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Moy Mell, 1: Welcome to Moy Mell

"Moy Mell, 1: Welcome to Moy Mell"
orig. 10/12/2017
Zoro, Sanji, Elly, Shaggy - PG
Original Concept, mixed fandoms


Elly sighed to herself as she sank down onto her favorite couch. The massive cushions were comfortable and smelled good, a sleepy mix of her favorite lavender scent. Her ears twitched as she listened to the bustle of Sanji getting ready for dinner in the kitchen. It was far enough away that everything was muted, but she liked to know he was there. It was almost as comforting as the pillowy softness she was burying her head in. Yawing hugely, she rolled over to lay flat on her stomach. This gave her striped tail free reign to lash behind her as she pondered the events of the day. She wasn't agitated, per se, just not as relaxed as she'd like. The gigantic theme park she lived on the very outskirts on took a lot of effort to run smoothly, and she was almost always in the middle of the fray, as it were. She was just starting to fall asleep when she felt a light, almost diffident tap on her shoulder.


"Ughh..." She slowly opened one eye, then the other, truly reluctant to be awake. "What's up?"

"Dinner." The big man in front of her crouched down to be on her level. He smelled just like he always did - steel and musk, yet another comfort smell for her. She yawned again, two sharp canines glinting in the light before she remembered to cover her mouth.

"Mmnn, Zoro. Lemme sleep a little longer."

Zoro rolled his eyes - the one on the right, anyway. He knew better to argue with the sleepy demon cat, however, and simply jerked a thumb in the direction of the kitchen. "Dumbass made fried pork cutlets."

Elly's ears snapped straight up. "Pork cutlets?!" She bounced up into a sitting position and rolled slightly to one side when she didn't quite do it gracefully.

"Watch it, stupid cat!"

"Whoop. Heh heh." She stretched, working a few kinks out before attempting to move again. Zoro shook his head at her antics and stood up, dusting his black pants off. He wore what he normally wore when off-duty - a simple white shirt, black pants and boots paired with his green haramaki. He was never without his swords, even when relaxing, and he set one hand on them as he watched Elly stand beside him. "Yay! Pork."

He couldn't repress the hint of a smile. "He said you deserved it."

"I didn't work that hard today." She shook herself and walked quickly through the dining room to the kitchen. Sanji spun about when she opened the door, a huge grin on his face.

"Angel! You're awake!"

"And hungry," she said, grinning impudently at her chef. He set the plate of vegetables he was holding hurriedly on the table in front of him and rushed to meet her. Zoro grunted with disgust as he caught her in a huge hug.

"I made one of your favorites."

"I know," she giggled. His enthusiasm was infectious. And anyway, she didn't need extra enthusiasm for pork - it was her favorite meat. She kissed him softly on the cheek, eliciting another sound of discontent from the swordsman and a happy cry from the cook. Zoro said nothing, however, just loaded his plate with food.

"Hey, don't start before everyone sits down!" Sanji glared at him. Zoro ignored him and kept eating.

"This looks great!" Elly was ignoring them both since it was normal for the two to be at odds with each other. They didn't really hate one another, but they always argued. She said thanks, filled her plate and began to eat. Sanji grumbled a little but took off his pink apron and hung it on a hook. His clothing was as impeccable as always and he absently straightened his tie as he sat down and also filled a plate.

"Are you going back out tonight?" He raised a curly eyebrow at Elly.

"Oh, no. Not again," she groaned, her ears laying back.

"I just think you need a night to yourself," he stressed. "You've been out there all the time. You can't do it all yourself, you know."

"But I like doing it. The fireworks display is tonight. I love that."

Sanji swirled the water around in his cup thoughtfully. "All right, but you could watch that from the rooftop, baby. You haven't had a break in a long time."

"You could." Zoro shrugged.

"You're not agreeing with him?"

"Nggh," he replied around a mouthful of food.

"Chew, you damned neanderthal," Sanji snapped.

Zoro swallowed mightily. "Shut up," he said absently. Then, to Elly, "You're too tired. I'm supposed to make sure you don't hurt yourself. Can't do that if you're a walking accident waiting to happen."

"I hate it when you're right," she muttered.

"Then stay home."

"Okay, okay!"

"Don't fill up, then," Sanji smiled. "I'll make something for later ... if you promise to watch the fireworks with me."

"Oh." Her tone changed. "Well... all right." She got up to stack her dishes neatly in the dishwasher. "I'm going to go sit by the pool for awhile until it gets dark enough for the show."

"Good idea." Sanji beamed at her as she opened the sliding glass door to the back of the kitchen. He heard her calling out to the guy that was on duty cleaning the pool and watched until she was out of sight. Then he sighed happily as he began to clean up the rest of the dishes. Zoro had already put his away and was stomping out the doorway that led to the elevator. The blond man shrugged. He'd probably go work out in the gym now that he didn't have to shadow Elly around. Not that he cared - all he could think about was making the perfect dessert for their little rooftop date.

The door slid shut behind her and Elly looked about, keen ears picking up the light swishing sound of water in the pool. "Hey, why aren't you at the dorm? Aren't they having some kind of game night?"

"Yah!" The young man standing waist-deep in the shallows jerked his head up at the sound of her voice, his wet hair flopping back and hose precariously held in one hand. He banged the vacuum the hose was attached to and yelped again.

"Oh, sorry." She chuckled and sat down on the edge, dipping her feet in.

"Like, warn a guy next time," he gasped, sounding extremely out of breath. "I damn near had a heart attack!"

"Sorry, Shaggy."

"Sorry, my foot," he winced, rubbing at a stubbed toe. He checked the machine to make sure the hose hadn't jarred loose, and, finding it okay, began to scrub the floor again.

"Awww. You know I didn't mean to. But why aren't you there having fun? I thought you loved those games."

"Yeah, yeah." He waved his free hand diffidently out to the west side of the house where the sprawling apartment complex was located. "I can't concentrate if this isn't perfect."

"Really?" The lights around the infinity pool slowly started to glow, illuminating the deck as dusk slipped into a deeper darkness. The only sounds besides their conversation were the soft rasp of the bristles and the crash of the waves from the ocean in front of them. It was soothing, and she sat for a few minutes in silence.

Without being coerced, Shaggy suddenly told her the real reason why he was working so late. "Scoob's got this bet with me if he beats me in the first round."

"So you're stalling."

"Uh huh." He sank deeper in past his waist. "I really don't wanna lose."

"How is he so good at gaming? He doesn't have thumbs."

"It's not him, it's me," Shaggy groaned. "I suck." Elly couldn't hold back a soft giggle at this. He was too busy lamenting his already-lost bet to notice that, though, or the fact that the door whooshed open behind them.

"Angel," Sanji called out in a low, sultry voice. "I've come for our date."


"Well, isn't it?" He stepped forth into the light and she smiled. He had changed outfits again and now wore a blue t-shirt and faded jeans, with gently worn leather loafers on his feet. He nodded briefly to Shaggy, who nodded back. "I just had to clean myself up a little after making dessert. The rooftop's all set - shall we go?"

"Yep." She held her hand out and he took it in his. He smiled at her and suddenly reached further up, grasping her forearm to pull her safely and quite firmly into his arms. "Sanji!"

He grinned harder at her exasperated tone. "Sorry, love - sometimes I can't resist."

"Isn't that all the time?"

"Mmm." He paused, thinking as he led her into the house and in the elevator that would carry them to the roof. "I have to admit... yes." Elly was silent after this exchange. He was warm against her and he wouldn't let go of her hand. She didn't mind - it was a comfort she rarely indulged in. His palms were sliced with thin cuts - not many, and they were still quite smooth, but she could feel them. Cooking accidents. One didn't work in a kitchen all your life without cutting yourself a few times.

"Ah, here we are." The elevator's bell chimed and the doors opened at last into the cool night air on the highest floor of the mansion. Sanji stepped to one side and let go of her hand to bow before her, gesturing briefly. "I set a table up on the north side, facing the park. Oh, and the current caretaker is at that game thing the dorm's holding... so we're all alone." The roof was large, with many elaborate gardens. This required someone to care for them, and whoever wanted to do so was allowed to live in a larger apartment right here - bigger than the ones at the dorm, even. But when she glanced at the windows she saw it was dark - Sanji was right. James was probably at the games.

"Hmm." A light wind whipped at her hair and caused her ears to twitch. The table was small with a well-guarded candleholder set in the middle, a plate filled with something small and a bucket with a bottle set beside them. Sanji lifted this out with a flourish and she saw it was champagne. "Silly romantic," she chided gently.

"I can't help it," he murmured with a grin. "And, while I know you're not overly fond of chocolate," here he expertly popped the cork and began to fill the two tall glasses, "I thought that would also be appropriate." He placed the drink near her, along the plate, and she peered closer. White chocolate-covered strawberries! She should have known. Sanji pulled his chair close beside hers as they watched the glow of the lights from the park.

"It's always so pretty."

"And the show's soon, right?" He checked his watch. "Ah. Now." Just as he spoke, the sky in the far distance was speckled with a rainbow of lights. Elly sighed again and leaned close to the cook's side. He lifted his arm and carefully placed it about her shoulders, allowing her to relax completely against him.

"This is nice. Thank you," she said simply.

"You needed to relax, love." He smiled at her. "You know none of us will let you get stressed... even if work is fun, you still need fun other than work."

