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Moy Mell, 11: Escalated Threats

"Moy Mell, 11: Escalated Threats"
orig. 12/15/2017
Zoro, Elly, Sanji, - PG-13
Original Concept, mixed fandoms


"Do you know how fucking early it is?" Sanji snarled, rubbing a hand at his eyes. His usually perfect hair was sticking up on the top in a single wisp and his clothing appeared to have been thrown on. He hated appearing slovenly, but a rumpled t-shirt and sweatpants was all he could manage when the security screen had awoken him.


"Dammit, moss head." It didn't help his fury that Zoro was, in all aspects, completely put together. He was not only awake, he was fully dressed and ready for the day - at 4 am! Sanji grumbled and dropped tiredly into a chair at the security office. No one else was there yet so they had complete privacy.

"Wake up, asshole." He shoved a cup of coffee at the other man. Sanji drank, grimaced at the taste and thought about complaining. Zoro's serious expression stopped him from whatever he might have been about to say, however. "She's had a death threat."


"Calm down, asshole," the big man hissed urgently. "The person won't know how to actually do it. But just in case, she's gonna have to bite it - I'm coming back to be with her all day."

"But - but she'll be upset, oh, fuck, yeah, either way." He paused, almost fully awake now. "Crap."
"Yeah. Too bad." Zoro huffed. "You'd better let her know I'll be around again. But don't say anything about the threat. She doesn't need more stress."

"Tell me about it." He moved the chair back as if to get up but Zoro stopped him quickly, catching the back of the seat in one hand.

"I will. Stay."

Sanji bristled. "I'm not a dog, you idiot!"

"No, but you're going to listen or I'll beat the crap out of you." He bent down to glare ominously at the smaller man. "This time the mail directly involved you."

"Wh - what?"

"The person said that your relationship's fake. Either they know this shit was contrived -"

"We really are dating," Sanji spoke through clenched teeth. "I love her."

Zoro grunted. "Or," he went on, ignoring him, "they're pissed because it's you. The drugging happened in your restaurant, now this. Somebody's jealous."

"Ah, something you know about."

"I'll cut you." The comeback came out automatically. "Any bitch act interested in you there? You flirted with them all, didn't you?"



"You're a fucking neanderthal," Sanji snarled. "'Bitch'. How dare you call the beautiful ladies that work for me such a name."

"See," Zoro sighed, "That's what I'm fucking talking about. You act like this, maybe one thought you were interested and now she wants to hurt my cat."

The blond man was shocked at first by what he had said, then slowly realized Zoro had only slipped up because he was deep in thought. He didn't know what he had said. It confirmed Sanji's suspicions but he wisely chose to say nothing. He swallowed back a few choice retorts as well. "Um. I may have acted that way with them all."
"Of course."

He bit his lip. "I always say that I'm only appreciating their beauty, because..." His eyes widened. "Oh. Oh, no."


"This is my fault."

Zoro blinked. The usually suave man was trembling in his chair, tears slipping down his cheeks. "The fuck -"

"I tell them I'm committed to her if they push. Some do, you know, I - I don't really want to catch anybody, I just like to fool around, and..." He gulped. "Holy shit, this is all my fault, isn't it?"

"You're jumping to conclusions, idiot!" He shook him a little. "Even if that's true you didn't want it to happen."

"Still, you'd better ask the waitresses some questions."

Zoro raised an eyebrow. "No girls in the back?"

"No, actually, we've never had any apply for cooking. Is that weird?"

"I don't know. Just... don't let her see you like this. You're supposed to make her feel better. Distract her today, remember?"

"Yeah." He grabbed a paper towel from a roll sitting on Zoro's desk and cleaned himself up. "Crap. If anything happens to her because of something I did, though ... you know?"

"I get it."

"Uh huh."

"All right." He took a deep breath. "I'll fix a big breakfast. If she asks what's up, I'll act like it's because you're coming back for her safety and I wanted to distract her from that. She can't really argue, you know."

- -

Sanji was definitely wrong about that.

Several hours later there was a commotion in the kitchen like none other. Elly was standing in one corner, the chef in another, trying to desperately defuse the situation before it got any more out of control. A guard was already in place, but he was in hiding, a silent companion that shadowed her every move. Zoro knew his team member was there, however much the nekomata acted like he wasn't. Her tail frizzed out and shaking angrily behind her, she shook her head and pointed at the door leading to the main entrance.

"Oh, no! I'm not ready to be around him all day again!" Zoro winced from behind that very door. He should have known she'd smell him.

"Angel, honestly, all he wants to do is make sure you're safe. You know he does a good job."

"Ugh!" She slammed her palms down on the counter in frustration and called out in a voice obviously intended for the waiting man to hear. "All right, get in here so I can talk to you."

He strode in confidently, his face expressionless. "Good morning."

"Bullshit. Come here."

The big man squinted at her standing in the morning sunlight shining through the patio doors. "If you want to talk, can't we do it in private?" He glanced pointedly at Sanji, who was trying to figure out when and if he needed to interrupt.


Zoro sighed a long-suffering sigh. "Every single thing I do is to protect you. Everything." He made eye contact with her as he walked forward. When he got close she looked uneasy but didn't move from where she had sat down in her usual spot by the counter. "Got it?"

"I do. Okay? But I'm still really pissed at you."

"Yeah," he shrugged. "I know."

"I'm not even sure why," she admitted with a little frown on her face. "I'm just... I don't know."

"Good enough for now."

"Is it?" She blinked up at him.

"Yeah." He looked away quickly before she could see his expression.

"Angel," Sanji called out in a singsong voice, "Bacon's ready!" Thankfully that concluded the discussion since she stopped everything to race over at the mention of crispy pork fat. Zoro thought for a moment, then slowly backed into a darker corner of the room and stood still, watching silently. This would be his place for at least a few days, until she forgave him.

He hoped it wouldn't be too long.

