an idea about that," he said as calmly as possible as he strode back out. "I was thinking about it when I saw the email..."

"Wouldn't Holt be pissed you're reading his email?" She teased him, poking him in the shoulder affectionately. 

"Gahh," he groaned. "I'm trying to be serious, here!" Then he chuckled sheepishly. "We share the same email for important stuff. Anyway, I could, I was thinking, uh. Um. Oh, boy." He started breathing quickly and she stared sideways at him in alarm. 

"What's wrong?"

"Please don't take this the wrong way but we could rent a room together," he blurted out all in one breath, wincing in anticipation of a slap or worse. "Don't be upset with me!"

"I'm not."

"I thought, we could ask for a room with a couch and Holt and I would sleep on that, and..." He paused, blue eyes wide. "What?"

"I'm not angry."

"Ah, oh. O-okay. But I had another idea. Wait." He backed up a little and she flicked her ears in amusement. "I th-thought we could also rent one of those suites with a h-huh-" He squared his shoulders. "Hot tub. So you could see what would happen, privately. With us." Now he positively shook with alarm, his eyes the biggest she'd ever seen them. "I meant-!"

"Hush." She placed a finger on his lips. "You need to relax, sweetie. I know what you meant. You're not a sex maniac." Jackson turned several shades darker but managed to nod.  "We could split the cost, is that what you're thinking? That way we could afford someplace nice, even in such an expensive city."

"If we book early, now," he agreed weakly. 

"I think it's a great idea!" She hugged him enthusiastically. "Want to skip the movie and look at places, instead?"

"I'm game."

"Awesome. So am I." She flopped onto the couch as he dug around in his bag for his laptop. He joined her with it in one hand, then set it on the small table in front of them, logging in and searching for a good site to begin. When the engine had loaded some results, he turned to her with a quirky grin on his face.

"Not a sex maniac, huh?" He was still blushing.

"Well, no." She looked surprised. "You're the safest guy in the whole college for that matter, I think." 

He blew his yellow-dyed bangs off his forehead. "Unf."

"I meant that as a compliment. You're just such a good person. That's not bad." She peered over at the results on the screen.

"The safe guy," he mused disconsolately. He glanced at her while she was clicking through a popular hotel site. She was completely engrossed in what she was doing and not prepared for the hand that squeezed her left breast.

"Yeek!" She spun about to face him, probably not the greatest idea but she wasn't thinking clearly. He caught the back of her head in one shaky hand and kissed her as firmly as he dared.

"There," he panted when they separated. "Just so you know, I'm not all that safe. I might be a gentleman, but that's still a man." He thought for a moment. "And part monster."

"Point taken," she gasped. 

"I'm not so sure yet." He leaned close again and kissed her even more seriously: softer, longer. Elly felt like she was going to pass out. Her flippant remark had indeed created a monster; worse yet, it wasn't one she knew how to handle. Still, it was Jackson, and she trusted him. She let herself relax in his arms, and he pulled back a little when he felt this. "There you go," he smiled gently. 

"I give up already." Despite her apparent submission, she was reaching out to toy with the side of his neck. 

He gulped and caught her hand in his. "Hey. You're starting something here, and we haven't even found a place yet."

"We can look later," she suggested slyly.

"I suppose so." Jackson closed his eyes when she kissed the scruff on his chin, then began working her way to that sensitive spot on his neck. "I mean," he whimpered as she started nibbling, "an hour or so... won't, ah, mmn. Yeah." He fell silent, hands cradling her against him. The fangs gliding on his skin were usually accompanied by a round of enthusiastic kissing and that was it. They'd never gone farther, although he felt a twinge every time he remembered the night Holt had. He wasn't one hundred percent certain what had happened, but he had a few guesses. Jackson felt his will weakening more and more as she sighed, lifting her head and shaking her hair back. Her body was warm and felt far too good in his arms.

"Jacky." She kissed him lightly to get his attention.

"Um." It was the only sound he could produce. 

"It's okay."

"Eh?" He blinked.

"I know why you won't say anything, but yes, we did ...some things."

"Ugh." He dropped his gaze, struggling not to show jealousy. 