"Mmm-hmm." She snuggled closer and watched the pretty light show in the night sky.

Eventually she fell asleep. Sanji watched her for some time, not wanting to move but knowing he had to. At last, he stood and picked her up carefully in his arms. If he was quiet enough, he could perhaps tuck her into his bed tonight. He could sleep on the couch in his room, but he figured it wouldn't come to that anyway. And he wasn't wrong or surprised at all when he found Zoro waiting in the kitchen, drink in hand.

"Cook," he greeted him briefly.

"Moron," the other huffed. He knew what came next and was not pleased. Zoro grunted softly as he set his mug aside. The green-haired man didn't reply, simply held his arms out with an even stare. "All fucking right already." Sanji unwillingly transferred his warm, snoring bundle to the swordsman's arms. He had hoped that this one time the man would forget - but he never did. Zoro didn't sleep until he was certain Elly was in bed.

The rooms below were off-limits to everyone except Elly and her bodyguard. Zoro even had rooms next to hers, proof that she trusted him the most of any of her companions. The big man ignored the dagger-like stare Sanji was aiming at his back. He walked into the elevator and pressed the second-to-lowest floor button. When the lift chimed in a few minutes, he opened the side that would give him immediate access to her quarters. He was immediately surrounded by the soft glow of an underwater kingdom. Elly's grand suite was flanked all the way around by an elaborate aquarium setup. It began one floor above - one below the main floor, to be exact -- and continued down two levels below. She had one more room under this that he'd never even been in. He had no idea what was in it, nor was he curious. She was safe when she was here; nothing could get at her behind the bedroom door that had a special lock. He shifted slightly as he reached it, lining his face before a small panel. The door opened and he pushed in, making his way to the giant bed in one corner. Fish flashed by in yet more wall tanks - different ones, many a bit duller in color than the ones outside but still interesting. He pulled back the coverlet and laid her carefully down, waiting until she yawned and cuddled into a pillow before pulling the top sheet up to her hands. She grasped it and settled down with a content sound.

Still silent, Zoro turned and walked out the bedroom, closing the door behind him. He slowly crossed the huge suite until he reached another door near the elevator. This one led to a hallway that on the other side of yet another door was his room. He flopped into his bed at last, asleep almost before his head touched the pillow.

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Scars and Kisses

"Scars and Kisses"
orig. 7/20/2006 
Elly x Zoro *adult 
Anime/Manga: ONE PIECE


"Damn it!"

"You moss-headed moron! Shut your face before I stick a foot in it." Sanji slammed one solid heel down on the wooden planking as if to illustrate his point. "It's bad enough I have to have you in here with me while I heat these damned rags up."

"Not a party for me either," Zoro grunted sourly. He stared down at his feet and swore again.

"Why'd you try and walk across, anyway?" Sanji opened the fridge door and peered inside. His voice was muffled as he poked around, looking for something to make for the girls after dinner. "Angel can take care of herself..." he trailed off, his eye sparkling with glee.

"Not my fault," Zoro muttered.

"Wasn't she wonderful!" Sanji crowed. He shut the door with one long leg as he turned about. "I've never seen anyone move that fast!"

The door to the kitchen opened and a pale little face peeked in.

"Except Zoro," Elly murmured. Then, louder, "Sanji, are the bandages ready? And the water?" Zoro flushed and looked away. He muttered a few choice oaths under his breath that went unnoticed by both cook and girl. Sanji wibbled and wobbled about as he praised her battling ability, but she didn't even notice.

"It's ready!"

"Oh, good. Zoro?" A lock of purple hair flicked over her brow and she absently blew it back. "Where do you want to fix those?"

"Anywhere quiet," the big man growled. He rolled his eyes then. "Eh. Chopper said here."

"I wonder why."

"To piss me off?" He shot an ugly look at Sanji, who promptly gave him the finger.

"Would you mind waiting outside, Sanji?" She was busily lifting the sterile pan of water to place under Zoro's legs. "Chopper said he'd let me handle this, and he's really not close to where you prepare the food at all." To make a nose-bleedingly session short, Sanji let her attend to the sliced-up swordsman's feet in his precious kitchen. Truth be told it was the only quiet spot on the ship right now, since most of the others were holed up or asleep. Their latest battle had been furious.

"I can do that," Zoro hissed. He snatched one of the wraps from her, still n ot looking up. Elly 's eyes narrowed. She grabbed his wrist in one hand and took the strip of cloth with the other.

"Not while I'm here, you can't," she growled. "I can be just as abrasive as you, Roronoa Zoro, and you almost sliced your own feet off a second time today!" Zoro grunted and stuck his lower lip out in a grumbly pout.

"Damned cat."

"Shut up."

Amazingly enough, he did just that for awhile. She felt his bulk settle against the wall as he lifted his legs and placed his wounded feet in the water. She didn't look up at him and gently wiped and cleaned the ugly lacerations in silence for a time. It was only when she had rinsed the water out twice that the blood stopped flowing and she felt able to relax. Resting her forehead on her arm, she sighed wearily. When she chanced to glance up at him, she saw he was staring down at her and blinked. Zoro seemed to flinch backwards. His face, which had been flushed across the nose and cheeks already, darkened further. Elly slowly started to realize what had been behind his violent rush earlier that day. She placed the pan of water aside and the bandages were all wrapped up. Since it was only the big man's feet that were covered, his ankles were still clearly visible. She traced the scar that ran along one and he jerked the foot almost out of her grasp.


"Marimo." Another sigh, and she bent over. Zoro's hands dug into the armrests of his chair when he felt warm breath on his bare skin.

"Couldn't let that thing at you," he choked. His eyes darted this way and that, looking for some way to escape. He had started to sweat nervously.

"Why not?"

"Shit!" He clenched his teeth. That couldn't be water, but something warm and wet was gently flicking along his ankle. He tried to tell himself it was, but there was no mistaking the soft kiss that followed. He shrugged almost angrily in response to her question. It was all right though, she only nodded and sat up. Her head was down, busy with the tub of water she meant to dump out.


"Don't be." Zoro frowned. Why was she apologizing? He was still clasping the sides of the chair tightly, nervously flushing and wishing she'd move so he could see her face. But after the quiet apology Elly stood with the pan in both hands. When she moved to walk past him he caught her by the arm.

"Don't be?"

"Sorry." He scowled. "And put that thing down." He waited until she did, then tugged her arm again, harder this time. She stumbled and would have fallen if he hadn't caught her around the waist. Sniffing lightly, he pulled her down onto his lap so they both sat in the chair. She swallowed past the inevitable lump in her throat. His hands were rough, calloused from gripping those swords so tightly and working out with the giant set of weights he used. But they were so gentle, as if he was afraid he would hurt her. The result was a ticklish grasp and she struggled not to giggle. They sat that way for only a few seconds before their eyes met again and she leaned down to slip her arms around his neck.

He was warm and had a faint metallic scent. It wasn't bad and it wasn't strong; it was oddly right. Elly had imagined it would be like this. The smell of his sweat mingled with the swords he carried. Zoro rumbled deep in his throat and she twitched a little, thinking to move. His hands gripped her more firmly when she tried.

"No." He still sounded angry, gruff. But his eyes were wide and as she watched, a trickle of sweat ran down his cheek. She took a deep breath and started to say something, to laugh nervously, who knew - but he moved smoothly and his mouth covered hers.


He even tasted good. She didn't know how that could be, but it was true. She trembled in Zoro's arms and closed her eyes to better feel his advances. They banged teeth lightly and he murmured an apology.

"S'okay." He was hesitant and clumsy enough for her to be certain it was his first kiss. She barely believed that, but when they broke apart a small trail of saliva connected them for a moment. Further proof. He darted in quickly and kissed her again and again. Elly noticed he got much better at it with practice, and also that his lips and tongue were amazingly deft. She shivered when he swept her purple locks aside and started to mouth her neck. His earrings jingled lightly, sweet music that soon was accompanied by soft panting when they parted again. Zoro hadn't lost his blush but his eyes had gained a burning, determined look she knew too well. It was just like when he had decided he would fight - hard. When he tied his bandana on.

"Do you purr?" He asked briefly. Elly's eyes widened. In her shock her tail slapped heavily to one side, nearly knocking the tablecloth off with the gust of wind it had caused. When she realized she whisked it out of the way, but knew what it meant.

"Zoro!" she gasped.

"Bet I can make you," he chuckled. His hands slipped up and he bent forward again.

"What -" She started, but he shushed her with a little hiss between his teeth. It was quite effective since he was about an inch from her neck. Her body tensed, hands slipping down to clutch his simple white shirt in two tight fists. She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for whatever he was going to do.

But there was nothing.

After a few moments she opened them cautiously to find a pair of earnest dark eyes staring into her own. Zoro wasn't blushing as much anymore and that half-lidded gaze spoke volumes without him actually having to talk. He grinned when she smiled nervously at him and opened his mouth, letting his tongue slide out a little in a most provacative gesture. Cursing herself a little inwardly for being so weak right when she was getting what she wanted, she shivered again. Her body felt like it couldn't move or the spell would end - the dream would be over. It couldn't possibly be real! A little squeak escaped her, such as a trapped animal might make.

