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orig. 12/18/2007
Elly x Zoro (pre-time skip)
Innuendo, PG-13
Anime/Manga: ONE PIECE


The crew glanced around. The entire town was lit up with brightly colored lanterns and streamers were everywhere.

"This is gonna be great!" Luffy crowed gleefully. He grabbed at a passerby and asked what was going on. "Is it a party?!"

"It's the annual Dance Festival," the dark-skinned woman said. "People come from all the neighboring boroughs to compete!" She waved to a large Inn that seemed to be gathering people in groups of ten and twenty. "That's where the contest takes place."

"Contest? Is there a prize?" Nami frowned, tucking a strand of orange hair back. This sounded ridiculous, but if there was any chance of money involved she was interested.

"There is, little lady." The woman smiled broadly. "You'd better go inside if you wanna see what it is this year." Naturally, a scramble for the door ensued. Robin managed to thank the woman before following the others. Luffy, Chopper and Sanji were following Nami, who was firmly striding right towards the Inn. Zoro and Elly were holding back towards the end of their little party. As soon as they entered Nami looked disgusted.

"This isn't worth it," she muttered. Couples were dressed in outlandish outfits on the dance floor. One man was wearing a flamenco suit, the woman he was with dressed almost entirely in feathers. Nami wrinkled her nose. "The prize is probably some silly little thing. I doubt such a small town could offer anything meaningful."

"It's been described as 'making love on the dance floor'", the announcer suddenly boomed from the side of the floor, "The feeling, the passion for your dance partner is one of the qualifying points for a successful win!"

"What?!" Her eyes widened. "Some of these places have such ridiculous..."

"...the winner will get the combined contest prize of a gold statuette and 50,000 beli!" Chopper squealed and jumped into Usopp's arms.

"Her eyes are money signs again," he whimpered fearfully.


"Sanjikun - you'll dance with me, won't you?"

"Of course, Nami-swaannn!" Sanji appeared so happy he didn't have a leg to stand on. Zoro shook his head, disgusted as the cook all but fell to the ground at her feet in glee.

"Stupid." The swordsman sat at a table and called loudly for ale. That, at least, he understood. Let the damn fool idiot make an ass of himself. The red-haired wench would pull her clothes off for the judges and he'd freak out at the same time, probably causing them to lose anyway. It didn't matter, they had plenty for food and drink. That was all he cared about. A small sound to his left caused him to frown and stare at the stupid cat. She was in her usual spot by his side (it didn't even surprise him anymore, he just accepted it). But she looked upset.

"C'mon! We have to get ready!" Nami yanked her willing slave down behind the stage where they had set up some partitions for dressing rooms. The judges nodded to them as they ran behind and Nami winked at the guys.

"Are they gonna dance? I didn't know Sanji could dance!" Luffy was talking with his mouth full of breadsticks. He swallowed mightily then turned to Chopper, who was shrugging.

"Ladies like to a lot," the little reindeer said. He paused, then began laughing hysterically as Usopp rose from under the table with two bread sticks crammed in his lower lip like walrus tusks.

"That explains it," Elly muttered sourly. Robin raised an eyebrow at her as she slid into her seat but said nothing. They watched the dancers as the first few couples came out to perform. The dances were amazing. The males led the females along, sometimes almost appearing to kiss them but never quite so close. It was intense and most of the crew had blushes across their cheeks by the first set. Luffy was keeping busy by eating everything in sight and of course didn't notice anything else.

"There they are!" Chopper shouted excitedly.

"Here we have the last contestants, folks! Give them a warm welcome and wish them luck!" Zoro jumped a little when he felt an elbow hit his side. Elly muttered an apology that was barely intelligible. She appeared to be very interested in the contents of her drink, swirling it with the little stirrer it came with. The swordsman scratched his head, frowning harder. He glanced up and saw Robin watching him calmly. When the dark-haired woman caught his eye she nodded and pointed at the dance floor, then Elly. The big man stuck his lower lip out in an even harder frown and she shook her head, laid a hand over her heart.

He blinked.


Sanji and Nami finished to much applause and not a few wolf whistles. Elly sighed and looked back on the dance floor. They had gotten the highest score yet - the women judges weren't impressed by Nami's shameless flaunting but the men had given high scores. The announcer looked up with a big smile on his face.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the score for this team is nine...  nine, nine and a half, seven and eight!"  He read the cards the judges held up loudly. Zoro was staring hard at the pale woman at his side. He got up just as Sanji was escorting Nami back to her seat and stomped over in his usual fashion to the judging booth. Most of them appeared surprised but they all nodded, albeit uncertainly.

"We have another entry," the announcer called out in his resounding voice. "This is unheard of, but someone who wasn't even on the original list wants to challenge the last team! The judges have agreed to allow them to dance." He pointed at the Strawhats' table.

"Eh?" Sanji's teeth clamped down hard on his cigarette, staring around angrily. "What the f-"

"It's from the same party! Everyone, let's give them a big hand as our lead fetches his partner!" The others were all looking around, confused but the purple-haired woman was frozen in her seat, staring at Zoro in horror. She hung her head, biting her lip as he began walking back to them.

"What's going on?" Luffy wrinkled his nose in confusion. "Why'd Zoro go over there?"

"Zoro?!" The big man had reached the table again. He extended his arm to Elly, his face stern.

"Stupid cat."

"What?" Elly's face turned bright red.

"Get up." The swordsman glanced down at himself and ripped his shirt off with one hand, leaving his chest bare. He quickly untied his bandanna from around his left arm, snapping it into place over his green hair and hooding those dangerous dark eyes. He gestured again, impatiently this time.

"Zoro? You have to be kidding me," Nami scoffed. "There's no way he can dance."

"We'll see," Robin smiled. She was watching as Elly got up, dazed and confused-looking, to stand before him. He bent forward and slipped the top of her gown off. Everyone gasped: she was usually covered in more concealing garments. No one but the swordsman had realized the top was a jacket that came off, exposing her shoulders all the way around. It was cut modestly low but revealing enough to freak Sanji out; the cook immediately went into a paroxysm of happiness. This was stopped short when he saw the big man snap her possessively to his side.

"Shit," Nami hissed.

"What are you doing?" Elly gasped. They had reached the dance floor and he ran a hand along her shoulders. She shivered, her eyes wide.

"Winning," he told her curtly and snapped his fingers at the musicians. The music started slowly and he let her go only to beckon commandingly, drawing her into the circle of his arms more by his eyes than anything else. She swayed and fell at the last moment but he caught her low to the ground. Zoro pulled her up against him and slid a hand up her leg. She raised it instinctively, curling it around his side and letting herself be held backwards, limp and completely in thrall by the big man's caress.

The music seemed to be as breathless as the audience, low and light, a gentle foreplay and not the actual act itself. Zoro wooed and won her in those moments, murmuring in her ear to 'trust him, dammit'. As the music sped up his actions became more selfish, greedy for her and her alone. His hands clutched, pulled, kneaded. Her movements were only slightly less demanding but more pleading: her hands slipped around his neck, smoothed his hair, touched his cheek and chest wonderingly. Sensual music filled the floor as he loomed over her with stalking movements, legs around hers, matching her completely. Almost indistinguishable from actual lovemaking, the couple bared everything they felt for each other on the dance floor. Since it had been held in for so long the result was an electrifying dance that blew everything anyone in that town had ever seen away.

Nami banged her head on the table, groaning. Usopp was covering Chopper's eyes with his hands. Sanji just gaped. The only one that appeared unsurprised was Robin. The older woman smiled knowingly as the crew around her gasped for air and uttered shocked noises. Zoro had slowly been dancing Elly to the ground with the beat and she threw her head back, eyes closed as he held her an inch above the dance floor. The music ended and he leaned forward to bite the side of her neck passionately. He growled low - a sound meant for her ears alone.

It began as a single clapping cheer someplace in the back, but what was slow rose to a tumultuous thunder of applause. The judges didn't even bother to give them score cards. They all looked at each other and nodded. The group stood in the direction of the panting couple and bowed as one.