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A Christmas Gift

"A Christmas Gift"
orig. 12/19/2007
Zoro x Elly, adult *self bondage, spanking
(The self-bondage bits were actually taken from a how-to guide back in the day, they should be close to what the manual showed and actually work!)

Zoro stared hard at the bright red ribbon laying on his mattress for several moments. It was around an inch and a half wide and it was that shining holiday crap most of the presents this time of year were wrapped in. He took up a length of it in his hand and let it run out again, a thoughtful look on his face.

He sighed.

He couldn't tell if this was a good idea or not, but he didn't have money to buy her anything. The ribbon was left over - a small spool from the stupid cook's gift-wrapping extravaganza this afternoon -- and it would be enough. He stood up and stretched, pushing his arms up at the ceiling forcefully.

Then he stripped.

The shirt came off over his big chest and neck first. He pulled it off slowly, still thinking, not really paying attention. He was about to toss it in a corner when he snorted and folded the white cloth instead, setting it aside. He reached for his haramaki and pulled that down past his legs, carefully stepping out of it. The swordsman remembered a time when he could have yanked the stretchy green material over his head but his chest was too built for that now. Zoro scratched absently, yawning a little as he unbuttoned the flap on his slacks. The top popped open and stayed that way, a little "v" of skin showing as he glared at the ribbon again. He shrugged and yanked the black fabric down and away. He had already unlaced and shook off his boots but now he frowned, a thought popping into his head.

He laced them back on.

The big boots were large and manly; she always said they were "combat boots" and he had liked that saying. He felt better with them on. Less exposed and more ready for what he had in mind. The sign was already on the door, he'd warned the rest of them to stay away from him tonight. It was late on Christmas Eve and she would be here any minute so he had to hurry and wrap her gift. Zoro ran a hand through his short green hair and flexed his arms once or twice. He picked the ribbon up and flicked it loose from the spool, doubling the entire length up in his hand. Then he hung the piece around his neck. It tickled his loins below and he stared incredulously down at himself. Shit. This was exciting him. His penis rose straight up towards his belly. He was almost poking himself.

Zoro blushed wildly and swore. He quickly pulled the bottom ends around his middle and then up under the rope around his neck. Taking one side of the ribbon in each hand, he slipped it under his arms and back, knotting it again in various places so it would hold better. He took a fresh bandanna up from his bed where he had laid it in readiness and wrapped it around his mouth, gagging himself loosely. The big man flopped onto the bed and used a smaller piece of ribbon to tie his ankles together. Since he had his boots on he was actually tying the leather together. He noticed in passing that this made it more secure.

"Now for the hard part," he muttered through the cloth in his mouth. Zoro placed his wrists behind his back. He looped one free piece of ribbon that was attached to the bound parts on his chest and his neck around it, then used the wrapped wrist to overlap the other, tying them together. He could easily escape, yes, but that wasn't the point. He swallowed hard and turned his head to the side on the pillow. He heard footsteps outside his door. The big man blushed harder and squirmed a little. Bound, gagged, and laying there nude he began to have second thoughts. He started to sweat lightly. He could pull these apart in a second, but no - the door had opened while he was panicking. Zoro's worried expression coupled with the position he was in fit perfectly. He heard the door snick softly shut by itself.

Elly walked into the room haltingly, her hand pressed to her mouth and her eyes wide. Her stunned gaze took in the dim lighting, the way the red ribbon shone in contrast to her lover's green hair above and below. She hadn't known what to expect when he had told her to come to his room that evening - lovemaking and a gift exchange, yes, but she had never imagined the gift would be himself. Her eyes were drawn to the scar she loved to touch, broken up by the intermittent red stripes across his chest. It was perfect. Zoro finally looked up, his eyes half hidden in the dark shadows across the top half of the bed. He was laying wide open and completely exposed for her and as she came closer his firm member twitched on its own, bobbing slightly.

"Zoro," she murmured. "You're enjoying this." She reached out to touch his stiff member, tracing the tip in wonder. She'd never thought this was his style. She giggled wickedly. "What a naughty boy."

Zoro's heart almost stopped from shock. But he relaxed as much as he could, lifting his neck on the pillow and spreading his legs as far as they would comfortably go. Holy crap, how did she know just what to say? His throat tightened in anticipation. This had better be worth it - his embarrassment was extreme, but if she enjoyed herself he thought he made his point. He would do anything for her, even give himself this way. Zoro closed his eyes but soon found it made the situation worse. When she leaned down to kiss him lightly on the cheek he almost jerked backwards.

"Unnf!" He couldn't help trying to snap at her. Fighting was in his blood, though his fantasies might be otherwise. The gag stopped him short, cutting his words off and muffling them. He snarled in frustration and his heart started to beat faster. He couldn't even say anything, what was he supposed to do to make this good for her? Elly pulled back after she kissed him and he felt her hands stroking his hair. Her purple eyes were dark and seemed distant, dreamy. Zoro blinked, startled, as she ran a caressing finger along the tip of his nose. Then she kissed it. His face was soon covered in soft kisses. She kissed his eyelids, his cheeks, nose and lips, her hands following her mouth as she moved along. The big man found he was holding his breath and he let it out in a weary sigh through his mouthful of bandanna. She always surprised him.

He closed his eyes as her hands slid down his chest, toying with the red ribbons. His muscles jumped and twitched under her feathery fingertips. They glided along his lower belly, teasing each sculpted bulge in his abdomen. Zoro scowled, the expression slightly twisted because of the gag. He knew being tied up would be a partial mistake. He gasped and tossed his head to one side as Elly kissed below his navel. Her hands gripped his thighs and she was soon kissing them, her breath hot on his sweaty skin. She brushed lightly against his tense balls and he jumped despite his determination not to. Her other hand was massaging his exposed rear, taking advantage of his spread legs to tease that sensitive area she knew he loved. Zoro grit his teeth and tried to relax but he couldn't. His nature betrayed him and when he felt a warm lick on one of those rounded cheeks he growled and snapped his wrists free. The first thing he did was rip the gag out of his mouth.