"Don't." She shook her head and lifted his chin to stare into his eyes. "You're the nicest guy I've ever known. That's why I knew you wouldn't push things when we get a room."

He sighed. "Sometimes I hate Holt," he told her bluntly. "All wrapped up somewhere in this 'nice guy' is a jealous bastard that wants," he swallowed past the sudden dryness in his throat, "wants to have more of you than he did."

"That's why I'm doing this." To his utter shock she slowly dragged a finger down his shirt, sliding a hand underneath to caress his abdomen. The muscles there spasmed uncontrollably and he choked on anything else he might have said. "Let's face it, you're the dominant personality. You'll be active more than he is, because you don't need something to make you appear. You just are." 

He squeaked some sort of reply, and she nodded as if he'd said something coherent. Her fingers toyed with his flat male nipples, then rubbed past them, dangerously lower. Jackson closed his eyes so tightly he saw stars. 

"So you're the one I saw first. The one I fell in love with first. And you'll probably be my first when it really counts, Jackson." She raised her head to stare into his suddenly open eyes. "Understand?"

"Yes," he whispered. His body jerked on the couch as her hand gripped the telltale bulge in his slacks. "Yes!"

"Good," she murmured, deftly slipping a hand inside the opening she made. His chest heaved as he struggled not to scream. The touches were hindered by the briefs he wore, and they were not enough. He stood up and she pulled his clothing down so it puddled around his ankles. He plopped back down on the couch, feeling slightly awkward and then not caring when her hand closed around his firm length. 

Same body, just different skin colors, Elly mused. Of course. She did, however, find that they liked different things. Jackson nearly lost his mind when she rubbed the glistening fluid he was producing around, teasing the tip of his quivering member. But he didn't speak; he didn't have the breath to make words. Instead he wheezed in an increasingly higher, louder pitch. She shivered as his panting turned to moans.

"Ah, ah, ah!" He doubled over and cupped her hand over his, his body radiating heat as he shuddered through his orgasm. 

"That was intense," she said faintly, her cheeks burning with passion. She heard him gargle something, his head still close to his knees. "Hm?"

"I think... I'm gonna pass out."


"Yeah, yeah." He flapped his free hand in the air. "Yeah... okay. Um. Whoa."


"I, uh..."

"Clean up," she finished for him. 

He nodded furiously. "Uh-huh. I'll just... I'll be right back." They shared a quick, open-mouthed kiss. Jackson stopped before he'd even taken a step towards the bathroom and leaned close to her again. His face was flushed all the way down his neck but when he spoke, it was in the sexiest whisper she had ever heard from him. "Don't worry. I promise I'll take care of you." 

FIC 8 (PART 2) >>

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Monster College - 7

"Monster College - 7"

orig. 1/13/2016
MH Elly x Jackson (21+) 
Confession(s) scenario - PG
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


Jackson didn't always know what Holt did when he was using their shared body, memory-wise, but he did feel the effects. For instance, when Holt partied too much and got drunk, it was often Jackson that paid the price with a hangover the next morning. He definitely felt what he had done with their girlfriend. Changing back into his human form was sometimes disorienting, and this time was even worse. He pulled himself to his feet, noticed a few mansters grinning at him through various doorways, and ran headlong into his own room with his face flaming.

"That idiot! Half-naked and he runs out into the hall." He turned and choked on the rest of his speech when he saw Elly lounging on the couch. "Oh. Uh, hi." He thought hard, frowning a little with concentration as he recapped what he remembered before blanking out. He'd wanted to tell her he loved her, but something had happened. She had run away from him, and he had turned monster form to catch her.

"It's okay." She patted the couch next to her. She had found that it was easier to just tell him what was or had been going on when he looked like that. It helped smooth things along. "Blossom tried to instigate, like she usually does. I found out about your High School pact with Frankie. That's what got me upset."

Jackson scurried over, nearly tripping as one sock got caught on something on the floor and pulled off. "Augh!" Arms pinwheeling, he plummeted headlong onto the couch. Elly exclaimed sharply and caught him as he fell. "S-sorry."

"It's okay. Crossfade got a little jealous of all the attention you've been paying me, I think."

