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Photo Gallery,1 (fanart)

If you're looking for commission work and are interested in drawing Elly with anyone from Moy Mell (especially Zoro), please email me! I have a commission info post on my "normal" blog. For larger images (slide show) please click any image on this page.

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art by Ome

Why yes, this person DID trace/redraw.

art by barrocco

art by Sanjis
art by Sanjis
art by Elly Sketchit
art by AkariMarco
art by AkariMarco
art by AkariMarco
art by AkariMarco

Moy Mell

Moy Mell is the place of my fantasies - my heaven, as it were. Everything I love is included in a sprawling non-canonical world, not all of which I "own", but where my fantasies thrive. Each story will mention characters that are featured (even briefly), and a rating.

Moy Mell 1: Welcome to Moy Mell / Elly, Zoro, Shaggy, Sanji *PG
Moy Mell 2: The Doki Doki Crane / Elly, Zoro, Shaggy, Sanji, Vegeta, Piccolo, Samurai Jack *PG
Moy Mell 3: New Recruit / Elly, Zoro, James Morgan, Shota Aizawa *G
Moy Mell 4: On Thin Ice / Elly, Zoro, Neuro, Otabek *PG
Moy Mell 5: Not Everyone Loves Cats / Elly, Zoro, Sanji, Chris Redfield *PG-13
Moy Mell 6: Art Critic / Elly, Aizawa, Zoro, Tracey Sketchit, Sanji *PG-13
Moy Mell 7: False Heat / Elly, James Morgan, Zoro, Sanji, Knuckles, Trafalgar Law *adult
Moy Mell 8: Is There Such a Thing as Bad Publicity? /  Elly, Sanji, Zoro, Neuro *PG-13
Moy Mell 9: Don't You Want Me / Elly, Zoro, Sanji, Volkner *PG-13
Moy Mell 10: Furensics / Elly, Zoro, Sanji, Jackson Jekyll *PG
Moy Mell 11: Escalated Threats / Elly, Zoro, Sanji *PG-13
Moy Mell 12: The Night Spa, Part 1 / Elly, Zoro, Sanji, Komatsu, Chris *PG
Moy Mell 13: The Night Spa, 2 / Elly, Chris, Sanji *adult


The main mansion is the house in which the two main guys and Elly live. Everyone can visit, and someone generally lives on the roof to keep the gardens healthy. The home has 5 floors and a sprawling back area with an infinity pool that leads to the ocean behind it.

2nd Floor (underground)
2nd Floor (upstairs)
Main Floor (ground level)

The "dorm" is actually a large area to the west of the mansion, a series of luxury apartments where the other guys live. Each room has their own kitchen, bathroom and living room area, but there is only one laundry room per floor. 

Theme Park
You'll hear the Park referenced a lot - it's located in front of the mansion, dorm and wild areas of Moy Mell. It's basically a gigantic better-than-Disneyland park with rides, food, a boardwalk, and tons more. 


All characters will be described as they appear in the work of this blog. I do, however, strive to keep all characters as close to as they appear in any work of fiction. The only thing you have to get past is that they're in love with my character: if you can do that, how they act is natural. Characters listed in order of importance/appearance. 

*note: here is a character sheet (and info page) for Zoro & Elly, if interested

Elly Sketchit: Female, original character. 
Elly is a mix of a chesire cat (these predate Alice in Wonderland, but it is the same wildly grinning, half-insane feline you know from the book) and a nekomata (a Japanese demon cat). Thus, she has the wide grin usually found on chesires and the split tail found on nekomatas, with a purple striped body. Instead of controlling the dead as a nekomata does, she has the ability to control and sometimes even give life to an inanimate object with a lot of "history" or "heart".

Roronoa Zoro: Male, from the anime/manga ONE PIECE.
Zoro is a very, very strong man that carries 3 katana (swords) with him at all times. He's fond of red meat, white rice, ale and napping. He's easily embarrassed by emotions other than "kicking ass". He's the main house (Elly's) bodyguard in the alternate realm of Moy Mell. He normally calls her "stupid cat", or "kitten" when he's feeling amorous (never her name).