"Come here!"

"Couldn't do it, could you?" Elly laughed softly. "That was really sexy, though." She got up and wrapped her arms around the swordsman's thick neck as he kissed her hungrily. She wiggled around on top of him until they were both comfortable enough and then sighed.


"I like how playing with your ass turns you on." She stifled her giggles when he pulled a mortified face. The expression was one of the reasons she loved him; his facial features were either comic or grim and foreboding. He had no in-between. "You didn't think I wouldn't know, did you?"


"Zoro." She brought his face up to hers. "We've been making love for a long time now. You know my quirks and I know yours, too." He made a grunting sound of agreement and bit her on the neck. Elly gasped loudly and dipped weakly in his arms.

"Point taken," he smirked.

"Ha." She panted. "Ha. Funny... coming from a man who was just tied up a minute ago."

"Didn't have any money." He shrugged. "Thought I'd just wrap myself."

"I didn't know what to get you, either," she said quietly. "I thought I would ask if there was anything you wanted." Zoro's eye twitched.


"Like this. In bed," she explained, gesturing with one arm. "Is there anything you would really like me to do for you?" She watched as he choked, pointed at his neck and tried to pass it off as a cough. "Geez, we've seen each other naked. It's not like doing it any other way is going to make me laugh or think less of you."


"Do you want me to spank you?" Zoro's face surpassed red. It went directly to purple.

"Cat!" He covered his eyes with one hand. The ribbon bits were still dangling from his wrist and she tugged on one.

"Come on," she urged. "Let me do something for you. You're a hard man to shop for, Roronoa Zoro." She tapped his hand and he peeked through it cautiously. "You have everything you need."

"Yes." He frowned and slipped both arms around her waist, holding her tightly. Elly laughed again, her lavender side locks swinging as she tilted her head back. She loved how he said things like that. The statement was always simple but mixed with his actions it meant more.

"Zoro..." she purred, cajoling. Her hands slipped as far underneath him as she could, wriggling until she gripped his ass. He gave her a sour look. She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Hit me." The big man turned his face to one side so she couldn't see the blatant lust in his dark eyes.


"There, damn it." He choked a little on the admission. Elly removed her hands and stood up at the side of the bed.

"You'll have to get up and bend over, love." Her breath caught in her throat at how fast he complied. The red ribbon was still tied around his middle, neck and wrists although he was freed. His boots were still on, even now, body covered in a light sheen of sweat and he was bent over, face buried in the pillow. She could hear his hoarse breathing even though he'd intended to try and muffle it. "You'll need to breathe," she gently reminded him. Zoro swore sulfurously and turned his cheek to one side.

His rear was up in the air, tight and round and waiting. She'd always known he liked to have it stroked and tickled, but had never actually hit him. She raised her hand and lightly patted.

"I'm not gonna fucking break," he growled. Elly bit her lip and slapped harder. The contact caused a light flush on the otherwise pale skin. He twisted below her, eyes squeezed tightly shut. It was odd, she thought as her hand connected again, he never seemed weak to her. Even as she spanked him, more firmly now when he didn't complain, he maintained an air of powerfulness. She knew he could whirl around and overcome her in a few seconds.

He chose not to.

Zoro was gasping, his hard member bright red at the tip and dripping with need. He made no move to touch himself but made a soft sound of ecstacy at every slap now, as if he was making love. Elly's cheeks burned. Damn. This was the sexiest gift she'd ever gotten.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he was chanting, face down, teeth bared. For someone who never spoke rudely when they made "normal" love, he was a match for Sanji's vocabulary when she did something like this. She caressed his rear gently, then cracked him as hard as she could against both cheeks. Zoro snapped at the pillow, catching it in his teeth and shaking it like a wild animal. Every slap seemed to connect right to his penis, thrilling him in a way mere sex usually didn't. It was more like a struggle and he was falling into a dangerous, lustful daze. He bit his tongue viciously, making his eyes water. The momentary pain in his mouth worked and he looked up, focused again.

"Keh," he panted. "Need you... I need you." He dropped his head again and shook it, spraying small flecks of sweat. "Get under me."

"Yes, my love." She smiled when her answer caused him to shudder all over. Her outfit wasn't anything exciting, just a red sweater and jeans. They looked pretty laying next to the green haramaki and his white shirt, folded and now laying on the floor. Zoro didn't watch as she stripped her underwear off but he raised himself when he felt a hand on his shoulder.


"You all right with that?"

"Fine." His brow was furrowed as she slid underneath his body. "Any way you want." He paused before moving forward. "Hey, stupid cat."


"Heh." He moved forward smoothly, causing them both to gasp. As he sank inside her body he knew he wouldn't last long this time; he was too excited. But it didn't matter.

"Merry Christmas."


There was always Christmas Day.

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Moy Mell, 10: Furensics

"Moy Mell, 10: Furensics*"
*(sic; pun intended, sorry)
orig. 12/13/2017
Zoro, Elly, Sanji, Jackson Jekyll - PG-13
Original Concept, mixed fandoms


It was a fairly warm afternoon and Elly was resting in the mansion after some morning work. She had decided to relax in the living room and Sanji had followed after he'd finished his prep work for lunch. They were lounging in the sunlight streaming in from the huge window on the far side of the room, not really talking about anything. Elly was half-dozing as cats will when she suddenly flinched. She touched her forehead briefly and growled deep in her throat, an angry sound that caused Sanji to glance down at her.

"Are you going to be mad at that big ass forever, love?" Sanji brushed her hair back from her cheek, speaking softly in a soothing voice. "I mean, I personally don't care, but..."

Elly frowned and pulled away a little. "Maybe a while longer. And he can do his job without being with me all day and night."

"Hush, angel." He hugged her lightly, urging her to come back and cuddle. Reluctantly, she let him completely wrap her in his wiry arms, enveloping her in his smoky scent. She rested her head on his chest, curling up on her side with her striped tail flicking slowly back and forth across the end of the couch. "I know that's some serious stuff he did. But he protects you, and the more people we have doing that, the better. That's why I care."