"Crossfade!" The chameleon blended immediately into his surroundings at his master's yell.  It looked like the stolen sock was bobbing across the carpet back to his terrarium.

"Aw, don't yell at the poor little guy."

Jackson let out a gust of air as he righted himself. "We okay? Because she has a boyfriend, you know. And I have you. Oh. Oh, yeah. Also: why am I half-naked?" He patted his chest to confirm this fact. 

"We're okay," she told him.

"I don't think I have any underwear on," he added, blue eyes wide and stunned.

"Probably not." She blushed but didn't explain.

"Ohhhh-kay," he drawled, raising an eyebrow. "I'm just going to assume nothing too serious happened for my sanity's sake, and um. I need, I need a shirt - I need a few things."

"You want me to go?"

"No! N-no, I wanted to tell you something before all this -" he waved his hand around to indicate everything that had happened -- "began. We'll go out to eat if it's okay with you."

"That sounds great," Elly said warmly. She followed him with her eyes as far as the bathroom and then smiled at him before he closed the door. She stood up and ran a hand through her hair, fluffed her skirt out and made sure everything was in place. As she sat back down again she felt little paws grabbing her ankle and watched as the yellow-and-green colored Crossfade melted into view. "Aw, little guy," she murmured. "Confused about what's going on? I think your friend is, too." He allowed himself to be stroked, curling his tail around her wrist when she did. 

"Hey, Jacky?"


"Crossfade curled his tail on my wrist."

"Oh, that." He stuck his head out the door, chuckling. "He wants to be picked up. It means he really likes you."

"Ohmigosh, that's so cute." Elly lifted the bright lizard up and set him in her lap, where he stared at her with his giant, unblinking eyes. She petted him until Jackson walked back out, now sporting a yellow sweater with his slacks and a pair of worn leather loafers. 


"He's so cute." She tapped the critter on the nose and he winked one eye very slowly at her. "Do you have an idea where you want to go?"

"I think so." Jackson picked up his pet and set him gently down on the armrest. "Don't eat the soap again. It's not food." Crossfade flickered colors in acknowledgement. 

"He ate the soap?" Elly glanced back at her shoulder as they were leaving.

"Yeah." He closed the dorm door behind him and locked it. "He was bright blue for a week and kept burping bubbles. I think he liked the mint scent." Elly giggled. Jackson took a deep breath and extended a slightly trembling arm towards her. She accepted cheerfully and they set off to get some food. Many restaurants and bars had crept up around the college in the surrounding town, and it was easy to walk to get what you needed if you didn't mind the weather. The day was mild, and it wasn't too far before he smiled and pointed.

"That one okay?" It was an Asian themed place, one he knew was very respectable about couples. He wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible since he knew probably would be talking a lot about sensitive topics.

"You sure, Jacky?" It was a rather expensive place and she knew it. 

"Yes." He rubbed the scruff on his chin and looked off to one side. "I earned some extra money from some experiments I ran a few weeks ago."

"All right."

They were seated quickly, with no fuss and settled in at a quiet corner in the dimly-lit dining area. The booths were large and secluded, making it an excellent place to have a romantic meal. Once they ordered and were served drinks, he cleared his throat. 

"I, uh, wanted to talk to you about something."

"Yes." She set down her sake cup, ears swiveling forward. 

Jackson tapped the table nervously with one long finger. "I should have said something earlier, but, I don't know... " He paused, sweating a little. 

"Take your time." She reached out and covered his hand with hers. He struggled with himself for a few minutes before beginning.

"The Frankie thing," he began nervously, "she wouldn't date me until I worked things out with Holt."

"I heard."

"And Holt and I didn't reconcile anything, even though she said that. It wasn't enough. Then she met Neighthan; they hit it off, we've always been friends but that's it. I should have told you about it, but I didn't think you'd get upset. Because you're the one that made us stop and figure things out. We couldn't lose you."

"I wasn't really upset about that..." she caught his disbelieving stare and shrugged, embarrassed. "It wasn't that. But thinking about everything, and how I felt, made me nervous for some reason."

"I know why."