Vinsmoke Sanji: Male, from the anime/manga ONE PIECE.
Sanji is a slender, excellent chef that dresses and grooms himself impeccably.  He's a huge flirt (going on lech) with any even semi-attractive female, making him a constant thorn in Elly's side whenever she's not near him. He's the main house chef in Moy Mell and calls her "Angel" due to her singing voice. Please note that Moy Mell Sanji does NOT look like time-skip Sanji with the gross pedostache. He's pre-timeskip appearance with chin scruff only, and the original hair part, though he is of age.

Sometimes characters appear for a short while and seem to disappear - they're still around, and will make cameos from time to time. Each person has a job to help keep Moy Mell running, though they can swap jobs if interested when they wish.

If any character is underage in their canon universe, they are of age here (21+).

Shota Aizawa, anime, My Hero Academia
Branch, movie, Trolls
Shiro, anime/cartoon, Voltron
Komatsu, anime, Lovely Muco
Cat Noir, cartoon, Miraculous
Raphael, movie, TMNT (first vers)
Alistair, game, Dragon Age
Cullen Stanton Rutherford, game, Dragon Age: Inquisition
Volkner,  game, Pokemon
Tracey Sketchit, anime, Pokemon
Smoker, manga/anime, ONE PIECE
Zell Dincht, game, FFVIII
Gan Ning, game, Dynasty Warriors
Sima Yi, game, Dynasty Warriors
Guo Huai, game, Dynasty Warriors
Xu Shu, game, Dynasty Warriors
Lu Bu, game, Dynasty Warriors
Kaito, game, Vocaloid
Vegeta, anime/manga, DragonBall
Mr. Burke, game, Fallout 3
Piccolo, anime/manga, DragonBall
Ray Stanz, movie, Ghostbusters
Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka, anime/manga, Ouran Host Club
Abe no Seimei, movie, Onmyouji
Ginko, anime/manga, Mushi shi
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, anime/manga, Tiger & Bunny
Nougami Neuro, anime/manga, Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro
Gintoki Sakata, anime/manga, Gin Tama
Portgas D. Ace, anime/manga, ONE PIECE
Jackson Jekyll, cartoon, Monster High
Holt Hyde, cartoon, Monster High
Gintoki, anime/manga, Gintama
Zelgadis Greywords, anime/manga, Slayers
Otabek Altin, anime, Yuri!!! On Ice
Black Jack, anime/manga, Black Jack
Samurai Jack, cartoon, Samurai Jack
Tasuki, anime/manga, Fushigi Yuugi
Knuckles, game character, Sonic the Hedgehog
Spike Speigel, anime, Cowboy Bebop
Link, game character, Adventures of Zelda
Chris Redfield, game character, RE:5
Takasu, anime, The Circumstances in my Home's bathtub
Gutsy & Handy Smurf, cartoon, The Smurfs
Dick Grayson, cartoon/comics, Batman
Kurt Wagner, cartoon/comics, Xmen Evolution
Germany ("Ludwig", fan name), manga/anime, Hetalia
Norville "Shaggy" Rogers, cartoon, Scooby Doo

Thursday, January 8, 2015

About & FAQ

"It is very, very easy not to be offended by a book. You just have to shut it." - Salman Rushdie

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by.

If you're here, you probably are curious about a few things. Maybe I have them covered down below... let's see, shall we?

Personal stuff:

  • I'm probably older than you. I'm also female & am neurodivergent
  • I'm married (no kids, ever) and love music, writing, drawing, reading, gaming
  • I don't like to use labels ('gamer', etc) because folks mostly see bad publicity
  • I'm absolutely nuts about Roronoa Zoro & can get SUPER emotional about him
  • My husband doesn't like me to use his real name online, so I call him Zoro
  • My fave colors are aqua and purple, so all my blogs and such feature them

Will you write something for me?
Yep! I now have a commissions page. Go check it out if interested!

I found a mistake!
Oh, hell yeah. I'm compulsive about getting everything right in my work, but even after checking and checking a lot, I can still make oopsies. I'll fix them as I go, but if you see a glaring error like a misspelling (I'm dyslexic, lol) please let me know! I dislike errors.

Can I post on your stories/blog/pages?
Yep. Everyone is allowed to post on this blog if they are polite - even anonymously -- posts simply have to be cleared by me as I receive a lot of spam.