"Be quiet, little cat," he rumbled. Still watching her carefully, he placed his open mouth on hers. The big man's warmth, pressure, and presence convinced her. It was probably the last more than anything. Elly could feel his strength. It seemed to be coming off him in physical waves that pulsed around her as he slid those massive arms around her waist and hugged her tight. She knew he could lift and cut almost anything with the enormous amount of power in those muscles, but the gentleness was indescribably romantic. He knew she could handle more but was treating her with kid gloves. For some reason that both amused and aroused her. She choked, though, when she felt a big hand stroking her back.

"Hey," she managed to protest, murmuring against his lips. He chuckled.

"Don't like it?" She sighed in exasperation and licked lightly at his lower lip, causing his hand to close in a tight grip. Now the back of her shirt was being clutched. Elly smiled at him, happy that she was fighting back the sudden shyness that had immobilized her. She giggled wickedly. It was his turn to feel that way now.

Zoro looked confused for a moment - did she or didn't she? -- but shrugged it off. The cat woman was nuzzling the side of his neck, and he was embarrassed to find that she knew already. Maybe it was instinct, maybe it was just something she'd wanted to do for a long time, but her fingers lightly danced across his thick neck to his left ear. He swallowed loudly, shifting in the chair and unable to resist the temptation to tilt to one side and give her better access. Elly's face brightened noticeably. This was going to be fun! She flicked the gold earrings that dangled from his ear with a careful fingertip and felt his thigh muscles tense up. That was a good sign, but the hoarse gasp that followed when she tugged a little was even better. She arched her back and toyed with the swordsman's earrings, causing little sparks of pain that she quickly soothed away with her tongue. Zoro had started to rub her back a little rougher this time and she arched into each stroke as he teased his sensitive earlobe.

Clip-ons. She'd known it. They hurt like hell, but what's that to a man that tried to cut his own feet off? She was startled out of tormenting the poor man when she felt a calloused hand slide up her back. Not on her shirt this time, that had bunched up to her waist and her skin was exposed. Zoro's hand brushed her back, then pressed against it and slipped underneath the black cloth. Her breath stopped. It seemed everything stopped except his caresses and soft noices of encouragement. Elly melted against his chest again, earrings forgotten. His hand moved up. She closed her eyes.

"Zoro!" Shocked out of her in a terse little whisper as his fingers slipped across her ribcage. She heard him grunt, not entirely displeased.

"You ticklish?" He paused, as did his gentle stroking touch. "Kitten?"

"Not a kitten," came the mumbled reply.

"Not seaweed," he growled playfully and cupped a breast in one careful hand.

"Your h-hand is cold..."

"Nervous." This came as a grudging dismissal of his feelings, as if they were of no moment. She sighed as he lightly touched the little knob of flesh he found with a careful thumb. The big man was blushing furiously now. He looked away, grit his teeth together and quickly blurted out the rest. "Never done this before. Don't want to hurt you."

"We're on the ship," she whispered. "We can't, anyway." Zoro let his hand fall slowly to his lap. He turned his head farther away, and she could feel a different kind of tension running through him now. He was locking up, tensing, sealing what little emotions he had started to show off into the vault again.

"No! It's not that. I really want to." She placed a hand on the side of his face and moved his head back to face her. "But - but I can hear someone on watch right now on the deck. Is it a good idea?" A gusty sigh followed her words. Zoro placed his hand on her neck and pulled her close again. Without a word he lightly bit the tender hollow of flesh on the side of her throat.

"Don't care," he growled hoarsely. He shook his head, earrings jingling. "Need." He said this firmly as if that explained everything. He kissed the spot he'd been licking and then bit a little harder, sucking and nipping. Elly found herself gasping softly again. The big man grunted questioningly.

"It doesn't hurt," she moaned in response to the unspoken concern. "But Zoro, don't - they'll all see..."

"Mine," he rasped in a voice so low, so husky, she completely lost all her will. What a terrible thing for women's lib. Awful, possessive and gruff. But to hear the man say it caused a slow purr to escape her lips. Zoro chuckled with that same lust-filled rumble. "Kitten," he said triumphantly and reached up for her hand, wrapped around his neck. He pulled back to look directly into her eyes and placed her hand on his chest. She felt his heart beating under the thin white fabric and dared to slip a hand inside his collar, to stroke downwards as much as she could. Zoro stood this for perhaps a minute and then blew air out his nostrils in a big puff.

"Eek!" One of his hands slipped underneath her rear and lifted. The other was working his shirt free of his haramaki. He literally ripped it off and it went sailing onto the floor to one side of the chair they were on like a giant handkerchief. She was carefully placed back in his lap and she snuggled close, hands splaying across his bare stomach. Her fingers stole of their own accord to the shifting muscles and scars that he bore. His eyes half-closed as she traced the big scar that ran down his stomach, and it was perhaps because he was concentrating on keeping quiet that he didn't see her get even closer. Zoro's hands trembled on her waist as Elly purred ecstatically and lapped every rounded curve she found with her small tongue. He struggled for what seemed like an hour as time dragged on, liquid and soft-seeming. It would be Luffy's turn to stand watch, and that guy was always trying to sneak inside the kitchen. He had to keep quiet, he would keep quiet. He didn't make a sound when he got that thick scar, so why should he make a sound now that the girl was kissing it?

"Ah! Damn it, Kitten!" He no longer had control of his lower abdomen, and the muscles twitched and jerked under her touch. She had crawled down and was licking around his navel, and the young man had never felt such desire in his life. He no longer felt like he needed to be touched - he would die; he would be killed by the urgent cravings burning hotly in his groin. It almost hurt, and despite his rigid self control small tears squeezed from the corners of his eyes. Elly looked up and noticed his distress.

"Zoro," she murmured, rubbing her cheek against his lower belly. "Are you alright, love?"


He almost choked. The only thing that kept him from making the unmanly sound was the fact that the stupid guy was walking around out on the main deck. He could hear him complaining that he wanted food but couldn't get into the kitchen. But now he didn't care even if Luffy saw or even watched; his heart felt like it was about to break from all the pent-up emotion. As did his pants. He feared they would split any minute. Of course they wouldn't, but thank goodness she had the presence of mind to cock an eyebrow at him as she lifted his haramaki.

"How does this...?"

Swallowing so hard his dry throat clicked, he stood carefully on his bandaged feet. He took a deep breath and hooked his fingers in the green fabric, first loosening it and then sliding it past his hips. Without a word he sat back down and curled his arms around her shoulders. Elly looked up at him and slowly bent down all the way this time instead of crouching; he opened his mouth when he saw her kneeling on his sash below them but couldn't say a word.

"Yes?" Her voice was so soft. He watched her lavender eyes glow faintly in the dim light of the kitchen and finally forced a syllable out.


"Zoro," she smiled. "You're blushing again." The big man scowled, acting more like his usual self. Then he pointed to his waist and cleared his throat.

"You - don't have to." He coughed softly when she touched his abdomen with a soft hand. "I mean, not forcing you to..."

"That's right," she murmured. "You're not forcing me to do anything." The hand seemed like it burned his skin as it slid along the waistband of his pants. He gave up on speaking and clenched his teeth to avoid groaning as one slender finger slipped past fabric. Zoro leaned back in the chair he was sitting on and closed his eyes. He felt gentle tugs and touches at his waist as she worked to unfasten his pants.

"Stand up," she whispered, and he did. His customary baggy pants rustled to the floor to lay on top of the haramaki, still puddled around his ankles. He heard her intake of breath and blushed anew when he heard her whisper inquisitively.


"Laundry," he grunted. She blinked, distracted from his nudity by the cryptic remark. Then she remembered it was the day the men washed their clothing. Most of it had been wet and hanging from the usual lines strung between Nami's trees. It figures! Zoro found he had been holding his breath. In comparison with some of the men on board ship he wasn't impressive in that kind of stature. The crew had been to bath houses before, most recently at Alabasta, and their stupid captain was made of rubber, after all. He shook his head briefly. It wasn't his nature to look down on himself but for a moment there he had been nervous. That fleeting emotion passed quickly, though. He had other things to concentrate on.

She whispered his name again.

"Yeah." He sat down for the third time and Elly leaned forward and kissed his thigh, causing him to shiver. Her eyes closed, she kissed a little further up with her hands lightly grasping his legs.

How had he lived so close to her and not ever tried anything? Zoro's head was swimming, his heart pounding and throat still dry with yearning. And her fingers only toyed with the bristly green hair that preceded his urgent desire.

"Breathe, big guy." His thoughts snapped back to the purple-haired girl before him when she sighed, the sound loud in the otherwise quiet room. Warm breath was wafting sweetly on his skin and he reached out to stroke her hair as she drew closer to him. He took a calming breath, trying to bring back the sense of purpose, of peace he always had about him.

Air whooshed back out of him as her soft palm curled around his firm length. Elly was breathing erratically herself, had been as soon as the man had first kissed her but now she held the panting back as she looked at him. Her hand moved slowly, thinking it strange. Zoro was so hard-looking on the outside but so much velvet softness to touch. His skin was smooth, sparsely haired where it wasn't scarred and certainly here was an area that was pristine. Hearing his raspy breathing, she glanced up and felt warmth and happiness to see the pleasure she was giving him. He cracked open an eyelid and managed to smile at her through his trembling.