"Told you," he husked. He lifted her in one arm, pressed against his side for support. The announcer had been pushed into the job of handing them the trophy by this time and he was so choked up he could barely speak. He simply handed the gold statue to Zoro and told them the local coin exchange would give them the money when they wanted it. The founder of the bank was right there in the audience so he would recognize them.

Elly didn't hear any of this. All she knew was that the swordsman had been pressed tightly against her and he was hard - all hard. His muscles were tight and firm, legs pulsed with energy and she had felt something else that made her face burn with heat and her brain seethe with crazy ideas. His body had touched hers back and forth again as he rocked her in the dance. She had felt an intermittent hardness against her lower belly, swathed in black silk... his pants. The purple locks on each side of her face tickled her cheeks but she left them to cover some of the wild blush she was sporting.

"...on the house," a plump little man was saying cheerfully, handing Zoro a key and smiling broadly. "All of it. We've covered the expense for everything inside the suite." The big man nodded to him and then pointed at the flight of stairs leading up the side of the room.

"Up those?"

"Those are the very best we have to offer in this establishment," the man agreed, pulling out a handkerchief and wiping his florid face. "Go up and it should be the first door on your left." Zoro tossed the key up, moved the trophy about and caught it deftly inside the golden cup.


"What?" Elly blinked. What were they talking about? "Zoro? Where are we going?" He picked her all the way up and started in the direction of the stairs,  grinning maliciously at Sanji before he turned around. Most of the crowd cheered and waved as they passed. Not a few men whistled softly.

"Up," was all he told her as he mounted the first step. It didn't take him long and soon they were at the door the man had told them about. He shifted her around for a bit then told her to hold "this damned thing" while he shoved the trophy at her. Elly grasped it tightly and he fished the key out and unlocked the door.

"Oh my god." It was a gorgeous honeymoon suite. Her eyes sparkled with emotion that Zoro didn't see because he was too busy taking in the stark reality of the bed in the center. He swung her around, grinning fiercely when she cried his name.

"Want to dance with you again," he rumbled against her neck. His hand gently squeezed her bottom and she gasped hoarsely.

"Here? What?"

"Here." He covered the ground between them and bed quickly, pressing her down onto the silk sheets and covering her mouth with his own. Elly's body responded all by itself, softly fitting to his hard curves and muscle. Zoro broke the kiss to sigh with pleasure.

"I thought you only did it..."

"Money?" He snorted. "Or to show off?" He bit her neck, like he had at the end of their dance before and growled passionately. "What does that feel like I want?"

"Do it again."

"Gladly." He rubbed his teeth against her pale skin teasingly. She hesitantly touched his bare chest and he hummed loudly with pleasure.

"Zoro! W- won't people hear us?"

"So what?" He bit harder and she gasped. "They saw us out there."


"Ha, it is." He licked her earlobe, whispered hoarsely into the soft pink shell. "It's better. I had to hold back out there." She choked and he laughed wickedly, reached up and pulled off his bandanna. His earrings jingled and she moved her head, touching them with her nose. Zoro arched his back, bringing his body into full contact with hers. There could be no confusion as to what pressed against her thigh now. The maddeningly soft-yet-hard heat rubbed on her exposed leg as he panted in her ear. He was right, she thought as his hands roamed her body. He had held back out there on the dance floor and maybe too long in general. Zoro was so eager he was a little clumsy and that made her feel he was serious. Her heart felt like it would break and she wanted to cry but the tears wouldn't come. It was a different broken feeling; it was as if her love was so great she couldn't take it anymore. Elly finally kissed him as hard as she could on the lips, her hands grasping the sides of his face. She felt his sideburns, the light stubble on his cheek, his strong jaw.


"What?" She choked a little.

"Can I?" He pressed her down again, harder this time but still gentle enough to not hurt her. She felt his arousal and shivered.

"Can you what, Zoro?" She asked softly.

"Can I have this dance?"


Like every artist alive, I need money. You know, to continue paying the bills and such. So if you like my work, here's a chance to get some for yourself! I'll be adding to this page often, so check back if you're interested, or drop me a line.

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Work sheet showing my art is coming! I've got to reinstall some programs.

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orig. 7/27/2007
Elly x Zoro (pre-time skip)
adult content
Anime/Manga: ONE PIECE


"You need a haircut," Elly mused, running a hand across the back of his neck. Zoro grunted and placed one of the polishing strips in his mouth.

"Too busy," he said shortly. "Besides, costs money." The pale woman shook her head silently, watching him carefully tend his equipment. She caressed the ruffling green strands again as they caught the breeze. The swordsman finally put his weapons away and turned to face her, placing his hands on his knees.

"What?" He demanded irritably.

"I'm sorry, I just can't keep my hands off it." She grinned, blushing. "You usually have it at least a little shorter." He blew air out in a long-suffering sigh.

"Want to fix it, then?"

"Me?" She looked around. "I've never done that before." She started to protest but he held a hand up.

"I'll sit right now if you cut it."

Moments later they were standing in the bathroom. Elly was gathering up towels and a few items from the cabinets when Zoro frowned.

"What's wrong?"

"Where am I gonna sit?" He asked and she smiled, putting aside the scissors. She pointed at their semi-large bath tub.

"Start the water, will you?"

"Want me in here?" Zoro grumbled but saw a few advantages when he thought about it. "Maybe not such a bad idea," he amended when he saw the naughty little gleam in her eye. He did as he'd been told, turning the taps until the water turned lukewarm. He set the stopper and grunted as he stood back up, placing his hands on his hips and yawning hugely.

"Oh, wake up already." Elly set the scissors on the side of the tub and hugged him, placing a warm kiss on his neck. She could just reach if she stood up on her toes. "And get in, it's full enough."

"Bossy lady." But the big man unbuttoned his pants and stepped out of them, lazily shaking his legs free. He scratched his bare chest and stared down at the water. It looked very inviting. Long tendrils of steam were rising from the tub. He had to admit it would feel great on his tense muscles.

"Get in," she insisted earnestly. Zoro laughed and pulled down his remaining clothes, a soft set of black boxers that day. He stepped out of them and into the waiting water, sinking down with a sigh.

"Not such a bad idea," he said, more firmly this time.

"Of course not." She touched his head lingeringly. "If you relax in there I can cut this and you won't be squirming all around."

"Squirming?" Mildly spoken. He raised an eyebrow and looked up at her.

"Don't fidget," she said seriously. "You'd be handsome even if you were bald, but I don't want to take the chance." She hummed to herself as she began to snip carefully.

"Hmf." Zoro sighed. His back was propped up against the bath pillow they had suction-cupped to the tub, his head tilted back, eyes closed. He'd have fallen asleep if she didn't occasionally kiss the side of his face she wanted him to turn to. Even so he drifted pleasurably through in a half-doze until he felt movement in the water with him. His eyes snapped open, hand moving quickly to catch her waist.


"Can't sneak up on me." He grinned. "Thought you knew that by now."

"Huh." Elly pouted, crossing her arms over her bare breasts. She had taken off her clothing to get in with him - all except her panties. He drew in a sharp breath when he saw how damp the lavender silk had become. She hadn't sat down in the water yet. The pale woman arched her back above him, poised. "Your hair is done," she murmured.

"Is it?" He reached down and stroked one of her thighs gently, making the skin quiver at his touch. "Good."

"It came out okay," she continued, the corners of her mouth twitching with a suppressed smile. Zoro just grunted and continued to glide his fingers along.

"Ha," he finally said. "Do I look this good?" One finger dragged slowly across the crotch of her underwear. She gulped.

"Please," she panted. "You're lying here nude in a tub of water, making these little content mumbles..." Zoro blinked.

"I what?"

"You heard me." Elly leaned down and kissed him on the mouth. The swordsman's shoulders slumped, eyes slipping half-closed in exasperation.