"Yes! It's my fault." He took her hand and held it up, clasping it with his other as well. "It's just that everyone's been dating for years and they're all saying how much they're in love and I never had that. I didn't know what it felt like, so I was confused when..." He stammered and stopped. 

Elly found she was holding her breath. "Yes?"

"...when I had all these new feelings." He leaned forward, blushing, and kissed her hand before looking up into her eyes. "I should have told you sooner. I'm so much in love with you."

He watched as two great tears welled up in her eyes. "You're right. It's scary. I love you, too."

"Thank goodness," he sighed. "I knew, but, still..."

"Yeah," she grinned weakly at him. "It seems so quick, but it's been a few months. And I think I knew right away. I just couldn't admit it - not out loud. I've had such crap luck with males. Like, growing up." Jackson let go of her hands when she moved but stayed silent. She hardly spoke of her family and he wanted to know all he could about her. Elly took a sip from the earthenware cup and continued. "No one accepted me because I was half and half, not really demon and not really human. Or, at least, that's what I thought I was for years and years."

Jackson swallowed his drink quickly to avoid choking. "What? You don't have human blood?"

"Nope," she shook her head with a wry smile, her lavender eyes distant. "My mother told me a few days ago. I guesd she wanted me to know because I'm on my own for the first time. I grew up with a human stepfather. My real dad was a demon like my mother. A monster."

Jackson realized he was gaping and closed his mouth with a snap. "What kind? Why didn't she tell you?"

"I looked up a lot of stuff before leaving Japan," she murmured, staring at her hands as they fidgeted on the table before her. "She never let me have swimming lessons, or go near standing water deeper than my ankles. Father was a Scandinavian nix."

"Nix..." He thought hard. Monsterology was taught at an early age to youngsters, of course, but there were so many that it was difficult to remember sometimes. The water gave it away, though. "A water sprite? Aren't they all female?"

"I thought so, too, but no," she answered with a shrug. "In Germany and Scandinavia they have male ones that lure people into the water. Not just the opposite sex, either, like the females do. Their songs get everybody. But they don't sing. They use a violin." The waiter returned at that point to let them know their food would be arriving soon. They thanked him and then looked across at each other, both thinking about what had been said.

"Huh." The human side of him was in shock, but he swore he felt Holt capering around inside him with excitement at the thought of her being all monster. 

"I know, right? Anyway, mom told me that she never let me near water because in anything waist deep I might things. Something. I always thought it was just because I was part cat. She didn't like water."

He cocked his head at her quizzically. "You love water, though. Even your favorite color is blue."

"I know. I'm drawn to it. She had the hardest time keeping me away all those years. And I like to sing, so maybe it's related."

"You don't play anything." It was more a statement than a question; he knew she didn't play an instrument.

"Nope. Just sing. And it doesn't have any power or anything."

"You sound really pretty, though," he told her shyly.

"Thank you." She glowed at the compliment. "I wonder why I don't have any power from that, though."

"Maybe it's because you're not a guy? Or maybe if you did learn to play something..."

"I heard that it's inherent if you're that type. I would have been playing a violin if I was a male nix - it's a- a compulsion. But I never knew my real father enough to ask questions. Worse than that, my stepfather never really seemed like he loved me the way other dads did their daughters. I guess I know why now, but it still sucked. Every man I've ever had contact with didn't trust or didn't like me. I just wanted you to know that I have issues like that. And I still don't know what will happen if I go in water."

"What happened to your dad?" Jackson asked in a low voice.

"She said when they broke up he left. She doesn't know where he went or where he is now." Bringing that up always made her a little sad, and it must have shown.

"I'm sorry, baby," Jackson whispered. Startled - he never called her that -- she looked up to see the strangest thing. Jackson was reaching out to touch her face with one pale human hand and the eyes staring deeply into hers weren't blue. They were darker, almost purple. Before she could say anything their meals arrived, and his eyes had returned to the bright, clear color they were when he was in human form. The meal was delicious, and the rest of day was spent in a much happier mood after that. Yet later, when she lay in bed she couldn't help thinking that they both had some things they didn't know about themselves.