She kind of liked that. She could see what she was doing to him made his muscles twitch and his body lose control. She wondered if she could make him speak to her; even now she wanted to hear him say something. Anything. His voice was thrilling and she loved to hear him talk about anything at all. He didn't say much but when he did she always wanted to hear his voice in pleasure; hear him gasp and maybe, maybe even say her name.

She calmly kissed the tip of his arousal, flicking her tongue at the wetness she found. Zoro's hand spasmed on the back of her head.

"K - kit..." Soft choking. He was husking her name, the special name he'd only just given her. But she was intent on what she'd found - a desire she didn't even know she had. Slowly her lips parted and she kissed him there, sliding her mouth over the warm and sliding skin. She only wanted to love him and for now this might be enough.

But Zoro had other plans.

His hand in her hair first threaded through the purple strands, then cupped the back of her head. After a few moments she felt a gentle pat and stopped.


"Hey, kitten," he husked in such a low voice she almost didn't catch what he said. She noticed there was a light sheen of sweat on his brow and neck when he bent down and lifted her easily into his lap. "Easy..." He murmured, and she was careful how to sit so she wouldn't hurt him. They ended up in a very provocative position with Elly straddling him in a suggestive way though still clothed. She pressed her lips against his neck when she felt his strong hands moving on her. Her back was caressed and a few fumbles later her bra was unhooked. Zoro quickly slipped her shirt over her head and tossed it aside carelessly. The woman in his lap was breathing hard, gasping as the cool air hit her flushed skin. The big man's eyes were hooded as he bent towards her, making her stomach flutter in a deliciously nervous way. His mouth touched near one of the cotton straps and then he had it between his teeth, unbelievably starting to take the rest of her garments off with his mouth alone.

Some few minutes later she was laying rather comfortably on her back on an impromptu bed made up of most of their cast-off clothing. Elly shifted, running her palms down her thighs and toying nervously with the edges of her panties.

"You shouldn't be on those feet," she worried as he stood up.

"Know that," he grunted. Zoro frowned a little as he lowered himself to his knees above her. Then he firmly planted a hand on either side of her shoulders and lifted himself that way. Elly stared, dumbstruck at this feat of strength. If he meant to hold himself lightly on his knees with almost all the strain of his massive weight on those arms...

"Holy shit," she whispered. He glanced quickly at her and grinned. That iron will of his, the fighter's streak - was back in his dark eyes and she uttered a little happy gasp. That was how Zoro should look. Not unsure of himself or nervous. Now that he quite literally towered above her, his mouth starting to kiss her exposed skin, she didn't even hear the soft thump at the door. Neither of them did.

Zoro tilted his head to get a better angle and bit her shoulder teasingly before trailing warmth down to her breasts. She thought she would be able to be quiet like he had been, but he was very insistent. All she could do was bury her face in his arm beside her to hopefully muffle her cries. He was almost too soft in his touches, his light kisses and faint licks. When she arched her back towards him to silently beg for more he chuckled wickedly. Her legs came up around the big man's thickly muscled waist as he wrapped his lips around a crinkled knob of flesh to suckle slowly. Eventually he switched to her other nipple, but by that time he was breathing roughly and rubbing his arousal against the thin cloth she had on below. The madness that touch inflamed in him caused him to break off the attention he was giving her and stare deeply into her eyes.

"Tell me."

At first she was confused, but then she felt his touch below again, more insistent this time.

"Yes," she whispered. She heard him growl without restraint this time. The sound was loud in the darkening room.

"Ready for me?" He bounced effortlessly onto one hand so he could caress her cheek with the other. Elly squeaked. Shaking his head at her answer caused his earrings to jingle musically again, and he reached down with his free hand to pull the last barrier of clothing away from her body. He did pause once he hooked a finger in the elastic and bent to kiss her again.

"Nervous?" she asked, lips moving against his. He snorted, lapping lightly at her lower lip.

"Yeah," he admitted grudgingly.

"I love you," she sighed wistfully. Zoro froze. His eyes widened so comically it would have been her first thought to laugh if she hadn't been so terribly frightened. She felt exposed at that moment, hoping against all hope that it didn't put the big man off. He was Roronoa Zoro for goodness' sake! He didn't blab about his emotions and feelings. She bit her lip and brushed a strand of purple hair away from her cheek. Oops. Oops, oops, oops. It almost hurt.

Sure enough, he didn't speak a word. If he saw how badly she was shaken by her admittance he didn't show it. His fingers delicately slipped her underwear all the way down and then off without looking at her. Then he placed his hand back on the floor for support. Elly started to shake but she was smiling at him in an encouraging way. If he wanted to ignore that she said had said anything, so be it.

"You talk too much," he said at last. He kissed her neck and then her mouth, his eyes half-closed in a lazy way. She shrugged and nodded. Zoro seemed to ponder this briefly, looking around while his arousal rubbed against her inner thigh. She watched muscles ripple in his torso as he tried to aim for what he could only feel, not see, and decided to help him. The young man sighed with pleasure as her hand gently closed around him again and guided him to warmth and wetness. He thrust experimentally and the tip of his length slipped easily inside her body. They both stiffened and he shot a worried look down at Elly below him. She was reaching around his neck to carefully pull him towards her, eyes pleading.

He took a breath, trying to calm the jumping muscles and urges he felt and pushed a little harder. His lined forehead drew itself down with concentration as he immediately fought against the desire for immediate release. Straining manfully, he moved slowly to find a rhythm that came all on its own. He gasped and moved lithely above her, faintly hearing her whimper as he drew back and forth into the heat of her body. Zoro started to sweat, little trickles running down his bare buttocks and tickling him as they ran down into various areas that were now completely exposed. He snapped his teeth together on a shout when she stroked his lower back. The intensity of her touches seemed to increase as they made love and the only way he could muffle the sounds his traitorous throat wanted to pour out was to kiss her.

So he did.

They kissed frantically for a few delirious moments, and then she tore away to pant his name over and over again in his ear. Her body coiled around him; she clung desperately as she spoke between the kisses she now rained on his neck and cheek. It was too much. Something snapped inside him and his strangled shout broke the quiet they had been struggling to achieve. He'd scoffed at the guys as they drooled over women and snickered when Sanji had spoke of the pleasures that could only be realized through sex. Laughed under his hand or made snide comments as he drank his ale. It seemed they had been better off to pay attention to other things, like he was. But now all his thoughts focused on the unbearable release and the woman underneath him, and for a split second when the pleasure overwhelmed him he couldn't even think of anything at all.

Shaking, sweating and embarrassed at last by the hair-trigger way he'd gone off, he looked down to find her watching him. Her purple eyes were dreamy and she stretched languidly as he watched, moving her arms above her head. Satisfied, he pulled away from the connection they shared below and winced at the fluid he felt on his skin. Elly didn't seem to mind, however, and they were soon curled around each other sideways on the floor. Zoro grunted and complained about the hard wood and she laughed a little.

They laid that way for some time, reluctant to part from the warmth they shared. Zoro was the one to move first, grumbling that if they were caught like that there would be no end to the stupidity they'd receive from the rest of the crew. Elly agreed, and then simply sat back and watched as he pulled on his pants and haramaki.


"Nothing, moss-head," she smiled sweetly at him, but he saw that it seemed a little strained. He wasn't usually perceptive, but he knew what was bothering her. What the hell. He grunted and looked off to one side. When he spoke, it was in such an off-hand manner that she actually flung her arms round his neck when he nodded.

"Yeah, okay. Me too."

They slept the remaining hours of the night peacefully until dawn broke. Sanji had found Luffy laying on the deck when the sun came up. He had a dried spot of blood under one of his nostrils and his eyes were huge. Zoro ambled out of the kitchen with a yawning Elly beside him. They stared down at Luffy who gurgled and then scrambled away from them, screeching with fright.

"DON'T KILL ME ZORO! I didn't see anything!" Sanji slowly turned to the couple at the door. Zoro's face gave everything away; Elly looked contrite.

"You son of a bitch," he marvelled.

The Long Jump

"The Long Jump"
orig. 2/28/2009 
Elly x Zoro
adult (depression/suicide attempt)
Anime/Manga: ONE PIECE


She was so tired.

She was just so tired.

Elly sat on the wooden pilings of the busy port they had docked at, eyes not focusing on anything really as the crew bustled and laughed all along, above and beside her. Brooke was waving from a porthole in the ship's bow and she vaguely sought out the big swordsman's voice like she always did. He was some ways behind her, grumbling something about finding a decent bar.

She didn't care.

It was so depressing, so exhausting to be so deeply in love with a man that didn't return the feelings that burned in her very soul. She'd convinced herself it was so - he had his three loves, after all, and she wasn't made of steel -- so what was left? All she'd ever wanted, quested for was acceptance and love for someone she felt that way about. And now that she found him, what did she get? A man that was driven, courageous, brave, strong, handsome and bold... and didn't love her.

She got up and wearily scanned the area. There was always some sort of busy little tent market that sprang up around these fishy-smelling ports. What caught her attention was a small group of girls that looked about as dejected as she felt. She got up and wandered over. While Elly was moping around Zoro had discovered to his dismay that there was only one bar in town and it served "shitty ale", as he put it. He decided not to bother and had begun wandering back to the Sunny when he bumped into an old man on the paved street.

"Sorry," he grunted. The old man waved a dismissive hand at him but then peered close.