"I did not!" He kissed her back, a little harder and without closing his eyes.

"Yes, you did," she murmured.

"Hmm." His fingers slipped at the wet silk, not pulling it aside but rubbing it around as she began to pant. "Was I that distracting..?" He paused, listening to her gasp in the otherwise silent bathroom. She'd done something for him.

Now he would do something for her.

"Zoro, ah..." He grinned ferally at her moan. His eyes, already half-lidded, were taking on that hooded, predatory look she recognized all too well. Elly shuddered. She'd had to hear him rumble the whole time she'd cut his hair, sighing every time she kissed his cheeks to turn him back and forth. The pleased, content sound was a rarity to hear from the stern swordsman and it had made her very, very excited. It was to her credit that she actually finished the haircut but now she needed him to do the things his dark eyes promised. Her hair hung in her face as she drooped, mouth open, chest heaving. Her hands clutched at his shoulders tightly to steady herself.

Zoro's fingers were slowly pulling at the tiny lump stuck to her thin underwear. The tips of his fingers stroked sideways, pulling inner folds away and apart as he delicately probed. His hands were good, strong. Skilled with the sure and steady practice of many nights of love and sex they had shared, they gently teased until she started to grind her teeth together. Tiny tears slipped out of the corners of her eyes as pleasure peaked, then waned. He would come close to finishing her off and then...slip lower, slide higher. One finger had found its way under the fabric and was dipping into the knuckle in a rhythmic pattern.

"More, please, love," she ground out, arching her back. The water below them sloshed and droplets flicked at her belly and thighs. It had cooled considerably since Zoro had filled the tub but his body was warm enough. She yearned towards him but his strong right hand held her back. She'd forgotten it was on her waist. "Zoro," she whimpered. "I want..."

"Want?" He lifted her and she groaned; his left hand had joined his right to move her. "Or need?" His voice was soft and low.

"Anything," she said quietly, desperately. "Anything." She then realized where he'd placed her and started to squirm in anticipation. His chuckle drifted down to her where she now lay with her face pointed towards his feet. She reached out and dreamily traced one of the scars circling his ankles.


"Zoro, damn it!" She hit the water with a fist, causing it to splash on her face. Droplets trickled down her cheeks looking for all the world like tears mixed with her yearning expression. "You... aren't you going to...?" A moist flick against her buttocks caused her to yelp. He was kissing her, hands supporting as she leaned open before him with her upper body more flat against his legs. It was a catlike position - stretching with the bottom up -- and it was comfortable for her. Elly was not comforted by the fact that he was still teasing her, however. Her belly was tensed and her feet kept curling.

"I'm not going to what?" He drawled, breath hot on her inner thighs. He was closer but not near enough. Her stomach was rising and falling with the thrill of what was to come. Maybe he wouldn't do that to her. Maybe he would. With Zoro, she never knew. He delighted in playing these dominating games with her and she loved to submit to his sheer virility.

It was a perfect match.

"Kitten," he suddenly rumbled in a deep voice. She held her breath, eyes wide. He nipped her flank and then his teeth closed on the scrap of silk he'd been playing with, dragging it down. The breath she'd been holding wheezed out in a rush when he didn't hesitate; Zoro was done playing. Elly howled with pleasurable shock as his fingers slipped inside her body. First one, then two... she would have laughed when he stopped at three but it felt too good. His hand moved slow enough, filling her inside where she wanted it and moments later his tongue followed. The bathroom filled with her whispered screams as the big man greedily devoured her slit, pausing at times to remove his fingers and slide his tongue inside. Most of his concentration was near the tip, the throbbing nub that caused her to writhe above him and even squeal when he nuzzled it.

"God," she whined, "How can you do that?!" Silly. She knew how. He trained for hours and hours every day to fight - hard -- holding a sword between his clenched teeth. Damn, he had good control. His breathing was even perfect. He would let out long, slow breaths that washed over her trembling folds like caresses. A new sensation caused her to hum appreciatively during one of these moments of respite: a single finger had entered her. He curled it carefully in a 'come hither' gesture, angling it as best as he could, seeking for another special spot that was very hard to find. When she gasped loudly he smiled.

"Is it good, kit?" he asked softly. She nearly choked. Zoro's voice was dark laughter, velvet rubbing against her already inflamed senses.

"So good." That was all she could manage, shaking and holding onto his ankles sticking up out of the water. She heard him sigh deeply and half-raised herself, suddenly reminded of the steely heat pressed into her stomach.

"Stay still," he growled, "you'll come for me." Elly's entire body stiffened. He never spoke like that! It burned in her mind, his fingers probing as deep as they could and his kisses becoming so gentle she wanted to bite something. She settled on snapping at the air, purple hair flying about her flushed face. Some of it was stuck to her cheek but she didn't notice.

"Harder!" She begged, tongue licking her dry lips. "Oh Zoro, please..."

"Please what?" Now she was so wet her thighs glistened. Moist sounds accompanied the man's movements as he thrust his fingers inside and out. He stayed away from her pleasure center, carefully antagonizing her to as high a height as he could.

"No more!" She wailed. "I need your mouth on me!"

"Oi, cat," he gasped.

"Do it," she panted. "Kiss me. Use your tongue." She heard his breathing speed up and pushed him further. "Do me, do it," she begged shamelessly. She wanted him. He always made her want him so much. This man who was so much bigger than her, so much stronger yet treated her as gently as he would a child. Sometimes he did made her feel younger, in fact. He was as experienced as she was but his enthusiasm and natural strength coupled with his stubborn nature made him far surpass her sexually. It was easy to lose control and plead with him, beg and whisper and writhe. Especially if she got what she wanted.

Elly wanted.

His breath. His soft lips, his kiss on her down below. He never hesitated and seemed to enjoy this as much as she enjoyed giving him oral pleasure. Her body was so wet she could feel herself dripping, so plump and swollen she felt like one little muscle twitch and she would explode.  But if she wanted him to do this to her, he wanted it just as much. It made the big man content to fulfill her needs.

"Hold onto something," he told her seriously. She blinked, taken aback - and that was when he lunged. Zoro's fingers were gone but his mouth hungrily worked over her sex, tongue laving from bottom to top. His newly-cut hair rubbed against her thighs, leaving small strands of green against the milky-white flesh. Her legs locked, eyes glazing over. He was rougher than usual and that caused her to come even harder when he pressed his lips around her and sucked. Her screams were genuine shouts of ecstacy that didn't trail off as he continued to swirl his tongue and even kiss in tight little patterns. Her cries rose in intensity until Zoro added what was missing - three fingers thrust hard, deep, pistoning in and out in accompaniment.

Half the water in the tub sprayed up and she almost flipped herself. Elly's upper half jerked up as she came, then flopped back down, caught by his quickly raised legs.

"Geez," she whispered, shaking all over. "You can't just say 'thanks', can you?"

Zoro chuckled.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Monster College - 9 (Part 1)

"Monster College - 9, Part 1"

orig. 3/5/2016
MH Elly x Jackson (21+) 
Fluff, PG-13
Non-Canon Cartoon: Monster High (after HS)


"Ohhhh my gosh, it's huge!" Elly gaped in awe, the heavy bag in her arms forgotten. She would have stared for awhile longer if Jackson hadn't bumped into her from behind.


"Yerk!" She stumbled into the hotel room, sticking one arm out to steady herself. Her bag flopped onto the floor.

"Sorry." Her boyfriend chuckled nervously and stuck his head past the doorframe. "Oh, crap, it's bigger than it looked on the site!"

"No kidding," Elly sighed. She bounced a few times on the bed, still taking everything in. Jackson lifted the suitcase he'd brought and set it down beside her duffel bag. He closed the door and locked it, then placed the antique key carefully on a sideboard.

"Well, we've got a lot of time before tonight." He walked over to a door along the side of the suite and nodded when he saw it was the bathroom. "I'm going to wash up. Maybe we can call for room service or something."

"Sounds good to me. I'm too tired to even move." She flicked her ears back. "Even my butt is sore as heck from sitting for that long..."