STORY 8 >>>


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Monster College - 6 (Part 2)

"Monster College - 6 (Part 2)"

orig. 1/11/2016
MH Elly x Holt (21+) 
"Third base" female scenario - adult content
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


Holt returned in a few minutes, shirtless with one hand rubbing his abdomen.

"Damn, girl, I think I strained mo-o-o-o-re than a few muscles." He sang the word out like he did when he was in a particularly good mood.

"Ouch." Elly winced sympathetically. "Are you okay?"

"Hell, yes!" He said quickly. "I've just never..." He trailed off, realized what he was saying and blushed deeply. "Uh, so I think I over-reacted, you know?"

A smile quirked the corners of her mouth. "I'm fond of that 'never' part. For real?"

"Yeah. Well, not now." He grinned at her and knelt down, resting his knees on the couch on either side of her legs. "You're not scared, are you? Can I..?"

"Holt Hyde!" She spluttered in exasperation. "After what just happened, do you really need to ask again?"

The young man coughed apologetically. "Still nervous. Different reason." 

"You're so cute."

"Augh, what?!" He tackled her so they lay flat along the couch against each other. Elly wriggled wildly underneath him as he started tickling her under her shirt. "You think a man wants to be called cute?!"

"I take it back!" She shrieked laughter, trying to escape his grasp. "You're a monster! A fiery," here she grew so choked with giggles that she could barely set the last words out, "sexy lover."

"Damn straight."

"Now quit, I can't breathe!"

"Yes ma'am!" He kissed her neck. "Right away, immediately!" His words were muffled as he continued nibbling. It still sort of tickled, but more interesting things were happening that had her immediate attention. 

"Whoa, that'd better be your -"

"Hand?" His red eyes were alight with mischief and he dropped her a wink. "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't." He broke into fresh laughter at the expression on her face. "C'mon, baby, my - ah -- other part can't move like this." He slid a palm up her belly, causing her to gasp loudly. "I'm not stopping," he hummed against her mouth before nuzzling for a kiss. 

"Good. Don't," she panted.

"You asked for it," he reminded her, pulling her shirt up so he could remove her bra. Once the silky fabric was removed, she felt very exposed. No one had ever seen her like this before - she didn't even change openly at the gym in front of other women. Holt's breath whistled out of him but he was silent. He simply bent and wrapped his lips around a pert nipple. Elly was caught by surprise and she cried out rather loudly, throwing her arms around his neck and grasping the back of his head. She dimly thought that the flames on his head felt just like regular hair before losing herself to the pleasure of his suckling. Holt moaned a little, shifting his weight around. He was aroused again, and wanted more than anything to do what his body craved. Like she'd pointed out before, though, he was trying so hard to be careful and not rush things. He switched to her other breast and teased her for a little while longer, until he could barely stand it anymore. Elly was clutching his shoulder blades, gripping him tightly and moving sinuously against him below. 

"Think you can handle more, baby?"

Her response was immediate and very gratifying. "Please don't stop."

"Brave girl. But you shouldn't have worn a skirt," he admonished, shaking a finger in front of her nose. "There's no challenge for me." She was inclined to agree at the speed at which he whisked her panties off. "Aww, blue. I'm always touched to know that's your favorite color." He sighed, then let them fall off his hand to billow softly to the floor. 

"It is," she agreed wistfully, stroking his upper back. He shivered and slowly moved his hand, feeling the slightly coarse purple hair below. He held her close and curiously stroked the strange folds of her body while she trembled and moaned. The only thing that kept him from messing up a second pair of shorts was his concentration on making her feel as good as she had made him feel. 

"You're so wet," he murmured. "I made you want me that much."

"Yes," she gasped.

At least I remembered that from Health Class, he thought, mind racing. "How much do you want me, baby?"

"So much," she whimpered. Her eyes were glazed with passion and her breathing was heavy. "Oh, that's sweet..."

"This?" He rolled his fingerpad and her breathing quickened. "Ah, good girl," he whispered as her cries grew more intense. Holt laid completely against her, rubbing himself on her thigh while his finger dipped and moved. 

"Oh, Holt, yes!" He kissed her deeply, shuddering as she gripped him lower, her hands tightly grasping his rear. 

"Woooow," he gulped when they parted.