"You're new here, aren't you sonny?"

"Eh." Zoro shrugged.

"I wouldn't go over the way you're headed, if I was you."

"Why not?" The younger man frowned.

"It's the Jump."

"What?" He looked around. Damn it! He'd managed to wander off in the wrong direction instead, heading inland instead of back to the docks. He swore violently. "The hell is this Jump, anyway," he asked, more to cover his anger at this damned town. He hadn't been going the wrong way, they just hadn't marked their streets enough.

Wait, what was the geezer saying?

"Oh, they leap when they feel that their true love won't return the feelings they have." The old man paused. "It's almost always young girls lately." He sighed as the sad little group stood unconcernedly at the height of the precipice.

"They're gonna jump?!" Zoro's hand tightened on the hilts of his swords. What dumb shit was this?

"They'll jump," his laconic companion agreed. "But - this is why we let it happen -- the ones that are mistaken will be saved."


"They get saved." He shrugged. "A cloud lifts them up. Or they fall into the water unharmed and not the rocks. It always happens. And if they're not saved they're certain they didn't want to live anyway. In most cases the scare knocks some sense back into them, at least." He tapped his pipe against his boot to clear it.

"That's fucking ridiculous!"

"Don't get involved. It's a common occurrence here." But Zoro had found a certain lavender-haired girl among the others. His eyes widened and he let out a strangled cry.

"She's not common," he said, pointing at the familiar face. "She's...!" Whatever he was about to say was lost for Elly had pushed past the others and calmly stepped over the edge. The big man whipped all three swords out and followed her without as much as a single sound. He disappeared over the cliff to the shocked gasps of the now-terrified young ladies.

Moments later a scuffed and bleeding hand tightly clasping a katana emerged. Two swords were being used for purchase and he held a swatch of dark cloth in his mouth.

Her shirt.

He struggled manfully and pulled them both up and onto safe ground again. Torn and bleeding, panting, with his eyes dark and angry the big man looked murderous enough to shut up most of the bystanders who would have reprimanded him.

"Don't you ...ever," he snarled through clenched teeth, "do that. Again." She stared at him without much emotion. He wondered that she had that much courage to pull such a ridiculous stunt and even more that she wasn't afraid of him. He was seething right now, ramming his swords back into their sheathes and pounding the ground next to him with a fist when she didn't flinch. "No? What the f-"

"Zoro!" The swordsman swore violently, tearing off the curses like a dog tearing at meat as he heard the voice. He bristled all over when he saw Sanji stooping over Elly's inert form. The cat lady didn't move or say anything. She just kept looking at the green-haired man. He noticed she was frowning a little, though.

"What did you do to her?"

"She was gonna do something stupid!"

"That, coming from you." Sanji turned her over, cooing at the bruises from her fall. She'd suffered almost no injury but the few times she'd bumped into the mountain rocks as he crawled back up with her shirt in his teeth.

"So I should have let her?" Zoro hissed. "I probably should have. What a worthless thing!"

"You big shitty moron, she did it for you!"

"Shut up." They both jerked around to face her when they heard how brittle her voice was. "Sanji, let go. Don't touch me." She yanked herself out of his grip, stumbled, then caught herself before she fell. She raised her head and walked off towards the ship without looking backwards once. She'd made a pretty big fool of herself and done a childish thing, she knew. So her penance would be self-imposed isolation for awhile. She would let things cool down. The crew were good people; they wouldn't mock her once they understood.

Zoro, of course, completely ignored everyone's advice and went off to see her, fuming at her foolish behavior and angry at her unwillingness to explain it. Sanji's comment, too - he didn't quite understand that. No way in hell she had a crush on him. No one did.

"Get up," he snapped at her when he saw the pale form slouched over her bed. She came to her feet faster than he'd thought possible, hissing and reaching out. A hand cracked across his face.

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"I thought you'd lost all your spirit," Zoro muttered, shrugging off the slap even though his head had rocked back with the force of the blow. He easily grabbed her wrists and held them still when she would have attacked him again, however. "Enough." He pulled her off balance and then shoved her backwards onto the bed. One leg kicked out and the door slammed shut with a deafening bang that she barely heard.

"What the hell!"

"Shut up." He was amazingly climbing onto the bed with her, boots and all - and before she could stop him his big, warm body was pressed against hers and his mouth was crushing her to silence. Shocked beyond thought she fought back only to be powerless - hitting Zoro was like hitting a steel wall. Or maybe several. He didn't move, he didn't flinch and he certainly did not stop. But he did need to breathe and when he pulled slightly back for air Elly tried to say something, anything, that would convey how she felt. She struggled to, but couldn't speak. Her ears were flattened back against her skull and her face was burning bright red. Confused tears welled up in her eyes but didn't spill yet.

"No, don't." His eyes narrowed dangerously. "You need a nice long reminder that I mean what I say - and I don't ever want you to try and take your life again."

"It's my life!"

"Stupid, stupid cat!" He roared at her, face flaming. "It's not just yours anymore! It's mine!" They stared at each other, faces taut with emotion and electricity crackling in the air. Then her eyes widened, darkened from light lavender to a deep purple. She bit her lip.


"Shit." He thrust out his jaw belligerently. "Fight me. Fight me for it. You win, you can do whatever you want." He glared at her, eyes afire. He even reached around and snapped the bandanna off his arm to tie around his head. She blinked incredulously. Fight him?! What, was he crazy? Zoro looked like it right now, she had to admit. His eyes were hooded, dark and dangerous shining with a flat gleam of determination. His teeth were partially bared in a wicked grin and he was bent over, ready to attack any second she made a move. He was murderous in his intent, deadly, vicious.

He was also so sexually attractive she thought she might faint. Instead she took a deep breath and slowly pulled her legs from under his body, bracing herself if he should move. He didn't, just watched her curiously until she rolled to the side and tried to escape.

"No you don't." She heard him from the side and quicker than she imagined his arm was curled around her. Only one, yet he tossed her like a rag doll back onto the bed. She caught herself on the bounce, spitting her hair out of her mouth where it had caught and planting a kick on his thigh. Damn it! It was like booting a tree trunk and he didn't even falter.

"I don't even have a chance, you idiot!" She managed to scratch his chest, feeling completely weak and worthless and then faltered, staring at the skin inches from her face. When had he removed his shirt? She didn't know but the tanned flesh was heaving, mesmerizing in close proximity. He bent his head down and slowly sank back on his knees, rolling his shoulders back and leaving himself completely open.

"Go ahead." He closed his eyes lazily, stretched and yawned. "I won't wait all day. Come and get me, then." His tone dripped contempt. Elly exploded. She launched herself at his lower body, surprising him though he'd left himself open for just that kind of attack. His breath wheezed out in some pain at last when her knee connected partway with his groin. Unless she struck him there she couldn't win and she knew it. Even so, her blow had been glancing because deep down she hadn't really wanted to do it.

"Did I hurt you?" He started backwards. Her voice was soft and full of concern.

"I think I can stand it," he grunted. "But you can make it better if you want." Snickering at her glare he slid his arms down, pinning her to the bed. This time she didn't resist and he nodded with satisfaction. "Don't think I'm going to be gentle. You need to feel this and remember." He moved deliberately closer and then sank his teeth into her neck, humming with pleasure when he heard her gasp his name. His tongue slid out and lapped at the bloody mark, relishing the taste. He had been wanting to know her this way, every way, taste of blood and sex and strength. He wanted her to feel the connection, both mental and physical. Elly was sighing and he drew back to kiss her on the mouth, pushing lustfully past her lips like he wanted to below.

Time enough for that.

His hands ripped the bandanna from his head, earrings jingling. Then he sat up and quickly pulled his haramaki over his head as well. Elly placed her hands on his abdomen, gripping the muscles and purring with satisfaction when they spasmed under her touch.

"Lower," he husked and she didn't think, just acted. Her palms ran heavily over the front of his slacks and she gloated when she heard his hoarse groan. He wasn't in as much control as he wanted her to believe. She unbuttoned the top and the pants fell open at the front, propped open and tented with his erection. "Wait," he muttered. "I'll get them." He raised himself manfully on his arms and feet like he was doing a pushup but casually used one hand to shove the pants down. He swore when he couldn't get them over the boots.

"I've got it..." Elly wriggled down to be able to reach them but stopped when she heard him choke back a startled cry. She'd moved enough so that she was face to face with the lump in his tight-fitting brief shorts. Face burning, she gently moved down the rest of the way and untied the boots, heaving to pull them off. Zoro immediately kicked his pants away and pushed himself higher so she could slip back underneath his now-trembling body.

"Your turn," he growled. Hands pulled off her shirt, tore down her jeans in an incredibly short amount of time. Breathless, eyes wide, she lay there with her chest heaving like someone in a romance story about to be ravished. His handling was rough and his attitude demanding, exciting. The big man stretched his arms over his head, chest rippling impressively as he eyed the pale woman laid out underneath him. He wanted to fling himself on the bed and have her but found himself wondering if that would be right. Instead he tentatively brushed a hand across her silk-clad breast and watched her flush and close her eyes. Zoro still wanted her to feel him long after they made love but he now had a different plan.

"Mmm, Zoro?"

"Shhhh." He kissed the hollow of her throat and she swallowed hard. His hand caressed her side, down her hip, rolling to the front to place a palm boldly between her thighs.