He laughed as he slipped a comfortable-looking robe off a hanger nearby. "You call, then. You know what I like."

"M'kay. I don't need to shower... I'm just going to change." She reached for the old-fashioned phone near the bedside table. "Don't take too long." He blushed and she giggled wickedly.

Jackson closed the door behind him firmly and then slumped on the other side, exhaling shakily. This first night didn't have anything planned; they'd arrived early for the Music Festival and it didn't start for another day. They'd discussed it and decided to plan it this way so they would have time together, since when the festival began he'd probably have to give way to his other personality. Jackson liked music - especially when his girl sang -- but any fast music louder than 90 decibels and poof! Out came Hyde, goodbye Jekyll. He sighed as he pulled off his sneakers, then set them neatly aside.

Wait - I haven't gotten any fresh clothes out. Just this robe. He choked a little. What was he thinking? This trip wasn't about him getting laid. He grimaced as he thought he'd been sort of expecting ... well, something. They had the place to themselves, for one, and it was gorgeous! The perfect sort of romantic getaway. He'd also arranged for a few surprises that might leave her a bit wobbly in the knees (at least he desperately hoped so).

"I forgot my clothes," he called out as a warning. When she said nothing he shrugged and opened it, meaning to quickly grab a plain shirt and some shorts for hanging around the room. His jaw dropped.

"I knew you did." She smiled beatifically at him and gestured with one arm. There was a small stack on the bed. She'd gotten them out for him. That wasn't what had gotten his attention, though. Jackson had never seen Elly in anything other than modern, Western style clothing. He didn't know what she wore to relax in, and was shocked to see her resting sideways on the large bed in a silky kimono with her hair down. It was pretty, lavender with yellow butterflies and belted at the waist with a soft yellow tie with purple thread running through it.

"Th- thanks." He picked up the clothes and wobbled back into the bathroom.

"I wonder what's gotten into him now," she murmured to herself. "Oh well." She'd ordered the food and it would be awhile before they got it. She laid back on the bed and waited for him to be finished so they could talk. She wasn't really worried about them staying a few nights together, but she had some concerns. Most of them were about Holt. I'm not sure if he's going to be able to control himself, she thought, her brow furrowing slightly. I'm not sure I can control him, either, for that matter. If Jackson's other half decided he was going to do something, he did it. He was a hasty and sometimes didn't think things all the way through. That could be a problem if he gets too insistent, especially when we're sleeping in the same room. Her train of thought broke off as she smelled the sweet smell of showery steam. Jackson had come out and was placing his old clothing in a bin by the side of the bathroom. He was wearing what she'd picked out for him, a pair of soft black sweatpants and a plain yellow shirt.

"I love the fact that we get laundry service," he smiled.

"We better," she laughed. "It costs enough."

"Yep." He sat on the bed next to her. "But you're worth it."

She sniffed happily. "Mmm." He smelled better than usual like he'd used some fancy soap, and she felt a happy little thrill that this was the first time she'd seen him fresh out of the shower. He had also taken his contacts out and was wearing his thick-rimmed glasses, which made him look studiously adorable. She sat up and leaned against him.

He curled a somewhat shaky arm around her. "You look pretty," he said simply.

"Aw." She nuzzled his neck. "Well, you're handsome. And you smell good."

"No fair, you went one better than me."

"I'm allowed to."

He blew a raspberry and she laughed. "The food's going to be a bit. The restaurant downstairs is packed, and they make all the dishes there, so."

"Hmm." He looked around the palatial surroundings. "This really is opulent. I mean, I'm not even sure what's in the other room."

"The hot tub."

"Ohhhh." His eyes widened. "Now I remember. Wait, it's in a room? Aren't they uh, placed outside all the time?"

"It's like an indoor pool area, kind of. You can see it later."

"Later?" He blinked as she reached over to brush his blond-tinted bangs off his forehead.

"Yes, later. As is not now. You're busy now." She rolled around and suddenly he had a very soft, silky-clad young woman half-underneath him. He swallowed past the lump in his throat and placed an arm alongside, flipping himself easily over. Now he really was laying on top of her, and he made sure that she could feel how her teasing was making him react. "Oh, my."

"How much time before dinner?" He kissed the side of her neck.

"Um - half an hour, I think."

"You think?"

"Kind of hard to think when you're - Jackson!" She gasped when she felt a palm slide up her leg, then chuckled wryly at her own reaction. "Okay, I knew I was pushing things."

He snorted. "'Things', she says." He pushed his glasses back up on his nose.

She wriggled underneath him as his hand turned ticklish. "No fair!"

"Hey, you started it. Plus, we only have a half an hour. I'm not going to get too serious, or our food'll get cold."


"Damn straight." He squeezed her once before letting her go. "If I have a choice of you or food, it's going to be you first."

"Not if my stomach has anything to say about that."

"Did you order dessert?"

"Oh, please don't make that joke."

He rolled his eyes. "Wasn't going to be a joke..."

"We'll see."

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Valentine's Day (2007)

"Valentine's Day"

orig. 3/12/2007
One Piece Zoro x Elly
First time scenario, adult content
Non-Canon Anime/Manga: ONE PIECE

Valentine's Day.

Zoro had been dreading this for weeks, and now the day had arrived. Damn it. A strange feeling was twisting around in his stomach and he grimly pushed it aside. His face had started to burn and he realized it was going to be flushed all day unless he caught ahold of these unmanly feelings. He gripped them firmly within himself and growled. 

No way, he thought. I'm the strongest - and that means strong there too. He stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel carelessly around his waist as he approached the mirror. Their bathroom was fairly decent here and well-stocked. He nabbed a can of shaving cream and had a razor up to his face before he realized his hands weren't quite steady.

"Cut. That. Out," he hissed. His dark eyes narrowed and he took a deep breath. The big man then proceeded to quickly ply the straight-edge along his face, clearing it of any random green stubble. He pondered briefly, then splashed the residue off and reached under the cabinet again, searching... there it was. He kept his recently purchased bottle of cologne in a different spot and he'd been fairly certain ero cook wouldn't have found it. Chopper always freaked out when he smelled cologne or perfume but he was certain she wouldn't. She was around Sanji all the time, for god's sake.

Zoro snarled to himself, thinking of the blonde upstart and what he was most likely to do. Make fun of him, more likely than not. Get in the way, that was for certain. But try to actively interfere? Would he? The swordsman wasn't afraid of a fight but it was such a different kind of fighting. He wasn't sure what to do half the time. He wasn't even sure the cologne had been a good idea but the girls had said she would like it. He pulled the stopper out and swore as it sloshed around inside. He didn't want to bathe in the crap.

Sniffing cautiously, he raised it to his nose. He'd been too embarrassed to smell it in the shop. It smelled musky - and it wasn't very strong or girly smelling. It actually wasn't half bad. He placed a tiny drop on either side of his neck and then frowned. The slow burn over the bridge of his nose grew more noticable as he placed a droplet down the scar that ran down his chest. The tiny rivulet trickled down the rough skin, not getting absorbed as fast as when he had placed them on his neck. 

That scar.

He had seen her watching him more than once when he worked out. It looked like she had been staring directly at it. And he had imagined her touching him there more than once.

More than once? Tell yourself the truth, asshole, he thought. Zoro had spent countless hours after dark, waiting in the tiny cot until he was sure everyone was asleep. He didn't want anyone to even have the remote possibility to know what he was doing. And it was always rushed, not good enough. His own calloused hands wrapped around himself as he stroked furiously and tried to imagine hers in their place. How she looked. How she smelled.

"Enough." He put the bottle away and quickly slipped his outfit on. It was the usual white shirt, black pants and green haramaki. Zoro rarely 'dressed up' - and only then because of the elements. 


He carefully picked a tiny package that had been sitting on the side of the basin and placed it inside his shirt. It wedged there perfectly, seeing as he'd sewn a little half-assed stitch or two to hold it in place. There. Now he was ready. Squaring his shoulders, he stalked out of the bathroom and moved quickly down the hall to the kitchen.