"Wow," she agreed weakly. They grinned at each other.

There was a sudden flurry of knocks at the door. "Hey! You guys gonna be at it all day or what?" It was Heath from across the hall. Holt's mouth twisted into a comedic "o" of dismay. 

"Oops!" She bit her lip, but couldn't stop the laughter. 

"Sounds like something was pretty funny," Heath drawled. "Not what we expected to hear after all that. Well, some of us did..."

"I'm gonna destroy you, match head!" Holt was out the door in two seconds, ignoring the fact that he wasn't wearing shoes or a shirt. His temper raged in place of his now-forgotten erection.

"Look who's talking!" She heard Heath yelp as he sped away. Luckily for him, the other fire elemental also forgot that the range of the headset went only so far. He fell to his knees halfway to Heath's room, transforming into a completely baffled Jackson. He blinked down at his partially-unclad self, assessed the state his body was in, and groaned loudly.

"Awwww, crap!"

STORY 7 >>>

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Monster College - 6 (Part 1)

"Monster College - 6 (Part 1)"

orig. 1/10/2016
MH Elly x Holt (21+) 
"Third base" male scenario - adult content
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


"I feel like an idiot," she murmured, slumping down next to Holt on his couch. He'd snuck her in after the incident that had triggered his confession. It was better to be at his place, since the college considered him two separate people. They would always have the whole place to themselves unlike Elly, who might eventually be getting a roommate.  

"No need." He snorted and plugged in his phone before placing it on a nearby table. Now he had the battery backup as well. He'd also switched to a roaming headset so he wouldn't have to have it in his pocket while they cuddled. "We all make asses of ourselves once in awh-" He was cut off as she jokingly swatted him with a pillow. "Hey!"

"Hush." She tossed it aside and snuggled up against him as close as she could get. "I still feel weird. Just hold me." He turned and wrapped his arms around her, lifting her a bit so he could slide her onto his lap and wiggle his sock-clad toes on the armrest. "Mnn." She purred a little, then spoke again. "There are so many monsters that wouldn't believe you can be this quiet." When he only chuckled under his breath she grew curious about the prolonged silence and glanced up. He was staring off into space with a slight blush across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. She reached out and lightly traced the tribal marking on the side of his face. 

Isn't there when he's Jackson, she thought. I wonder why. The two shared everything else: the yin-yang mark on his shoulder blades, the eyebrow earring. The markings must be a part of the fire elemental, like the blue skin and the hair, though they looked like another tattoo. Elly was so lost in thought that she jumped, startled, when he caught her wrist in one hand. 

"Hey," he spoke under his breath, a low tremor running through his voice. "You tryin' to make me lose it?" Her expression made him grin and he tugged her hand about to rest on his shoulder. "No? You really have no clue what those touches do to me?"

It was her turn to blush. "I was just..." she trailed off as he reached about with his other hand and rubbed behind her ears. "N-not the ears!"

"Oh? Sensitive there?" Holt stared innocently at her, his eyes wide. He continued to gently rub the velvet fur until she arched her back, pushing down against him with a low growl. "Shit! You're not kidding!" He swallowed hard and ran his hand down her back instead, raising his head for a kiss.

"Watch it," she warned him quickly before their mouths met. He raised his eyebrow at her and brushed her lips with his. "Hm."

"More?" He kissed her again, and again. 

"More," she panted softly into his mouth. Their kissing grew in intensity, though he was careful to keep his hands above her waist. 

"I can do more," he whispered suggestively when they paused to catch their breath. 

"So can I." She shivered as his hand brushed her ribcage, and he smiled. "Huh." Taking things a step further, she slipped hers under his shirt. 

Holt's calm facade shattered instantly. He tossed his head to the side, gasping. "Ah - haaa, wait..!"

"Oh?" Giggling wickedly, she investigated further and rubbed the hardened nipple she found under her fingers.

"Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-a-minute," he sang out. His hair was burning brightly and it was a good thing he could control the heat, because she'd never seen it so flared up. "Not gonna be able to hold back," he warned her between moans. 

"A little more," she murmured and leaned in close. 