Where does the name "Moy Mell" come from?
"Moy Mell" is known as the "Happy" or "Pleasant" plain, a.k.a the "Plains of Pleasure" in Irish/Celtic lore. I've used it as my private sanctuary since I was a little girl and first started reading the old faerie tales that began my love of writing and fantasy. You can go here to see the areas and characters or read the stories from this series.

Why are you doing this?
'Cause I like it. It's fun for me, a way to vent. Others really like my work, too, so I decided to share it with people.

This is disgusting!
I always strive to be romantic and have as much plot as possible to circulate my stories well. It's true some will contain erotica, but I feel that it is a mature type and as well-written as I can manage. This is not a blog intended to anger folks, insult them, or do anything "nasty". A healthy sexual life means many things for many different people, and this is my way of blowing off steam, so to speak. Not that it should matter - because if you don't wish to read the sexual exploits of a crazy nekomata that poses mostly as a lady with ears and a tail, then you can simply click away. In fact, please do. I will ignore any and all rants directed at me because I'm doing something you personally don't care for.

Please also note that while I may write about some diverse topics and situations, this does not mean that I necessarily condone anything any character I write about does. I write what pops into my head, and what someone's fantasies/imagination spews forth are not always what that someone would want to do/like to do in real life.

Original Characters/Concepts
I own the concept of Moy Mell and Elly Sketchit the cheshire nekomata: designs, etc.

The Trolls, They Love to Hate Me.
Of course they do. Whenever you write (or draw) anything contrary to what another person wants to see, there are bound to be trolls. I either get fans of my work, people who just shrug and move on... or those delightful beings that say they "hate" me. This section will answer some stuff  tossed at me from those less-than-polite folks. The kind that make websites, artwork, videos and more devoted to informing the internet about how terrible I am, even to saying they want to kill me*. What the hell? Me? Murderers and horrible people are out there, and you choose me? More than getting pissed, I'm flattered... I mean, christ, I have got to be good to gather that level of foolishness.

He's Mine, Not Yours
Technically, all males in Moy Mell stories/art belong to their original creators. Not me or you. If you write or draw, that's really your own personal universe. If I write or draw about the same guy, it's mine. Our universes don't ever have to cross!

Other people making the characters you like sexually active does not make them any less available to you.

You're a pedophile
Gross. Also, untrue: everyone I write about is over the age of 18. Also, they are not real. Also also wik: I don't like most real humans, let alone children. I don't like kids at all, let alone in that terribly wrong way.

You're too old for (this guy, that guy)
I was born in 1976, so, y'know. You do the math. I probably am older than you. But you'll realize as you get older that you don't age inside your mind. Well, some people do, but to quote my mother, "I still feel like I'm 18."

You're a (fill-in-the-blank)aphobe
*sigh* No matter how something was worded that I wrote - sometimes I scramble around, not getting my true meaning across (oh look at that! I'm human) -- no. Just no. I have been horribly abused because I was "different" from when I was a child, and still am in some ways. I believe that it doesn't matter what you do, who you love, or how you look. I have enough of a hard time caring about the people I love - including myself. Why should I care what you do if you're not hurting anybody? However, since I don't pull punches for anyone and try to be as honest as possible this causes a lot of misunderstandings. If I disagree with you, it doesn't mean I don't like you "because you're (this) or (that)". It means I fucking disagree with you.

But you're married
So? Does that mean I can't look at anyone else for the rest of my life? I love Zoro dearly. But it's human nature to be attracted to who you're going to be attracted to. It's emotionally and physically normal. He knows when I start having a new "crush" and he'll even joke about it with me. If my husband doesn't mind, someone who doesn't really know me shouldn't.

I do know this:
In closing: you probably don't know me very well, so please do not presume to judge me, especially by your ideals and what you would do/think in any situation. If something seems "obvious" for a reason why someone is doing something - you are judging based on what/how you would think. This is flawed, as I am not you and you are not me.

*You can carry hatred for what you think I did in your heart forever, even try to make me look bad in the eyes of others. That's your prerogative. But you are mistaken, for you are not my enemy.

If you want to upset me for fun, I won't play with you. Go someplace else. If you're upset over my work: don't be. Go someplace else. Going somewhere other than a place that upsets you works every time. It's not worth it to carry a vendetta over something on the internet. Live your own life, let me do the same, and everyone will be happier.

Maybe read this Guide on How to be Happy.

Hope it helps.