"Asshole!" Sanji snarled at him the second he banged inside. "Watch where you're going." Zoro shot a dark glare at him and plunked down in a chair. He gripped the arms firmly as he tried to casually look around.

"Where're the girls?"

"They said they would be right back." He set down a bucket of ice that had a bottle in it. The bottle looked suspiciously like champagne. Zoro groaned.

"Feminine bullshit." He snorted and watched as the chef's back stiffened.

"Your shit's over there!" Sanji half barked at the swordsman. His finger pointed at a large cask in the corner and many bottles rattling in a case. Zoro frowned.


"That's your gift." The muscular young man raised an eyebrow and frowned harder.

"What's got you so pissed, pervert?" he asked bluntly. 

"Nothing!" The blonde snapped. "Just shut the hell up!"

"Both of you can shut up," a familiar voice growled from the doorway. "It's a day for romance, not fighting!" Franky walked in and plonked unceremoniously into a chair. Zoro ignored him and crept around to the area Sanji had motioned to. A huge cask of ale..? Yeah. That's what it was. Plus bottles of all kinds of grog and the alcohol he really liked. Not the fancy shit the cook pawned off on the girls all the time. He blinked. 

"Ha," a soft murmur caused him to spin around, eyes wide. "Happy Valentine's Day, idiot." Elly was grinning at him. His eyes got comically wider and one twitched.

"Y - you bought that?"

"Yep." She smiled again. Zoro noticed that she was wearing a dress, something rare for her. He swallowed quite hard as he tried not to stare at any obvious places. The outfit wasn't as daring as ones the other girls wore but it was enough to cause him some minor problems with his slacks. He retreated to the safety of the table when he realized that last, blushing furiously. Luckily for him it seemed no one noticed.


"What?" She waved a hand and laughed softly. "You going to pour us anything to drink?" He glanced quickly up at her as she turned away and his heart rushed into his throat. Her cheeks were stained pink and her expression was tight, set. 

She thought he didn't care.

Zoro grabbed her arm as she tried to walk off. Elly jumped and he pulled her, forcing her back to him. He winced when he saw the mark his fingers left on her pale skin and forced his hand to relax. 

"Sorry." Low voice. It was so soft it didn't carry to her but she heard his apologetic tone and relaxed.

"What? It's all right." She paused. "Really, Zoro, you can let go."

"It's not right." The big man threw caution to the winds and tugged her closer. She stumbled a bit but he pushed his boot against the table, shoving his chair away. He caught her on his lap. 

"Whoa..." She was breathing heavily from shock. One moment she'd been falling and the next he'd just been there. When she looked up she was staring into tiny black pinpricks - his eyes were so wide. Zoro was sweating lightly and his mouth was set in a quirky line. Elly was close enough to smell him now and the musky scent of shaving cream mixed with a faint hint of cologne caused her to falter and grasp at his shoulder.

"Oi, cat." He coughed and she pressed a hand to his throat without thinking. 

"Are you alright?"

"M'fine." Now he sounded like he was strangling. He was holding his hands a few inches away from her waist as she sat sideways across his thick legs. His hands were shaking and felt very, very cold. Zoro slowly touched her back as if she were going to burn him.

"Yeek!" His hands were cold, after all. And her dress was partially bare in the back. He blushed and held them out in front of him.

"Sorry," he mumbled again. Elly smiled a little and took one of those rough hands in her own. He was surprised to feel it felt very hot. Almost sweaty.

"You get cold when you're nervous. I get hot." An eyebrow arched at him as she challenged him to deny his mental state. He shrugged, muscles bunching under his shirt. The little packet scratched at his skin and he swallowed and cleared his throat, trying to figure out what he wanted to say. He heard a slight snicker from behind him and his expression hardened. That asshole! 

"Here." He reached inside his shirt and slid out the package. It was tiny. And now he felt more than one pair of eyes on him as everyone started to filter into the room. Oh, shit... he'd waited too long! Elly wasn't paying attention to anyone else as she curiously took it and looked back at him. Zoro scowled at Sanji, who was grinning crookedly and smoking one of his cigarettes. Franky had his arm around Chopper and they were also looking over. Everyone wanted to know what was happening. He started mentally swearing, going through a catalogue of words that would have made any hardened pirate blush. If it was anything he didn't need it was an audience!

It would be worse if they saw what was inside. He slipped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer, distracting her. It also had the effect of causing her to lose balance again and he felt her warm hands slide around his neck. She didn't grab, either. Zoro started to shake as those hands caressed the bristling green hairs at the back of his neck. But he didn't hesitate any more. He gulped, leaned up, and kissed her firmly on the lips. Suddenly it didn't matter that there were people there. It's not that he didn't care; he didn't seem to remember. Everything was washed away in a torrential flood of feelings that he had been bottling up for so long. Zoro circled her with his arms, embracing her entirely as he opened his mouth for a deeper kiss. 

Had he worried how he would kiss? What the hell a french kiss was, even? Didn't matter. He did it without thought, only wanting to feel more. Her lips were soft and she didn't resist when he probed hesitantly with his tongue. A soft noise escaped him that would have shocked the swordsman had he heard it. Zoro never knew what happened or how they broke. He only knew that it was seconds - or hours -- later and they were alone again. He pulled back, trailing a small string of saliva. 

"Ngh." It broke and he blushed harder. Way to go. But she was staring at him in such a way that he immediately kissed her again. And again. Daring to tease and flick his tongue past her lips like he wanted to thrust and... a low, lust-filled growl caught him unawares. That had been him. Oh, shit. Too far. He'd gone too far. He shuddered and looked into her eyes. No running from this now.

"Zoro..?" Unsure. That's what she sounded like. He wasn't certain he knew what that meant but her lavender eyes were now a deep, rich purple. She held the package between two fingers and he nodded at it. 

"G'head." He wished he could make more sense than grunting, half-inarticulate sounds. But his manhood was on fire and her soft weight sitting on it was disturbing what little control he had. She shifted, making it worse - her leg unknowingly stroked him and he grit his teeth. She also smelled good and the green-sequined dress had ridden up exposing quite a bit of her creamy thigh. Ribbon fell on his chest and he closed his eyes so tight he saw colorful paisley bursts and stars. He heard a rough intake of breath but nothing else. 

Still nothing. The one free hand she still had wrapped around his neck twitched and then was gone. His chest heaved. Was it bad? He didn't dare look and that was what caused him to gasp when he felt a hand caress his cheek. He gulped and didn't open his eyes. That's it. The big man's strain was at a max; he'd never felt this much tension in battle. He was sure of himself then! The gentle touch tapped his lips and then she was breathing softly into his mouth, speaking to him. 

"Tell me if you really mean this." Zoro's left eye cracked open to peek. She was watching him now. 

"Stupid cat," he whispered. He reached around and took the item she was holding by the corner. "Why else do you have it?"

"I... I don't know." Really. It wasn't something that had been very expensive. He'd paid for it knowing she wouldn't even be able to wear it, smell it, eat it or anything. It was a simple white piece of paper, fine and smooth, sure, but very basic. No frills, like him. And covering it, written on it in black ink was what had made her so quiet now.

Writing this thing because I wanted to give you something different. Plus I'm broke.

"Should." The worst part had been writing the whole thing. He had thought it silly and foolish when the old woman had told him what would be more valuable than a "real" gift. Zoro spent hours training, fixing his swords and mending his haramaki and clothing (a true warrior's job was to see to all his equipment, not just the weapons). Spending more time writing what he thought of someone else had filled him with dismay. The old woman had prompted him, gotten him started, and then it had been all up to him. He took a deep breath and saw the cook had left them something on the table. A bucket. He swore but when he saw the idiot had the sense to place a bottle of the sake she had given him in there instead he smiled. He had placed it in warm water with a towel wrapped around it. Good enough. Further down on the table was a tray of thin strips of rare beef and fruit and cheese. He gently set Elly down before she could distract him further.