"Serious stuff," she sniffed.


"I couldn't move for half a day and all night! And... and it hurts." She knew she was behaving badly, but it stung deeply that the big man had used the prayer slip. She'd been bound before in her early days and it hadn't felt so terrible. She clutched at his arm and sniffled a little. "He could have just held me down. He didn't need to do that."

"Eh." Sanji squirmed a little. On one hand, he had witnessed what happened and knew Zoro had been forced to use the blessed paper. On the other, if he told her, she would know that she'd left his side for the other man as soon as she'd seen him. Not only that, but she'd attacked him fiercely, suggesting to Sanji that she had wanted Zoro more. He swallowed hard past the sudden lump in his throat. He hoped when she gave him this chance he could make her see how much he cared for her. He'd been lucky, and he was going to make her happy so they could be together. Why ruin things the second day of the relationship? As he was struggling with these thoughts she suddenly sighed, and he realized she had fallen asleep. He blew out air softly from between his teeth in a low whistle. "That's right, it's okay." He stroked her hair gently with his free arm, staring out the windows where James was trimming some of the rose bushes outside. He wondered how the investigation was going, and if they'd have news soon.

- -

Zoro had been busy assigning guards for the entire week since she didn't want him around. His team were on edge since the big man's mood was horrible, but they were happy enough to get a chance to be placed on duty more often. He'd also spent the morning coordinating events with the public relations manager, Neuro. He hated that smarmy demon sometimes, especially since the bird bastard was the only one who actually knew how he felt about Elly. He only kept silent because it meant more opportunities for chaos. Zoro's mood was even bleaker after their exchange, but he pressed on anyway and headed into a special room to check on the investigation of her stalker.

There was a building in the security offices that no one really knew about. It was deep down in the basement, built well enough so it wasn't damp or anything like basements usually were but quite dark and cool on its own, even in the summer. Zoro opened the door after knocking perfunctorily, not bothering to wait for an answer before heading inside. The faint smell of chemicals accosted him at once and he wrinkled his nose but said nothing as he approached a lean figure bending over a table filled with beakers and tubes. Something under a microscope completely held the person's attention, so much that he walked directly up and tapped him on the shoulder before he got a reaction.


"Jackson!" Zoro snapped. "It's me. Relax."

"Uh. Yeah." The young man seated in the simple desk chair gasped as he fought to regain his breath. He was wearing a button-down laboratory coat and black slacks with loafers on his feet. His hair was brown but fell across the side of his face in a shock of yellow. The dyed part was not enough to obscure his thick black glasses or the huge brown eyes behind them, however. He stared at the head of security, startled but instantly understanding why he was here. "Wait a minute, okay." He leaned forward and accidentally bumped into the lens of the microscope.

"Damn it, kid..."

"Oops." Jackson laughed sheepishly while Zoro palmed a hand over his face. "Ah... ha ha, sorry." He cleared his throat and went on, "So I've got two sets of partials from the cup Knuckles sent over and the original letter. I should be able to eventually match enough to create a print we can go on. It's delicate work, though, and will take awhile."

"Great." Zoro scratched his chest inside the big green coat he wore, one hand disappearing momentarily. "No bad news, then?"

"Nope." The thin man pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. "Except that my - ah, other half comes out at night and he's not adept at anything scientific. So we'll be slowed down a bit."

Zoro shrugged this off. "You need breaks."

"Technically, it's not a break..." Jackson groaned when he turned around and saw he was talking to thin air. "Darn it! He always does that." A chameleon suddenly whisked into view on his lab table, blushing a bright yellow shade when he saw his friend was alone again. "He's not that scary, Crossfade." The lizard slowly licked an eyeball, his gaze unwavering. "Okay, okay," he hedged, "You're right. He's terrifying. And I went to school with monsters, for goodness' sake."

Outside the lab door, Zoro stood very still. His gaze was far away, lost in thoughts that were making him frown deeply. The skinny kid said he was more terrifying than a monster. He winced, a hand coming up to rub at his cheek. His past rushed at him before he could suppress it like he usually did: a female voice shrilly screaming that damned word, a slap, and the feeling of being alone for the last time before coming here. The door closed behind him and he jumped, jerking his hand away as he was brought violently back to the present. He didn't have time for that now. He had to do his job, whether his boss - he deliberately did not use the word "mistress" like the other men did, even though she was a demon -- wanted him around or not. Zoro's expression firmed and he strode out of the small building, heading to the bullet car that would take him back to the mansion.

Sanji had almost fallen asleep along with Elly when he heard the front door slam shut. He nearly fell off the couch when he heard the telltale clomp of the bodyguard's boots on the marble tiles. "Oh, shit."

The door to the living room opened. "Cat?"

"Shhh!" Sanji waved frantically about, trying to keep his voice low enough so she didn't wake. "She's sleeping, you moron." Zoro surveyed the scene in front of him as he came forward. The cook's long legs were stretched the full length of the couch with his back resting on the armrest on one side. A generous amount of pillows were plumping him partially upright. On his chest and part of his lap lay the demon lady, pale and worried-looking with her hand clinging to his right arm as she slept. Sanji raised a curly eyebrow at him. "Well?"

"Ugh," Zoro grunted shortly. He went and sat in the chair on the far side, closer to Elly.

"Honestly," the bond man sighed, closing his eyes momentarily in disgust. When he opened them he was calmer and didn't taunt the big guy like usual. "Anything new?"

"The nerdy kid -"

"Jackson?" He asked sourly.

"Yeah. Nerdy kid."

"He's not a kid, you know," he pointed out shortly. "He's what, 23 or something..."

"Whatever. He's got prints. Might be able to find out who they are."

"Good," he sighed in relief, absently snuggling Elly closer to him. "They should check the restaurant first. Someone in there obviously had the access to drug her cup." His expression hardened fiercely. "I want to know who out of my own staff would do something like that. And I want them gone."