"Cat..." He meant it. He wanted to be gentle but she unaccountably fought back at the last minute, panic in her lavender eyes. He wasn't gentle but he was as thorough as he could possibly be and in the end she thrilled him with as passionate a response as he could have wanted.

And Zoro was satisfied as she clung to him later on, her breathing even as she slept beside him, some faint bruises on her neck and arms. She wouldn't try to leave him again. He wouldn't let her.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Big Cats

"Big Cats"
orig. 11/16/2007 *edited
Elly x Zoro (anthro & human)
Anime/Manga: ONE PIECE


Zoro frowned as the ship drew up to the port they'd been watching for the better part of a day. He picked the megaphone up from beside him and called down to the milling crew below.

"Yo, we're almost there!" He clearly heard the ruckus this caused from way above in his room. Shaking his head, he stood slowly and stretched, yawning. Damn it. And he'd just settled down for a good nap. Which brought up a point: where the hell had stupid cat been today? She had been anxious for days, almost as if she were anticipating something. He scratched his chest as he walked down the steps to meet with everyone below. Eh. It'd be all right. At least he could spend some time in the local tavern or something. That damned cook was tighter with the booze than he had to be.

"What?" That was Chopper. He sounded confused and excited at the same time. "What do you mean?" He'd gotten partway down when he heard her talking and paused, hand on the railing beside him.

"You can smell it, can't you? They're cats in that town." Her voice was panicked. The big man's eyebrows drew together in a frown.

What the hell.

"That sounds so awesome!" The captain was already bouncing out of the door to launch himself outside. Probably going to slingshot himself directly onto the docks if no one stopped him. "Hey, more animal people!"

"As long as they're like those others," Sanji grinned, recalling the wild hugging that had happened on Zou. He lit a cigarette with an ease born out of practice and gestured. "And we can buy some supplies again, that's good." He winked at Nami and started to say something else but Elly cut him off.

"It's not that great," Elly grunted. She was in a very rare form that they had hardly seen her assume. Lavender and darker purple striped fur covered her body while her face was all cat, not just the ears and fangs.

"Why not?" Zoro asked shortly. Elly jumped when she heard him, jerking away and almost cringing backwards with her ears laying back in distress. This wasn't like her and they all blinked.

"I have to look this way to escort you inside," she muttered. "I - I'd rather be all cat or half human. Plus, I'm a demon cat - they damn near worship me." This last was said in a barely-audible whisper.

"You're a celebrity?!" Chopper's eyes started to sparkle and he was clapping his hooves with glee. "You didn't tell us! Can I have your signature?" Elly's whiskers twitched as her eyelids half-closed in a sardonic expression.

"They'll pester me," she said. "Um. See - the guys -- that is, all the, uh..." Sanji raised a curly eyebrow from where he stood between the other two girls. Nami was tilting her head, straining to listen to see if she could possibly profit from the cat girl's "fame". Robin, however, was staring out at the clear blue water and the docks.

"We've arrived," she said quietly. There was scurrying about and by the time that they were ready to lower the plank everyone had almost forgotten Elly's strange almost-warning. But she hadn't. Zoro felt his arm touched hesitantly right before they left the ship.


"Would you do me a favor?" The nervous cat woman was biting her lip. He shrugged.

"What?" He sounded suspicious.

"Lean down a little and don't move." Zoro bent and his eyes widened as she rubbed her cheek against his. She wiped at one side and then the other.

"What the f-" He touched his skin. It felt slightly damp.

"Don't mess with it. I need that there." He couldn't be positive but it looked like she was embarrassed. She jumped to the side and was scurrying off before he could say anything else. He shrugged and followed.

The town was weird.

Zoro kept looking around, frowning at the cats staring at him. The big felines apparently weren't as interested in any of the others in their crew except that stupid cat and the tiny reindeer. Chopper created quite a stir amongst a group of lions but it was cleared up when they were firmly told he wasn't an open food source. Zoro's face grew more and more irritated as they walked deeper into the town. She tried explaining to them that she was the only one of her kind and they would treat her like royalty but they didn't understand until they saw how the townsfolk reacted. Luffy only got it when they were put up - free of charge -- at a beautiful hotel. The meal spread for them in the dining hall was of banquet proportions. His eyes lit up and he began to cram as much food in his stretching mouth as he could. Sanji yelled at him to behave and the girls shook their heads. Robin appeared to be laughing under her breath.

"Idiots," the swordsman muttered under his breath. And then cat sat down next to him, something she rarely did during mealtimes. He noticed her downcast features and shrugged. If she wanted peace and quiet there would be at this end of the table. The others were all caught up in a raucous feeding frenzy. Zoro just wanted ale at the moment. They'd been sitting for only a little while before they were approached. Two big cats, a mundane-looking tiger in ripped jeans and a snow leopard with quite a few piercings strolled up to Elly. The bigger one winked at her.

"The nekomata is beautiful," he purred lowly.

"Right," she snorted, casting her gaze to the side. She smelled trouble - literally. They were going to try and force the issue and had probably been watching her the whole time.

"Why do you dally with humans?" The leopard asked, wrinkling his pink nose in disgust. "That one might be big but he's still not worthy of your scent." Zoro's eyebrow raised and he lowered his cup of ale.


"I think she should see what a real male is like," the big one snarled. His upturned ears twitched. "One of her own kind."

"She can see her kind all around her." The swordsman's eyes were narrowed. He wasn't quite sure where this was leading but the air was thick with tension. He shifted slightly in the booth to allow for better access to his swords.

"Not all of us." He smiled, sharp fangs glinting in the tavern's dim light. Elly groaned. This was going to be bad.

"Beat it," she hissed at the two hulking males. "If you were taught any manners at all when you were kittens, remember them and back off!" Her eyes glowed angrily.

"Hnf." Zoro picked up his cup again and took a long drink. The tiger's tail had been lashing the whole time as he stood behind his friend. He stared hard at Elly and then at Zoro.

"Your scent lies," he growled finally. She blanched, slapping a hand across her muzzle. Shit! She was blushing but Zoro couldn't tell under the lavender fur. Only the cats could scent her embarrassment. Ha, embarrassment? Elly was mortified. This went far beyond embarrassment.

I don't know how I'm going to explain this, she thought worriedly. If this all came out right next to Zoro it would be very tricky to not have her secret exposed.

"You forget males can smell your status," the other laughed. "We can, anyway. Not him." He pointed at the scarred swordsman.

"Status? What the hell." Zoro glared at the two. "Go away."

"You can't keep her all to yourself, you're not her lord. Shit, you haven't even mounted her." Elly pulled on her long ears but Zoro leaped to his feet, his hand on his sword hilt.

"It's all right," Elly murmured with her face lowered. But Zoro placed a hand on her shoulder, startling her enough so she looked up at him. The big man understood what they were getting at this time. His eyes blazed.

"No," he said.


"No," Zoro growled at her. He unsheathed a single sword and pointed it at the biggest cat, the leopard. "Leave us. Now."

"The human has balls!" A small crowd of male cats had been gathering - and quite a few females, truth be told -- at the ruckus they'd been making. When the leopard roared this out loud all burst into laughter. "Come, human," he purred viciously, "so you will fight for your mate?"

Elly's head banged flat on the table. That's it. She was done.

Zoro, however, wasn't as slow as he appeared to be. He knew how a housecat will mark its territory by rubbing its cheek on something. Everything hadn't snapped into place immediately but a flash of insight had given him new understanding. It was enough for him to bend down and rub his cheek against hers now, staring belligerently at the two aggro males. Good, when he did that they appeared confused. The demon cat was, however, more than confused - she was completely shocked. She smacked the back of the booth with her suddenly erect tail, her purple eyes wide.

"We need to talk. Later," he grunted in her ear as he stood back up. The two stood side by side to fight him, backing up to give themselves room.

The results were relatively predictable. The others at their table didn't even move and in the end the greatest catastrophe was that Luffy whined they'd thrown some of his food onto the floor. Zoro sheathed his swords and stared hard at the trembling Elly.

"Go." He pointed at the exit of the banquet hall. Sanji raised a curled eyebrow but just as he was about to say something Nami kicked him under the table. Elly stood dejectedly and walked out. Her tail drooped and she slowly reverted to the more comfortable mixed form as she walked. Zoro fell in beside her as they walked the corridors where the crew's quarters were located. Silence reigned for a while and then he snorted.

"You marked me."

"I didn't mean to -" She was cut off by his direct look. Anything she might say to excuse herself would be wrong. She wouldn't - couldn't -- lie to Zoro. "Fine." She crossed her arms below her breasts and turned away from him. His intense stare was mesmerizing her like always but this time it was different. She didn't want to be so horribly embarrassed ever again. Her face was burning so hard in her human form it almost hurt, yet she couldn't lie to him and she wouldn't refuse any request he made. This sucked. She reached her room and unlocked it, gesturing for him to enter. He might as well if they were going to have this out.

"I marked you. Pheromones from my cheek to yours." Elly paused just inside the door, her brow wrinkling with confusion.

"What's it mean?" He firmly fixed the latch and walked over to her, implacable and demanding. He would know everything and there wasn't any stopping him. But when she looked up he was blushing. Zoro jerked his face to the right, earrings jingling. He swore quietly.