"How much more," Holt groaned. He grasped the back of her head so she couldn't escape his increasingly wild kisses. Elly's ears flicked as she felt his fingers toying with the bottom of her shirt. "You're playin' with fire, baby." He was underneath then, his warm palm cupping her breast through the soft material of her bra. 

"Ha ha," she panted breathlessly. 

"Not meant to be a joke. You're. Literally. Playin' with fire." He gave her a look that stunned her momentarily with its fierceness. His eyes danced as merrily as his hair, snapping and burning with passion.


"We've gotta stop, or you're gonna get way more than you bargained for." She noticed that she could feel his muscles trembling under her palm with barely controlled intensity. 

"Maybe I -" she began, but he cut her off.

"Listen," he groaned, "If it's because of what I said before, that's true, but I don't want you to rush into anything." Elly stared him right in the eyes and trailed her finger down his abdomen. "If you touch me any more, I'm holding you responsible," he added weakly. She traced his belly button and with deliberate slowness moved lower past the snap on his slacks. He hissed sharply and jerked towards her touch, unable to help himself.  There was an unknown hot shape beneath her palm. Holt struggled not to wiggle around while she fumbled with the button and fly. 

"Um, up," she murmured. He lifted his lower half and she clumsily tugged the pants down. Elly yelped as he kicked them off in a sudden flurry of movement. 

Holt's throat was completely dry, his heart pounding. "Sorry." He lay on the couch with one arm over his eyes, teeth bared in a combination of lust and show of willpower. He was doing something more than trembling now as she touched the waistband of his underwear. His whole body was shaking.

"It's okay. It's better." Holt was now only wearing socks, his shirt, which was pushed up along his belly, and a pair of dark jockeys. The close-fitting material was black with red trim and stitching. She had no previous encounters to refer to, but the bulge seemed rather impressive. Hooking a finger in the elastic, she pulled down and then, thinking quickly, out a bit when it looked like she would snag on what she was exposing. He complied without her asking this time, lifting his hips up and then sinking back down as she left them at his knees. He reached down and yanked them off the rest of the way himself, tossing them indifferently on the floor. Then he took a very deep breath. He knew she'd never done anything like this before. She may not have seen a naked man at all. He also knew he was incredibly hard, his member so stiff it was curving towards his stomach. He steeled himself to meet her gaze. To his relief, her eyes were only filled with love and curiosity. The air whooshed out of his lungs when she petted him gently, her touch so light it bordered on ticklish. The headphones in his ear made his voice seem extra loud to him. He could hear his moans and whimpers even over the thump of repetitive dance music, and as she gained confidence in her exploration he clamped a hand over his mouth. Elly, however, firmly removed it and kissed him instead.

"Ah, baby, I can't hold it in, the guh-guys - " He could barely speak. "Nuh-next, next d - oh, holy shit!"

She shrugged. "They've got their music playing next door. You're not as loud as you think you are."

"There, right there." He shifted his weight to the side, leaning into her caresses. 

"Here?" She concentrated on moving where and when he wanted. To his credit, he might have held out longer if he hadn't looked at what she was doing to him. The sight of his girl so focused on pleasuring him was too much.  

"This is so good," he panted, "so incredibly awesome, and you, look, so, hot..." He suddenly winced, his eyes squeezing shut and his chest heaving. Elly had to jerk backwards to avoid several warm splashes. Most of it fell back on his lower stomach, some of it remained in her palm. She wiggled her fingers experimentally. 


"Ah, heh." Holt was wobbly as he sat up to retrieve his jockeys. He swiped ineffectually at his belly, then handed them to her. "Yeah. Sorry. Should have warned you."

"I took health class in High School. I should have known." She wrinkled her nose playfully at him and wiped her palm clean. 

"Uh huh." He took the underwear from her and raised his eyebrow. "I think I have to go clean up a little."

"Oops." She rolled off his lower legs, allowing him to stand. "There you go."

He bent down until his forehead was touching hers. "Be right back." He kissed her lingeringly, eyes never leaving hers. She began to feel very warm again. Touching him had made her more excited, and though he was sated she hadn't been relieved of her tension. 

She had a feeling he was going to go a little overboard.

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