"Could have been anyone, even a customer." Zoro shrugged, trying not to look directly at the couple and wishing he hadn't decided to sit down.

"I guess."

"I better go." He stood up slowly, obviously trying not to make a lot of noise. "Gym," he announced somewhat cryptically and left for the elevator.

Sanji breathed a lot easier after their exchange. At least they were on the right track to finding the person who had started all this drama. He might even end up wanting to thank them for how it turned out.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Merry Christmas, Stupid Cat

"Merry Christmas, Stupid Cat"
orig. 12/unknown
Zoro x Elly, PG


"Are you serious?" Sanji raised a curly eyebrow at the big man standing next to him. There was only a grunt in reply and he nudged him with his shoulder. "You're serious. You don't know she likes you?"

"Idiot," Zoro muttered. "Maybe I don't care."

"Right. If you didn't care you wouldn't look so nervous." He tapped a thick-soled shoe on the wooden planks of the ship.

"I do not look nervous!"

"You're sweating."

Before Zoro could retort the door behind them opened and the ladies walked in together. They were all dressed in glittering outfits: Nami in green, Robin in red and Elly was clad in silver. It was all very festive and the girls flanking the nekomata were showing off quite a bit of skin. Sanji took one brief moment before he started gushing to peek at the swordsman's reaction and it was well worth it. He looked like he was being strangled by an invisible hand around his throat and he turned and clomped away into the safety of a darker corner by the holiday tree they had set up.

Elly looked distinctly uncomfortable in her dress although it was far more modest than what the others were wearing. She wasn't used to the outfit; it was lower than anything she'd ever worn before. She slunk off to the same corner Zoro was hiding without even realizing it.



They stared at each other for a long moment, ignoring the screaming and crashing noises coming from the rest of the room and inadvertently leaning together. Just when it was getting uncomfortable the tree suddenly lit up and they weren't in the dark anymore. Both turned a bright shade of red as everyone whooped and hollered suggestively.

Zoro was the first to recover. "Shut up!"

"I told you the dress would be a good idea," Robin murmured. Several others chimed in but the big man wasn't listening anymore. He scowled as he stood up but Sanji placed a hand flat on his chest, pointing up with his right. Zoro's eyes widened as the flushed color drained from his face rapidly.

"No, Sanji." Elly rolled her eyes. "Mistletoe isn't compulsory."

"But -"

"No. He obviously doesn't want to." She sniffed and raised her chin in the air, expression firm. "Don't tease him, all right? It's a holiday and that's no fun!"

"It is fun. It's one of my favorite past times," He grumped. Elly patted Zoro briefly on the arm before moving away towards the chairs in the middle of the room. The green-haired man stood frozen in place, eyes baffled.

"What the hell just happened?"

"You really hurt her with that one, idiot." Sanji looked backwards over his shoulder, his visible eye worried. "Nice job."

"The f-"

"Oh, hell. It's the holidays." He straightened and dipped into his pocket to bring out another small clump of the little berry plant, pressing it into the startled swordsman's hand. His voice dropped lower, for Zoro's ears only. "Fix it. It's not right for this embarrassed bullshit anymore. Go find her and give her a gift she won't forget."

Red-faced with his mouth hanging open, the bigger man looked like he was about to smash a fist in Sanji's face but he rolled his shoulders back instead, a grim look settling over his flushed features.

"We'll talk later," he growled before pushing past.

He was muttering to himself as he stormed down the halls, absently tracking her light lavender scent without even realizing it. He simply knew where she was - always did. This wasn't something that Zoro questioned or thought about; it was a fact of life now, akin to how he could always smell that idiot cook's cigarettes from a distance or pick Luffy's squeals of glee out of a crowd. As a matter of fact he could still hear Luffy. He winced at a particularly shrill note in the Captain's throes of meat-induced ecstasy as he paused at the door to the common room. He shrugged, then entered without knocking.

"Came here to get away from the noise?" She was seated on one of the low divans near a porthole. The phrase was amiable enough but she spoke very strangely, completely deadpan.


"Oh. Well, I was just about to go get some food." She got up and brushed her legs off fussily, more so she wouldn't have to face him than anything. Zoro circled around quickly while she had her eyes averted and stepped close beside her. He'd snatched up her hand before she even knew what was happening and pulled her backwards to him. He was a couple inches taller than Elly, so she had to peer up to stare incredulously at him.

"What the hell -"

"I owe you." He calmly held the mistletoe cluster up in front of her startled eyes and then kissed her. It happened so fast that she didn't know what was happening  at first but the warmth and softness of his lips against hers convinced her it was real. She kissed back, tentatively at first then more firmly when he answered her response with the gentle touch of his hands on her shoulders. When they finally parted both were breathing hard. She glanced around, thinking of what to say and saw the little plant he'd held in his hand had been negligently tossed on the table next to them.

"You didn't have to, you know."

"Merry Christmas," he mumbled.

Moy Mell, 9: Don't You Want Me

"Moy Mell, 9: Don't You Want Me"
orig. 12/06/2017
Zoro, Elly, Sanji, Volkner - PG-13
Original Concept, mixed fandoms


Neuro was fast - he'd told them it would only take a short while and he was right. Word spread, and reporters jumped at the chance to speak to them about what had happened. Sanji went into his room aside the kitchen to freshen up after Elly had eaten. Some time after this Zoro skulked by looking more pissed off than usual. She flicked her tail and turned away from him. For some reason she was angry at the big man, understandable since he had done the unthinkable to her as a demon. She didn't have any mark to show what had happened, but the skin on her forehead still hurt. Elly also didn't know what had possibly happened to force him to such extreme measures. In her mind, he could have just restrained her; she believed he was strong enough.

"It's in a quarter of an hour."

The big man sighed, shifting his words around on the sash he wore around his coat. "All right," he said shortly. "Grab the shitty cook and let's go."

"No," she stated flatly.

Zoro froze in his tracks. "You said what?"