"Don't you get it from those two strays back there?" Elly's tone was clipped. She bit the words off as she spoke. "It's - it's like a hickey with my initials on it." She heard his breath catch roughly.


"A love bite." Elly sighed and put her hand up before her eyes. She was shaking and she hoped she could hold out for a little while longer. Then it would be over and she could break down if she needed to. She was too caught up in her thoughts to hear the big man moving closer. He reached out and carefully placed two warm palms on her shoulders. She froze.

"This?" His voice was the same as ever, grumbly and irritated. But it was much closer; next to her ear. She felt his breath puff on her neck and then his mouth pressed against her pale skin. Elly suddenly couldn't breathe. His teeth pressed on her tender throat and he was nipping, sucking hard enough to create a mark. She could feel stings as he bit, quickly washed away by the swordsman's tongue. His touch on her shoulders was so light she could barely feel it but his mouth worked hard on her skin, bruising and tearing the flesh. She finally cried out weakly and clutched his arm.


"Fnf." He pulled away with a faint speckle of blood on his lip. Blinking at her like one of the big cats back in the dining hall he slowly slipped his tongue out and licked it off, staring at her all the while.

"Even," he said quietly.

"Oh." Elly stared at him, stunned. She couldn't hold back any longer. "Is that it, then?" He cocked his head at her, green bangs swaying a little. One eyebrow raised as if he were only mildly curious. Zoro watched her squirm, calmly reading each expression as it flickered across her face. He frowned when he saw how close to tears she was under the surface. The frown was instantly read by Elly to mean that he rejected her hesitant offer. She opened her eyes wide so that the tears would hold back just a little while longer. He touched the side of her neck with a thoughtful hand.

"Did I hurt you?" She spun so fast that he was startled and even stepped back a pace.

"Yes!" She said in a clipped tone.

"Might need to be looked at." He leaned to the side, trying to peer at her shoulder.

"Yes." She struggled harder, hoping that he would continue to misunderstand her.

"I could go with you."


"You okay?"

"Fine!" Her answers were getting more and more desperate. The tears were still held back by some miracle but they threatened to spill over at any second.

"I could fix it," he said, his voice more quiet than gruff.


"Fix it." Zoro reached over to grip her shoulders again and pulled her close. She gasped. It didn't really even hurt where he thought it did, the big fool - what did he mean? She had meant he'd hurt her heart: he couldn't be serious. Everything went fuzzy, the world tripled as her vision glazed. He was gently kissing her neck, all around the bite.

All right, he wasn't stupid like that idiot cook thought. He just didn't know women that well. But from the moment the cat had rubbed his cheek on the ship until now he had been doubtful. He trusted his intuition and his ability to read his enemy. She might not be an enemy but she was an unknown variable he had to figure out. Her obviously embarrassed reactions and the way she had grabbed at him when his mouth had been on her was enough. The swordsman was a simple man and he trusted what he felt. This was easy; he would solve everything at once. She would know how he felt, the cats would stop bothering her about being a virgin and they would both enjoy every minute of it.


Elly was shaking so hard that he stopped and turned her, his hands resting on her back this time. He frowned again and this time she knew it was just a question. She bit her lip in response. Zoro shrugged and promptly kissed her right on the mouth. The response was so unexpected that she half fell, her legs buckling weakly like she always knew they would. He slipped his hands quickly to her waist and held her up, gently supporting her. One eyelid cracked open to stare at her sardonically - stupid cat, she could almost hear him saying -- and he pressed forward with his tongue. It was slick, warm and invasive but all he did was touch his to hers and look at her again. She sighed and opened her mouth, inviting him inside. Elly's hands tentatively wrapped around his thick neck and he rumbled approval as he kissed her.

His lips were full and felt smooth and soft against hers. He moved firmly, without any hesitation once she had let him all the way inside and Elly was soon swooning in his arms. Zoro's kiss was deep and demanding without being too rough. There was something in the way he held her that made her feel safe and wanted. Elly couldn't place her finger on it while he distracted her with his taste and touch, but when he pulled his tongue back she realized what it was. He was completely supporting her as she sagged against him. He held her to his warm, strong chest, cradling her to himself with obvious feeling. She moved her hands to place on his front and holding her breath slowly let her head sink onto his chest. His heart was beating very quickly.

She accepted him. Zoro felt a tight exultation, close to what he got from winning a battle. His blood pounded faster in his ears and he craved more risk. So when she rested her head against him he slid a hand down to stroke her lower back, close to her behind. He felt her tense momentarily but then she let out a long, hard breath, ruffling the white cotton of his shirt. His palm itched to touch and caress but he hesitated.

"Cat," he grunted suddenly.

"Wh - what?"

"I want to show you something." He squeezed lightly, closing his eyes a little and relishing the softness. She was so different than his body. He knew girls weren't like guys. He also knew she was made to fit him, but this was much better than he had thought it would be. Like something he had been missing without realizing it.

"Show me what?" He left off fondling her buttocks to cup her chin in his hands.

"Me." He watched her closely for a reaction as he stepped back and put his hands to his haramaki. Her eyes widened and the flush across her cheeks darkened. She didn't say anything so he pulled the soft cloth up and over his head, tossing it indifferently aside. His simple white shirt had pulled up a little, exposing the flat of his lower belly. Zoro's lips twitched with the hint of a smile. Her eyes had fixed on that patch of skin and she couldn't drag them away. He untucked his shirt with one hand, beckoning her closer with the other. Elly toddled over to him like she was in a dream. He was undressing. Roronoa Zoro was going to expose his chest for her gaze and - she gasped loudly when he took her hand and placed it under his shirt -- her touch. Her hand wandered of its own will, tracing the dig of scar tissue that rippled across his chest.

"Take it off."

"What?" She jumped. He nudged her free hand in encouragement.


"You're taller than I am." But she lifted the white cotton and he bent to accommodate her. The shirt was pulled over his green hair, causing his earrings to click together. The sweetly discordant jingling distracted her as if in a dream. Zoro saw what she was thinking and took her hand again, pressing it to his mouth. His eyes were closed and the blush on his face was softly brushed across a light frown. He kissed her hand, holding it against his lips for a long while.

"Don't do anything half-assed." He opened his eyes to stare into her confused gaze. "Don't hold back," he clarified, grunting. Another hand reached around and pulled her flush against him, sliding up her back to stroke her short-cropped lavender hair.


"Shouldn't have to." He shrugged, causing the woman in his arms to jiggle. "If you've wanted me for a long time, just say so, damn it. I'm not going to hurt you." Elly's mouth dropped open and Zoro laughed under his breath.

"Are you serious?"

"Always serious. Say it." He stared at her, his expression calm and unreadable. Elly began to squirm under that steady gaze. "Tell me, cat. I need to know."


"So I can do this right. I fought for you." He pointed at her throat. "Marked you, too. What comes next?" She gasped. What came next was something she never thought would happen. Then again she never thought he would kiss her, either. "Sex?" He asked quietly, startling her.

"Ah..." She could do nothing but stand and stare dumbly. Did he just say that? She felt his arms tighten around her. The scent of steel and musk filled the air, mixing with the faint smell of lavender.

"Or love?"

"Love you," she forced out in a little voice. "I love you." The second time it was easier, and when she said it he kissed her full on the mouth.

"Good," the swordsman murmured. "Wouldn't be right if you didn't." Her throat worked but no sound came out. She could only stare up a the big man, her eyes blurry from unshed tears. He shook his head and picked her up in those massive arms, looking casually around the room. The bed was all the way over there. He walked over to it, pausing only briefly to kick his shirt out of the way. Elly was comfortably settled under the soft, cool sheets and then the bed creaked alarmingly as he added his weight to it. Zoro swore to himself as he kicked off his boots.

"Do you love me?" She managed to ask as he joined her under the covers.

"I don't lie."

"You never said!"

"Ha!" He laughed. No, he hadn't. Zoro rolled over so he was looming above her. The bedsheets tented above them both, creating a dark little haven. "I didn't, did I?"

"Because if you're just doing this to - to help me or something, I..."

"Shut up." He kissed her. One kiss became several that grew deeper each time they met. "Stupid cat," he gasped between kisses. "Loved you," another kiss, "for a long time," a lick on her soft lips, "now."

"Oh my god." Elly twisted around in his gentle but firm hold. "Oh my god, Zoro, there's something else I need to ask..."

"Mnn?" He looked up, blinking. She slowly changed under his grip, smooth skin softening further as striped purple fur cushioned his palms. She lay underneath him in that other form, her ears all the way back and her eyes huge.

"Does this change anything?"

Zoro snorted.

The little fool, he thought, smirking at her in amusement. He didn't answer her but he reached down and grasped hold of her tail. Elly's eyes went even wider and she hissed weakly. Zoro tugged experimentally and then stroked. He noticed her ears were cocked to either side and her mouth was open in shock. The big man slid his hand further up the base until he was gripping close to her rear. She slid back into the human mix without even realizing it when he bent forward and nuzzled into the bruised skin on her neck. He'd seen wild cats do this on occasion and figured it was some sort of mating thing. He stopped when a sound began to invade his senses. She was purring: a soft, rumbling, pleased sound.

"Answer you?"


"Does that answer your question, kitten?"


"Do you like 'stupid cat' better?" He asked, lazily feeling her curves with his hands. They dragged over her shirt and jeans, roughly slipping the one up and the other down. Zoro was quite ambidextrous.