"You want to eat here or someplace else?"

"Where else?"

Such a foolish question, she thought moments later as Zoro was carrying her up the rigging to his room high above all the others. She rested her head trustingly on his big chest and stole a piece of meat from the tray he had in his other hand.

"Oh dear god, this is so good."

"Oi! Don't eat it all yet." But she heard him laugh. 

You're not like the other girls. You like what I like.

"I hope I picked up enough drink for both of us," she smiled. Zoro snorted and walked up the few remaining steps. 

"Way you drink - and eat -- maybe not," he teased. She stuck her tongue out at him and he turned swiftly, catching it with his mouth. His momentum didn't stop as he walked over to the door and rather reluctantly parted. "Okay. Down." Elly clambered down, looking for all the world like a squirrel in a tree. Once on the decking she smoothed her dress and took the tray of food from him firmly. 

"You don't need to spill anything," she said. He muttered something and pushed open the door.

You smell good.
You don't mind when I sleep a lot.
You sound pretty.

She placed the tray on a side table and caught him from behind in a happy hug. This surprised him enough to cause the big man to stumble.

"What the f-"

"Kiss me again." Zoro dropped the pile of blankets he'd been gathering for her to sit on. His face was mortified and fast turning an alarming shade of red.

"I didn't close the door!" He yelped. She burst out laughing and he blinked, slowly rubbing the back of his neck with one hand. "Doesn't matter, does it?"

"I doubt it." Elly smiled wistfully. "Well?" He made a strangled sound and dropped the blankets, grasping her in his strong arms. She sighed and closed her eyes as his hands roamed down her back. The dress had been a good idea, she thought weakly. He'd never seen her in one and it appeared to inflame him. Material bunched in those big palms as he tremblingly reached for her rear. Zoro bent obligingly when she tilted her head back and watched her calmly as he placed his mouth on hers. She blinked. Weren't they supposed to close their eyes? The swordsman's stare was too deep and she found herself squirming in his gentle hold. 

"What's th'matter?" His voice was a little slurred.

"Nothing," she gasped. She swallowed and shivered. 

"Cold?" He broke their embrace to kick the door closed and then considered what she was wearing. He looked her slowly up and down, blushing harder when she raised an eyebrow but determined to do it anyway. He noticed with appreciation how the dress accented her body but didn't reveal too much. It only made him want to see more. The sequins sparkled in the soft cabin light. 

"A little," she admitted. 

"No problem," he grunted. He took a deep breath and rolled his shoulders back. Elly saw this and stood a little straighter. 

"Zoro, what..." The big man swiftly scooped her up and slipped her shoes off with one hand, letting them drop to the floor. He walked over to his rumpled bed and sat on the edge, placing her on his lap. It took a couple of moments to kick his boots off and then he turned and slid her under the covers. Stunned, she couldn't speak a word but felt flushed with a warm glow. If this was an advance it was the most direct one she could possibly have thought of. And sure enough, he was joining her. The sheets tented and then he was sharing the small cot with her. 

"Warming you up." He spoke matter-of-factly but there was a catch in his voice. She felt his hand on her shoulder and his mouth soon followed. Hot, wet, trailing kisses urgently. Zoro didn't feel the need to wait any longer. He was propped on one hand while his other roamed inch by inch, down her arm and then beyond.

"Mnn..." Those large, rough hands had the softest touch she'd ever felt. His mouth kissed a hot line following his hand and she couldn't concentrate on either - both were sending chills down her spine. Zoro's fingers slowly curved around a breast and she moaned. The strap of her dress was pulled down by his teeth. His cheeks were pink and his temperature continued to rise. Her own color was darker than his and she tossed her head to one side on the pillow in abandon. It seemed she could smell steel and musk, a perfectly matched scent that suited him well. The heady aroma was growing stronger as he heated up.  

"Cat," he whispered. She glanced down and saw him hovering to one side, not quite above her but keeping his distance. His eyes were half-lidded again but although they swam with passion there was a question in them as well. She asked him quietly what he wanted and he dipped his head, blushing harder.

"That last sentence." Elly cocked her head. His hand on her was burning and she could barely think. 

Stupid holiday. I don't know what to do, just what I want to do. Say yes and I'll show you.


"Show me." She hastily wiped her eyes with the back of one hand and lowered it to gaze silently at him. He removed his hand from her chest and took it back, opening his hand at the side of the bed. It fluttered down to land by their shoes.

"Aa." He kept his eyes trained on her face as he lifted one leg and stretched it over her body. Moving as deliberately as he could he placed his hands on either side of her on the bed. He remained suspended like that while he searched her expression for any alarm or refusal. The little hairs that usually ruffled against his forehead were stuck; he was sweating. The moments ticked by while he held himself in the awkward position. He could wait for hours if need be, his body was firm and fit. But it would be so much better to rest it on the soft one below him. The big man took a deep breath to center himself, venturing a slow grin when she smiled at him. She was mesmerized by the urgency in his dark eyes. He let out the breath of air in a long, slow sigh and settled his body against hers. The young man was hotter than she was and his body had a chiseled feel about it that she wanted to explore imemdiately. She knew he was inhumanly strong. Now she had the chance, the priveledge, to wrap her arms around his thick neck and squeeze his legs with her thighs. Zoro coughed and arched his back, grimacing with desire.

"Feel good against me," he rumbled in a low voice. She laughed nervously. Perfect was the word he'd have used if he could have thought clearly at the moment. But he'd told her he would show her instead of talking and now that she had consented he would begin. His lips brushed hers and his tongue lapped languidly until she opened her mouth for him. They'd kissed before but he was pressing himself against her in a more serious manner this time. She could feel his arousal, his legs, his rippling chest and his abdomen that was jerking with spasmodic pleasure. One of Zoro's hands wriggled under her head to pull her closer as he grew more demanding. His tongue thrust harder and he grew reckless as saliva dripped between them. She licked his lower lip and he growled helplessly. They were parting and meeting again and again, locked in an almost endless series of kisses. Everything was hot breath and lips and tongue and Elly cried out when he caught her own lip with his teeth. The scarred young man's hips jerked uncontrollably at the sound, pushing his groin against hers. This made the junction between her legs scream for what he had. Her body felt all too-sensitive and wet. She met his fully-clothed bump with one of her own and Zoro's teeth clacked inches away from her ear. 

"Yes!" She wanted it. She wanted him. She had to have what he had down there and his heart, too. Everything. 

"Nggh, cat..." He was panting roughly, his face strained. His hands were on her now, squeezing softly, exploring and trying to take the dress off but lacking the knowledge how. He finally grunted in exasperation and she had to giggle at his exasperated expression. Elly motioned for him to help her into a half-sitting position and between the two of them they managed to slide the garment off. Zoro's appreciative hiss was short. He clasped her around the waist and pressed her back down as he fumbled with his own shirt. His eyes never left her as he pulled it off and then the haramaki. 

His chest. He'd put cologne there and it had been a good guess. The thickened, rough flesh that rippled down his torso was assaulted by kisses and smooth caresses. He threw his shoulders back, sitting on her as she clung to him. Wanting more. Goosebumps ran down his flushed and sweaty skin in the light breeze the flap of the sheets made now and again. He ran his hands down her back, searching for the snap or hook of her bra. She'd never thought of it but the young man made short work of what she'd heard most ladies chuckling about. Two quick movements with his deft fingers and the catch was open. Zoro's hands splayed across her back, thumbs hooked in the thin material. He unbelievably stripped her of the garment in only a few seconds. Her hair was in her face but she didn't care. Her panties felt like they were too tight and that was a bigger problem. But the green-haired man placed the flats of his hands against her shoulders and pushed gently. 