"I said 'no'," Elly repeated firmly. Her ears laid down against her skull, a clear indication that she was upset yet she continued. "I don't want you. Pick someone else."

"But ..." He reached out, barely knowing what he was doing.

"Pick someone else." She shrugged off his hand on her shoulder, walking quickly to the kitchen door and out to the main entrance. Zoro stared stupidly as the door shut in front of him, then swore softly under his breath. He chose two guards he trusted the most for the task and sent them a quick message to let them know. When he was certain they were on their way, he angrily crammed his phone back into his haramaki and stormed off to the gym. He was not alone but there weren't many that stayed when they saw his thunderous expression. In fact, only one was left, a spiky-haired man he'd rarely seen around and didn't pay attention to now.

He stripped to the waist and went through a few different routines before resorting to his favorite, weight lifting, when the conference began. Several large screens scattered throughout the gym were broadcasting and he watched grimly as he pulled two huge barbells slowly in each hand.

Neuro, Sanji and Elly with the two guards he'd picked had all gathered at the gardens in front of the main mansion. There were many that weren't available to the public and were perfect for events like this, safely keeping some distance from the compound while providing a buffer from the park fans. The couple announced their relationship and Sanji kissed her cheek, blushing and sliding an arm about her waist. Photos were taken in abundance, enough so that the blond cook snuck in a few more kisses. Elly started to giggle when he overdid the smooching, grabbing his tie in one hand and tugging to signify that they needed to talk to the press, not just pose. He looked forlorn and everyone laughed.

"Sorry, folks," he smiled. "I get carried away - you can see why, right?" His smile turned into a huge grin, clearly unfeigned. He stole yet another quick peck on her cheek and she groaned theatrically.


"Sorry, sorry." He held his hands up.

"It's okay." She absently kissed him this time and his eyes widened comically. More photos, more laughter and overall there seemed to be a feeling of goodwill. Things were working beautifully; no one mentioned the stalker in their haste to ask questions about their new relationship. He brought the recent incident up first.

"Again, it's my fault," he apologized meekly, looking down. He lifted his head, bringing the full impact of his blue eyes upon the cameras. "I asked her to be mine yesterday, and I was far too romantic. The poor dear fainted." He took her hand in his and lifted it to his lips. One of the female reporters actually fanned herself with the notecards she held in her hand and another cameraman caught this on tape. It went viral almost immediately after someone mixed the scenes, showing how it happened in sequence.

"I did," Elly admitted shyly - it was true, after all -- and there was some scattered applause. The questions came faster after this, but they had agreed to only so much time and it was soon over. The couple stood, the guards hovering discreetly in the background, and Sanji paused as he caught sight of them. He let go of her hand and made certain that he was facing everyone in the gathering.

"That said, know this," he stated in a deadly quiet voice. "I will personally kick the living shit out of anyone that tries to hurt my lady."

Back in the gym, Zoro ground his teeth together, setting the weights he held down with excessive force. "Little fucker," he spat. "Talking trash you can't back up."

The other guy heard him and walked over from where he'd been heading to the showers. "He's really protective of her, you know."

"Shut up, Volkner," Zoro grunted.

But the pokemon gym leader pressed on. "And he's strong. What makes you think he can't back it up?" When Zoro swore louder at him he stepped back a pace. "Wait, you know that. You guys've fought before." He gasped, a hand stealing to his mouth to conceal the hint of a smile. "Don't tell me you wanted -" Unable to sense the danger, he only got part of this last sentence out because the big man rolled off the weight bench in one fluid movement, grabbed his swords and unsheathed one with a steely rasp. "Crap!"

"Get out!" He glared at him across the shining blade, veins standing out in his neck. The dark pupil in his single eye looked tiny, the bulging white dwarfing it in his rage. The other man had never seen Zoro this way before, and he didn't want to stick around to see what would happen if he pushed him farther. He rushed for the elevator, thinking he'd be better off taking a shower in his own apartment than risking being anywhere near the swordsman right now. Zoro stood half-crouched, breathing hard as he slowly slid his sword back into the sheath. "Shit," he muttered shakily, running a hand through his hair and ruffling the bangs that had grown a little long over his forehead the last month or so. Better stay up here the rest of the night, he thought wearily. There was food enough in the kitchen area and bar in front of the arcade, and he'd told those two to guard her the rest of the day. He could also watch from the security screens if need be.

He sat with a thump onto the weight bench, still hunched over. Elly had told him she didn't want him. Not 'not today' or 'now'. She had said, 'I don't want you'.

Try as he might he couldn't stop hearing her say it over and over again in his mind.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Moy Mell 8: Is There Such a Thing as Bad Publicity?

"Moy Mell, 8: Is There Such a Thing as Bad Publicity?"
orig. 11/20/2017
Zoro, Elly, Sanji, Neuro - PG-13
Original Concept, mixed fandoms


So many different photographs had been taken and there were almost as many videos. One was exceptionally clear and showed everything that had happened in the restaurant perfectly; there was no confusion that she had grabbed Sanji and kissed him. The news featured this prominently, playing it over and over again. Social media showed millions of views and kept rising. Elly slept late into the next day. She was lethargic and had the headache Law had promised, but she remembered only part of what had happened.

"Honestly," she told the small group that had gathered on one end of the formal dining area. Elly had her head propped up in her hands with a steaming cup of coffee in front of her. Sanji had tried to get her to eat, but she'd pushed the plate aside in favor of the warm brew. "I remember doing some... things, to Sanji." They couldn't see her face but her voice wavered. "And then, Zoro st-stopping me." A hand crept out from her hanging hair and touched her forehead briefly. Her bodyguard flinched at this but remained silent.

Neuro was standing on the other end of the polished table, pacing back and forth. Sanji had given up trying to make him stop since it didn't look like he was scratching the wood under the tablecloth anyway. He sighed when the tall demon stomped a foot down, however.

"Please, Neuro."