"I just never saw myself as a ... hey, oh." Elly wiggled back and forth. His hands weren't the only things touching her. He'd leaned forward, hungrily lapping at any exposed skin while his hands massaged and caressed. His rough hands, his hot mouth - she writhed, unable to concentrate on a single pleasure. It all felt too good.


"Nn...what?" His hands left their gentle torment and slipped under her, lifting her off the bed so he could slide the top over her head. Elly bit her tongue lightly, afraid to say anything stupid or let out the girlish shriek of glee that threatened to bubble out. He made her want to giggle like an adolescent for some reason. She forgot that in the next few moments as the big man completely overwhelmed her. His touches grew more demanding, his mouth pressed harder on her skin. It was all a blur, she moved when he urged her to and lifted legs when he said, never questioning why and scarcely feeling anything but his licks and kisses. Thus it was that she was shocked to discover that he had completely stripped her in minutes and was now devouring her belly with a slick tongue.

He seemed to want to cover her entire body with kisses, enjoying it as much or even more than she did. His growls of delight when she moaned spurred him on until he had reached her thighs. Elly tensed, her breathing faltering and stopping for a moment. Oh, he wouldn't... she clapped a hand to her mouth to stifle her cries, jerking half-upright at the waist.

He would.

He'd paused only a moment before nuzzling at her open body, curious, licking the folds and flaps and spreading them with his tongue. His hands held her to his mouth, firmly keeping her in place when she tried to jerk backwards.

"Wait, Zoro!"

"Why?" He purred, sliding the smooth wetness up and down and making it hard for her to think. "Does it hurt?" He stopped momentarily, looking up at her with concern.

"N - no, it just ..."

"I want to." He kissed the area he'd been attending to and moved up even more, probing now, seeking out something he'd heard about. She was probably not used to so much attention and was uncomfortable because he was catering to her instead of the other way around. Anyway, if he was right she'd quit that tiresome thinking in a minute. Zoro didn't understand why guys complained about doing things for women. He'd never cared that much so he hadn't bothered with sex at all. But this was fun. Wasn't it supposed to be that way? He thought the ones that didn't want to pleasure their ladies were fools. He wanted to make her feel better than she'd ever felt before. It was a challenge, he thought, bemused as he carefully kissed the small button of flesh he'd uncovered. He liked that idea and as her cries grew louder he moved his hands up and around to stroke her breasts.

"I want ... Zoro, I want you..." She was pleading, her hands stroking the back of his head. He closed his eyes tightly. His body was just as excited as hers was and it was difficult to go slow.

"All right," he replied quietly. His deep voice was serious and his eyes were even more so. "Let me go wash up and strip." He held out a hand when she opened her mouth. "No, I need to do it alone. Need to relax." Elly nodded when she saw how tightly his pants were stretched across his groin. She laid back and tried to breathe normally. Her heart was racing far too fast. When Zoro came back he would be naked. She would see him nude for the first time and be able to touch all of his body, to see if he had even more scars down there. Her palms felt itchy and she flexed her hands, thinking of his hard rear and how many time she'd wanted to squeeze it. To feel how firm it was.

"Wow," she gasped. Sounds of him brushing his teeth could be heard in the adjoining bathroom and then grunting as he pulled off his clothes. The door squeaked faintly as it opened and her eyes widened as he walked out.

Zoro wasn't embarrassed of himself in any way and it showed. He took excellent care of his body and every single part of him rippled as he walked. His abdomen was very clearly defined and as sculpted as his chest was. His thighs bunched and flowed with muscle as he walked silently over to her. Elly let her gaze flicker down to his ankles and smiled when she saw the scars encircling them. His legs were whipped around with thin lines as well, here and there, most barely noticeable. She sighed as he reached the bed and stood there patiently. His stance clearly stated that he was ready to stay there all night if she didn't look at all of him. She blushed and he raised an eyebrow.

"Zoro," she gasped, her face darkening further, the blush spreading. He grinned, abashed, rubbing at the back of his neck.

"Eh, is it all right?" He almost jumped when he felt her cool touch on his lower belly. Elly didn't hear him. She was lost in the contemplation of his manhood, flushed and ready as it was. There was a patch of dark green hair right above, curlier than what was on his head. She brushed close by it and he shivered. "Kit..."

"Shh." Her fingers danced down and lightly tapped the dripping head of his penis. Zoro winced. She was so gentle, her fingers so long and smooth. He clenched his teeth and bore the explorative touches as well as he could for some time. It wasn't until her hand curled completely around him that he choked. His head dropped and he bent to lay his hands on the bed on either side of her. She didn't stop, though, and he rumbled softly.

Elly wasn't prepared for his leap so she was caught completely off guard, falling backwards with a faint cry of protest. They bounced lightly onto the bed in a bare tangle of arms and legs. Her lavender eyes wide, she flailed about until she managed to grab at his hairless chest.

"Stop squirming," he admonished her gruffly.

"How - how can I..."

"Stop." He kissed her. Then, maybe because he finally couldn't control himself anymore, he did it again. And again. They parted only when they needed air, somehow managing to do it at the same time. This went on for many minutes, the only sounds in the room Zoro's low rumbles of affection and her gasps for air. He caught her leg in one hand and caressed it as she curled it around his waist. His tongue lapped at her lower lip in thought and then the big man shrugged. It was time. He would love her.

"Wait," she hissed, but he wouldn't listen. Her protest came from her human half, the side of her that wondered what the result of this would be. But her feline nature had already responded to the swordsman's advances despite what she might say aloud. Her thighs gripped his waist and her arms encircled his neck. He was her chosen mate and he wanted her. There was no denying his desire yet even in his urgency he was gentle.

"There," he breathed at last, his voice the softest she had ever heard it. Elly was still without speech, her eyes wide as she clung to the man she loved. It hadn't hurt like she expected; it hadn't hurt at all. What she felt instead was a fullness she could never have imagined. Zoro didn't move, letting her become adjusted to his very real presence inside her body for a long minute. He was hot, he was thick, and her excited body was already sending thrills from her pleasure center to her belly. He wasn't large as far as measurements went but his girth was rubbing her in a way that made her gasp every time he shifted on his elbows above her.


"Ah," he growled in her ear. "Have a name. Use that."

"S- sorry. I just..." Elly blushed and tried to hide but he kissed her mouth, preventing her from turning her face away.

"S'okay." Zoro's voice was a bit slurred as he was struggling to concentrate on not going too fast or too hard. He reared back above her, pulling partially out of her body before smoothly plunging back in. "It's just different."

And really attractive, the big man thought to himself. This woman didn't give herself to anyone but the man that conquered her and that made "milord" a title of honor that he could grow used to hearing. He'd heard the female cats saying it to the males earlier but hadn't quite grasped the meaning until now. Lots of things were falling into place tonight! Like his body, falling into hers... he shuddered. His firm length pressed and the skin slipped back and forth in a delicious way. He wanted to take it easy on her but it was better than his hand; it was warm and real. It was her.

"Oh," Elly sighed, eyes glassy. He'd dropped his head on the hollow of her shoulder and she rested her chin on his green hair as he thrust. This was more than just sex, she thought as she shivered with reaction. As girls they hadn't understood and all their giggling and talking about "it" in hushed tones at night when they were alone was nothing compared to the reality of Zoro loving her. She matched his movements with her own, riding up to meet his thrusts. His back was slippery with sweat and the muscles worked powerfully under her weakly gripping hands. He was straining, fighting against his body's compelling need to have this over with. She felt his lower belly when it slapped against hers and his abdomen was jerking violently.

"Need more of you," he choked quietly, startling her out of her reverie. His pace quickened, his breathing coming even faster, rough, ragged gasps of air as if he were losing a battle. Her own stomach suddenly tightened and she moaned loudly, caught off-guard at the burst of pleasure spreading through her. The burning joy radiated from her so hard she squeezed her eyes shut, blocking his dear sweet face from her view momentarily.

"Yes," she murmured, calmer now, but still in awe. And as she came to she felt it happening. The thing they'd discussed, what they hadn't known but could only speculate about. Her lover had stopped at last, his face contorted as if in pain. Then he, too, squeezed his eyes shut. His movements that had been smooth before turned jerky, his thrusts sporadic and halting. And then Zoro did something so unlike him that her heart flopped over in her chest. He once again dropped his hot, sweaty face to the hollow of her shoulder and he began to pant rapidly. His lower body spasmed and she soon felt fluid trickling down her thighs. It was sticky and she thought she knew what it was.

"Never-let-anything-happen-to-you," he breathed in an intense whisper, all in one rush of air. Sweat rolled off his face and onto her skin, hot, tear-like. His arms wrapped around her and he held her with terrifying strength for a moment.

"Thank you," she told him seriously.

"My job now," he said, his tone more normal. He looked down between their bodies and grimaced. "Oi, cat, this might be messy."

"Job?" He didn't say anything else but parted from her somewhat hesitantly. Still, she thought she knew what he meant. A shy smile brightened her features when he almost absently rubbed his cheek against hers. He was off the bed, rolling and on his feet the next minute but her grin grew wider when she heard him humming roughly under his breath.

She really enjoyed watching the smug, expectant looks fall right off the faces of every tomcat they met after that.

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