She fell back on the bed with her head resting on the pillow and he soon followed, towering over her. His tanned skin was slick with sweat that was beading up in many places. He shook his head and droplets flew. She leaned towards him and lapped at the pulse in his neck, tasting his salty flavor. Zoro's hands dug into the sheets alongside of her. His eyes had been closed but now they cracked open. His gaze settled on her breasts, rising and falling with the swell of her breathing. The nipples were stiff and he touched one curiously. Elly cried out his name and he stroked with all his fingertips, gauging her reaction. Better, but he wanted her to scream. He wanted her to sob and cry and writhe under his body like in his dreams.

Zoro bowed down and caught the little tip with his warm mouth. He heard a faint squeak but was soon lost in contemplation. Licking caused a very nice response, but he soon found he wanted to do something else. He nuzzled her breast and drew his lips together, sucking. No, suckling. Lighter, gentler, softer. He shivered with passion and was only jerked back to reality by a tug on his pants.

"Huh!" He twitched. That had surprised him. "Cat...?"

"Don't stop," she husked. Elly's neck was tilted as far back as it could stretch and she was begging. The sidelocks on her purple hair were fanning out on the damp pillowcase. "Don't, please Zoro. It feels so good..." He gasped hoarsely. Her hand had closed around his stiff erection through the slacks. Excited beyond measure he switched to her other breast and tickled it with his tongue. He had showed remarkable endurance up until this point but her hand was on him, unbuttoning the pants that were in the way and groping blindly for the heat that coiled at his center. 

"Shit!" He dug his toes in the bed, flexing every muscle in his lower half as she managed to find him. "Cat!" This last was a cry that tore out of him so loudly it scratched his throat. Oh it was so good that it was pain and he couldn't make it stop. He kissed her. She stroked him and he kissed her, kissed her, kissed her. "Stop, have to stop," he finally choked. He didn't even recognize his voice. It was thin and reedy, wheezing. He swallowed air and pulled back to take hold of his waistband. The pants were off and then the boxers. The young man didn't even consider them, just ripped them down and away. Elly closed her eyes and took a single breath. She held it and opened them, trailing her gaze down his sleek body. Past the scar and navel was a bristling patch of darker green hair. She sighed his name. His manhood was fully erect and much darker than the rest of his skin. It was flushed with blood and a few veins were clearly visible. A small drip glistened from the head. Zoro was breathing in and out in small puffs. He placed a hand over his heart and cocked an eyebrow at his would-be lover. 

"Are you alright?" She asked, concerned. He forced a chuckle out. 

"Fine," he breathed. He struggled with how to express himself and finally settled on being blunt. "Want you too much," he explained ruefully. She smiled at him and shrugged fluidly, causing her breasts to bounce in an enticing way. Zoro's mouth twitched and he reached down, passing a hand across her belly, dipping a finger in her navel and causing her to giggle. His fingers toyed with the edge of her panties for a moment before pulling them down. Elly raised herself up to help him and they joined the pile beside the bed on the ground. He had seen nude women before but never, ever this close up. He petted her down there, stroking and touching as she moaned. 

"Here," she murmured and she spread her legs for him. Zoro trembled and parted the hair with his fingers, still cautious. He felt wetness and heat that he would soon be feeling even more intimately. The thought of her secret warmth closing around his shaft tightened his lower belly. Several more droplets appeared and slid down the base of his member. Zoro found what he was looking for when his finger slid inside. His head snapped sharply up when she whimpered. 

"Okay?" He frowned. The sound had been desperate.

"I need you," she said simply. Her eyes held a naked question in them that Zoro had to answer as soon as possible. Holding his finger in place so he wouldn't lose the spot he brought his body around. His throat tightened as his too-sensitive head found the heat it craved. His skin throbbed and it was only by a superhuman effort that he was able to pause and wrap his arms around her. He kissed her softly on the mouth. Elly's legs were strong around his waist and her hands grabbed at his shoulderblades. He shifted and thrust, moaning all at once when her body gave his tight skin the friction he craved. She inhaled sharply as the big man filled her. Pain gave way to a sensitive, full feeling. A good sensation. And when he began to move above her his body stroked her generously to climax.

Zoro held her while she came, wincing when she squeezed him hard. And as she wound down his tension suddenly snapped. The release was white-hot; his orgasm something to be feared. His muscles seemed to swell as he tensed everything all at once. His head was thrown back and his hands fists which he threw at the air in exultation. The swordsman shouted her name in ecstasy. The fact that his fluid was going where it was meant to go didn't scare him. He had talked to the doctor about this and been told it was safe, for now. So he relished his emptying his seed in her body and held her close after it was done.

And in the end he didn't even whisper it.

"I love you," he told her seriously. 

Smoke & Mirrors, 9 & 10

"Smoke & Mirrors, Parts 9 & 10"

orig.September /2013
Alt. One Piece Elly x Smoker
Starting to get serious, PG-13
One Piece based non-canon

"I need to talk with you about this." Elly was sober for once as she addressed Smoker one blustery afternoon. A few weeks had passed since he'd given her the gift of a white leather jacket and the promise to take her out when she earned her freedom. He noticed with appreciation that she had gone out of her way to make herself appealing, wearing a flowing silk dress instead of a plain cotton skirt and blouse. Her hair had a flower in it she'd managed to get from somewhere - something purple-colored that smelled soft and sleepy. She passed the sheet of paperwork across the desk to him and he raised both eyebrows when he saw it was the contract he'd given her the other day. Elly lifted her chin defiantly, daring him to say something.

"What?" Was all he asked. 

"Can I change some things?"

"Depends on what, I guess." He glanced down and saw she had added lines of writing alongside, circling parts and crossing off others. "You didn't change much," he added, surprised.

"No. I didn't." She took a deep breath. "I decided to sign it if they accept."

He stopped in the middle of reading the extras she'd added, a strange look crossing his grizzled features. "You'll only fully use your powers with one person."

"You," she said quietly. "I hope you don't mind, and I hope you won't hate what I can do. But you're the only one I ever trusted enough to try going all the way with." She spoke this last without thinking, and his hand spasmed on the table at her choice of words. "Oops," she said faintly, blushing. "But still... well, it's a good description. For that."


"Yep." She watched him nod to himself.

"You're sure?" One hand resting on the papers, he reached out and held his other across to her.


He squeezed once and let go. "It'll be quick. They want you."

"I know," she murmured. 

"Do you want to stay?" He waved at the phone on the corner of the desk. "I can prepare a new one. It could all be over in an hour."

"Even faster than I thought," she marvelled. "I thought the military was slow and pondering when it came to legal stuff."

"Sometimes," he grunted. "Not this."

"Do it," she said suddenly, dark eyes flashing. 

The call was oddly brief. The voice coming from the transponder snail congratulated the Vice Admiral, told him to write up the new terms and have her sign it immediately. For such a momentous occasion in her life, she thought it happened far too quickly. There was no fanfare or rejoicing on their side - ah, but they were military, after all. And of course, this was only the written part. She had a long discussion coming up with the man she'd since fallen in love with. Watching him dig paper out of a troublesome desk drawer that got stuck several times and swear to himself as he couldn't find a pen, she smiled. She was certain she had made the right choice out of the options she had. The finished draft was an original copy with add-ons written this time by Smoker to ensure that they were legal. He signed his own name at the bottom and passed it shakily over to her for the last time.

"So quick," she sighed as she touched the pen tip to the paper. She scrawled her name and let the pen fall nervelessly from her fingers. The tension in the room was thick, and the part she dreaded was coming. "I don't know how you're going to react to ..." She never got to finish her sentence, for he had slid noiselessly out of his chair and was standing in front of her. She'd been too absorbed in the act of signing that she hadn't noticed. Strong hands gripped her shoulders and he leaned down and kissed her, hard. They'd kissed only once before and he'd apparently been holding back then. She felt the force of his presence so strongly she nearly wilted in the chair. 

When the kiss broke he lifted his head, panting. "Now you're mine," he chuckled throatily.

"Ohmigod. Is that my 'welcome to the team' speech?" She was reeling from his passionate display and put up her hand to right the flower in her hair. 