"Oh, shut up." He steepled his long fingers and abruptly sat, crossing his legs tightly. "We have more important things to discuss." His eyes rolled over to stare at the green-haired man, who was trying his best to remain expressionless as possible. "I know what happened, by the way."

Zoro shot him a murderous look. "I had to."

"Tsk, tsk." He shook his head. "Well, at least she can move today. All right, we have to stifle the rumors and fix this as soon as possible. They will use this as proof our little shitstain harasser is right."

"But we have proof she was drugged!" Sanji slammed his fist down, causing the plate to rattle.

"That's only proof from our side," Zoro murmured.

"Yes. People can choose to ignore it anyway. Our main problem is even if they did believe she was drugged, the majority won't believe it was from catnip."

"She's not human," Sanji pointed out drily. "Her shit doesn't work the same way. People should know that. I mean... ears, fangs, tail. Right?"

"People believe what they want about demons," Neuro said. "You can trust me on this one," he added with a feral grin. "I do know what I'm talking about."

"Parrot-head," Zoro grunted shortly. He had gone from neutral to angry in only a few moments.

"Please," the demon waved a hand airily about. "I'm not a fan of that type of music at all. It's ghastly."

"You know what I'm talking about!"

Neuro tittered. "This is why you can't be around the media, green-hair. I can break you with the briefest of pokes." He leaned forward, his smile wider and showing a lot of razor-sharp teeth. One long finger pointed directly at the big man. "You snap too easily when it comes to her." Zoro thrust his lip out and turned away from them all.

"I have an idea," Sanji ventured quietly. He'd been watching Elly sink lower onto the table until she was now truly hiding her face in her arms, not only the plate but the coffee forgotten as well.


He stood and walked to her side, draping an arm about her shoulders. "Angel," he cajoled softly. "It's me. I'm not judging you because of this. You know that." Elly groaned, and he bent forward to speak closer to one of her drooping lavender ears. "Please sit up. I have something to say and would like to look into your beautiful eyes while I say it."

"I fuh-feel so bad," she faltered, lifting her head a little. "I didn't mean to do anything wrong."

Sanji grasped one of her hands loosely in his. "You didn't do anything wrong," he told her stoutly. "And you know it wasn't your fault, so I won't just repeat that to you. I know you feel terrible. If we could just show the public that and tell them the truth, it'd be fine."

"Yeah," Zoro muttered.

"Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't going to believe the truth."

"Like I said." Neuro clasped his hands about his knees, extremely interested in what the chef was saying.

"Yeah. Well, how about we tell them what they saw is okay, because me and - I mean, we're -" Sanji took a deep breath and dug a finger in the thin black tie he was wearing. His suit was impeccable once more, every inch pressed and falling into place. But although his outfit was smart, he had started to stammer and his face burned a very dark red across the bridge of his nose.

"Oh, shit." Zoro knew what that look meant, and he half-raised out of his chair before the blond man started to talk again.

"We could tell them we're dating." Sanji blurted out all at once.

Zoro was on his feet this time. "What?!"

"What?" Elly's ears shot up from where they had been wilting close to the sides of her face. "Sanji!" She turned quickly in her chair, unsure if she wanted to escape him, the entire situation or just his touch.

"Oooooh!" Neuro fell over, howling with mirth at their combined reactions. "Perfect!"

"Listen, I'm sorry if I'm reading into what happened the other day too much." Sanji had jerked back at her response, removing his arm and his hand from hers but still standing close by her side. He placed a hand on his heart and knelt before her, staring deeply into her eyes. "But I think we could do this. I've never hidden the fact that I love you, baby -" He paused just long enough that Zoro started to growl under his breath. "And I know you feel something for me, too."

"It would work, you know," Neuro whispered in her ear.

Elly hissed, jumping forward and crashing into Sanji. They tumbled to the floor in a heap, his arms circling her protectively as she fell. "Damn it, Neuro!" She yelled, her tail frizzing out in irritation. "I'm already a bundle of nerves! Don't do that!" Then she noticed her situation and colored as deeply as the squirming man underneath her. "Um. Oops."

The only person standing still was Zoro. His face had paled slightly, locked in an awkward stasis that he couldn't break. The public relations demon was right - this would work. There was absolutely no reason for him to reject this plan. It would have the media circus licking their collective chops over a juicy topic they loved almost more than scandal: celebrity hookups. He couldn't say anything unless he told her he didn't want this to happen for personal reasons. And the minute he did she would know his biggest secret, and not only reject him, but maybe worse. Could she trust him if he was jealous over who she chose to date? Zoro thought not, and he thought that maybe, just maybe, he'd be the first guy to ever be let go from the compound. Not being by her side was something he couldn't live with. So he stood completely frozen in place, a muscle rippling in his jaw as he watched Sanji take from him what he'd wanted for so long.

Elly had extracted herself from the simpering man on the floor and was seated again with a thoughtful look on her face. Her tail had smoothed down but was lashing frantically about, a sign that she was highly agitated. She glanced sideways at Zoro, but seemed confused at his lack of argument.

"You really want to date me?" She asked Sanji dubiously. "I mean, after I went all crazy the other day and could have hurt you?"

"Yes!" He threw himself extravagantly on his face before her and she laughed in spite of herself.

Sanji beamed happily, his eyes lighting up when she smiled. "If I can make you laugh like that when you need to," he crooned, sidling close and laying his head on her lap, "that's all I need to be happy."

"You damn fool," she laughed again. "Okay..." She paused ever so slightly again. Neuro gleefully stared directly into the bodyguard's stoic features as she spoke. "Yes. Let's do it." Zoro didn't even acknowledge that anything had happened other than bringing out his phone. He began to type, letting his team in on the new information. Elly gently removed Sanji's head from her lap and picked up her plate and cup. "Now that's settled, I'll just reheat this."

Sanji moved to follow but Neuro caught his sleeve in one hand. "I'll set up so you two can do a statement about this, and then a few interviews and things," he told him. "We need to do them quickly, if you're okay with that."