"No." She gasped as his hands slipped lower and he easily lifted her out of the chair to swing her around. She felt like she was seeing a new side of him that perhaps not a lot of folks did, and fell for him more in that moment. But she wasn't too fond of the motion and squeaked at him to put her down.

"Seriously, cut it out, I'm going to get sick!" But she started laughing anyway. "Put me down right now, you idiot!"

The door opened and the guard poked his head through. "Ah..." He began, then took a step back as he saw the scene before him. 

"Good," Smoker said gruffly, though he was still smiling. "Help take her chain off right away."


"I signed that infernal thing," Elly said in an offhand manner. Her eyes were twinkling merrily. The guard had been acting strange for awhile around them, but now his eyes showed understanding. He was still shocked - he never thought she would sign -- but he knew an order when he heard one. He walked across the room and unlatched the clasp one last time. Smoker told him to give it to Tashigi with the command to lock it up. He left, still looking dazed.

"You're going to have to wear the other one," Smoker reminded her as she squealed with glee. 

She flipped a hand at him, grinning foolishly. "Don't care. That one's just a pretty stone." She positively glowed, just like the last time. Then Smoker noticed with incredulity that she was glowing - at least shining a little. Really shining, like some female character in a manga. He stared harder. Yes. The day wasn't sunny out and yet Elly had a nimbus of gold about her like a summer sunbeam. She looked down at herself and grimaced lightly. "Whoopsie. Overdid it." The shine faded.

"We're going to have to talk about that."


Part 10

The contract signed and her sea-stone chain removed, Elly was now facing the task of telling Smoker what her power was and how it would affect them both. They stared at each other. After a wildly uncharacteristic display of joy from the Vice Admiral, he seemed uncertain how to proceed.

"I promised you a ride," he suddenly remembered. A glance out the large window showed the weather was fair and held no hint of rain or disturbance. It would be a good time to get away, and maybe she would be able to talk to him off the ship.

Her eyes widened. "Where are we going?"

"Dunno." he was rummaging around in his desk, bent over and clearly looking for something. "Ah." The jewel case containing the smoky quartz necklace appeared. 

"Put it on, put it on, I can't wait to go!" Elly was vibrating with energy. The idea of being away, the very concept, was almost too much to bear. 

The big man laughed. "Soon enough. And quit squirming around," he complained gruffly as he tried to work the clasp. She huffed with impatience as he squinted with concentration. "...all right."

"Can I go without the guard now?" He nodded shortly and she pelted off at an unseemly rate of speed. "I'll just get my jacket... and pants, definitely pants."

Smoker watched her leave in a flurry of silk, the flower in her hair flickering to the ground. He scrubbed at the side of his face with one palm, slowly worrying his unshaven cheek until he thought of something important. One long stride brought him back to his desk. He grabbed the snail phone and barked some hasty commands.

Even though she knew she had promised to stay with the Marines, Elly felt free for the first time in a long, long while. The date had been a small taste; this was the real deal. She was brimming with happiness as she darted about her quarters, picking out clothing better suited for travel and slipping on her new leather jacket. She didn't wear much makeup since she didn't need it with her talent. All she needed was a single touch of gloss to ensure she didn't get chapped lips and she was ready. As she was about to step out the door, though, she stopped and walked back to the mirror. She reached out and tucked the small container of balm in a pocket of the jacket, zipping it shut. She left with a wicked smirk, almost certain she would need to reapply once, if not several times. 

"Ready," she called out gleefully as she boldly stepped past the guard at the door. Smoker sighed to himself, busy with a large basket he'd had delivered to his office. She would have to be taught some semblance of military manners before all was done. Later, he told himself. Much later. First things fi-

He looked up and all thought came to a crashing stop. She was leaning over close by him, peering at what he held. He'd been attracted to her before, and with the removal of the chain he was nearly overpowered by various urges. He cleared his throat, trying to concentrate on something neutral to regain control. Once again he had the notion that her power was doing this to him, and rejected it - Hancock had that particular fruit, so she couldn't have it. He straightened up, holding the basket at his side as she asked what was in it.


"Are we going to be gone that long?" 

"Probably." He stepped forward, moving quickly to cover his confusion. She had to jog slightly to keep up as he marched out the door and out to the open deck. His second-in-command had been commanded to take charge and he'd told her to inform the men about the situation. To firmly tell them that Elly was one of them now. Still, he'd speak to them after their trip - at some length. He wanted to make sure there would be no trouble. His command was the most raucous in the fleet, a fact he was painfully reminded of when they reached the open air. Cheers and catcalls punctuated the rowdy clapping, along with some low hoots he found most annoying. Elly didn't say a word, just linked her arm about his and walked demurely beside as if this was the most natural thing in the world for them to be doing. Smoker's face colored and he stopped before reaching out for his bike to face the crowd.

"Quiet!" He roared in his most commanding tone. His eyes stared down the Marines, who quickly choked back any further impertinences and snapped to attention. "You know better," he growled angrily, face still flaming. "I want the deck and kitchens cleaned before I - we -- get back. Spotless!"

The affirmative reply of so many men was deafening. Elly leaned against the rail as he turned away to grasp the back end of his bike. It was a wide bike with three wheels. Two large ones made up the rear, and a smaller one was in front. It looked odd to her because there wasn't any instrument panel on it like in a regular vehicle. He tied the basket to the large end and hopped on the well-worn seat, motioning for her to sit behind him. Breathing hard, she straddled the thing and wriggled around to get settled. When she would have put her hands on his shoulders, he shook his head, however. 


"You'll have to hold me around the waist," he told her with some relish. Now it was his turn to tease her! "I need to steer."

"Ahh... kay." She slowly wrapped her arms about him and he snorted out a stream of smoke. 

"Lower." He chuckled evilly when he felt her soft intake of breath. But she did slide her hands down his bare chest until they were mid-level. "All right. Let's go." He slipped on a pair of sunglasses and tensed himself. Elly was completely unprepared for what happened next. She assumed it would rev up like an engine, but she saw nothing that made sense. Her arms encircling him tightened as he flowed into the bike, using his power to animate it. When they reared up and off the deck, she squealed, unable to help herself.

She absolutely loved it!

They were able to move across water this way and she watched, amazed at being this close to the life-threatening substance she'd always feared. Water meant drowning for Devil Fruit users, but here she was speeding across an expanse of glittering blue sea. She relaxed as they sped on, and, finding she couldn't stare too long at the water decided to rest her head against his back. As she closed her eyes she felt the throbbing of the boiling smoke underneath her, speeding them on to what he told her was a small, uninhabited island. 

"That speck?"

"It'll be here soon." He put forth as much power as he could, and soon enough they arrived. Elly sat back on the seat as he dismounted. She was laughing, running her hands through her dark hair and kicking up her heels with delight. Smoker said nothing but lifted her off and onto the beach.

"That was great!" He glanced back at her, pleased that she'd liked the ride. "But owww-ww, my fanny feels like hamburger meat." She rubbed at her rear. He couldn't help himself. He looked. She saw him looking and raised an eyebrow, smiling questioningly, and he busied himself with the basket.

"Put this in the shade," he muttered.

"I'll take a second opinion on that, if you want."

"Damn it!" He almost dropped the basket. "Alright, that's it." He grabbed the wicker handle and stomped up the beach several feet in the shade of some palm trees, where he set it down and returned to where she stood expectantly.

"That's what?"

"I've had just about enough of that, child." He dissolved his arm into smoke as she swiped at him and grasped it faster than she could react. "Cut that out!"

"Then stop calling me that!"

"Stop acting like it!" 

She swore at him, and once again he was impressed by her vocabulary. "What should I do, then?!" Smoker's eyes narrowed, fine lines crinkling around the corners. He looked down as she stood there in front of him, hair in disarray from the windy ride and hands balled into fists. He grasped her other arm and pulled them up, placing her hands on his chest. 

"Shut up," he said firmly, and kissed her before she could say another word.