"Yes, that's fine." Sanji obviously wanted to go follow his new girlfriend. Neuro cackled and left the room.


"Erk!" He whipped around, golden hair flying. "Shit, moss head, warn me before you -"

"What do you think you're doing?" Zoro grabbed the front of his shirt and yanked him close. His single eye burned with malevolence as he snarled at the younger man.

Sanji raised an eyebrow. "Finding a perfectly good solution to this shitty problem, and getting a bonus as well." He spoke calmly, knowing he had the upper hand. "You're jealous, aren't you? I can give her what she needs. You can't. It's as simple as that, idiot bodyguard."

"Shut up, you perverted cook, she needs -"

"She needs to be happy more than anything," Sanji snapped, ripping himself out of Zoro's hold and smoothing the wrinkles out of his shirt. "Look, I'm not trying to be insulting this time. But after yesterday, she's uncomfortable around you." Zoro's frown grew deeper, and Sanji held up a hand in a hear-me-out gesture. "Let her work it out on her own. Contrary to what you always call her, she's not stupid, and she should eventually realize you had her best interests at heart."

"Do you?"

"You are jealous," Sanji teased, his lips quirking in a sly smile.

"I'm not fucking jealous!"

"Then you'd better hold that shit in, because as of whatever conference or interviews the bird-demon's setting up, Elly officially has a boyfriend. Me." He whirled about and headed into the kitchen.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Moy Mell 7: False Heat

"Moy Mell, 7: False Heat"
orig. 11/19/2017
Zoro, Elly, Sanji, Trafalgar Law, Knuckles, James Morgan - adult*
Original Concept, mixed fandoms


Zoro yawned, ruffling his short green hair as he scratched his head in front of the bathroom mirror. He'd been getting spotty sleep ever since these series of slanderous attacks on Elly had started. It was getting difficult to get a full night's rest when all he did was worry if he was doing a good enough job. He sighed, splashed some cold water on his face and left, the air cooling him further as he walked out and waking him up a little more. The hallway was empty, but her voice broke through the usual mansion's sounds as she yelped indignantly.

"Crap," he groaned, rushing to the door on the end and cutting through the formal dining area as fast as he could. "What now?" Sanji looked up at him from where he was consoling Elly on her favorite spot on the couch. He pointed at the flatscreen on the wall, which was showing stills of photographs - the demon cat with a lot of different guys from the compound.

"He doesn't even have sex organs!" She hissed when they came back to one with her and Piccolo. They'd just come down one of the slides and she was in front nestled between his legs, his arms around her to hold her carefully in place on the raft they were seated on. "How are they making that some sort of lecherous field day for me?! We were at the water park!"

"Idiot cook," Zoro sighed. He grabbed the remote laying nearby and the show cut out. "I told you not to let her watch those."

"She's a grown lady," Sanji huffed. "I can't make her do anything." He sniffed angrily and squeezed her close to his side, stroking her hair and glaring defiantly at the bodyguard. "There, there, baby. He doesn't get it, does he?" Zoro bared his teeth at him and Sanji tossed his golden hair away from his face in return, a gesture he knew pissed the other man off.

"Damn it, she needs to go news blind until we get this shit settled." He pointed at the television. "That's it - I'm ordering it now. We'll have everything programmed for after lunch."

"Aw, even my phone?" She peered around Sanji to stare at the big man.

"Yes, stupid cat. Even your phone."

"Bleah." She snuggled deeper into the couch. "I know it's probably better, but this sucks."

"It won't be so bad," Sanji cooed softly, delicately slipping one of her side locks of hair behind a furry ear. When he caught Zoro's murderous glare he smirked at him and outrageously kissed her cheek. The green-haired young man thrust his jaw out pugnaciously and all but ripped his phone out of his haramaki. Sanji snickered.

"Sanji!" She flinched in surprise. "You're extra naughty today."

"You need a distraction." He pondered this, his eyes distant for a few seconds. "I have the best idea," he announced triumphantly. "It's..." he checked his watch, "almost lunch time. Why don't you come to All Blue and we can have a fantastic meal inside the restaurant, like we hardly ever do."

"Hey - that's not a bad idea."

"Told you. I know just the table for us, angel - it's on the screened-in patio and you can hear the waves crashing outside on the beach. I have it set aside all the time just in case." He took her hand in his and kissed the fingers softly. "It's a double seater, designed so we can cuddle if you get too chilly." Zoro made a strangled noise in his throat and continued to tap the news blind orders into his phone. "Something wrong, moss head?"

More strangled sounds emerged from Zoro, sounding more and more like gargled swearing. He thrust his phone back, then pointed at the two. "All right, if it's just for two where the hell am I supposed to sit?"

"Let her have a tiny bit of privacy today, maybe?" Sanji suggested mildly. "I'll be right there by her side, and you can send your extra today instead of you." His eyes slid over to the wall behind the big man, where a spiky potted plant was wiggling in a faint breeze. The red, spiky leaves shook harder and a pissed-off, four foot tall echidna wearing sneakers popped out, shaking himself all over.

"That's it! I ain't gonna sit around inside a pot ever again."

"That was your choice, not mine," Zoro grunted.

"Yeah, well, I'm not really inconspicuous."

"Nobody sees you as a threat," he patiently explained. "We went over this. I wouldn't have picked you if you weren't capable."


"Well, that's settled then, right? The spiney thing can help." Sanji beamed at everyone and, taking Elly's hand again, led her out of the room to the foyer beyond.

"Spiney thing?!"

"Fuck," Zoro ground out. "All right, go with them, Knuckles."

"You got it. I don't trust that smarmy shit."

"Me neither," he agreed, "but don't let him distract you. Be alert."

"Yeah, yeah." He ran out the door leading to the front. Sanji and Elly's voices could be heard calling out to him.

"Cocky little bastard," Zoro muttered to himself.

- -

The meal was, as could be expected, fabulous. While it was true that it wasn't his cooking since he stayed with her in what turned out to be a very comfortable wicker loveseat, it was very good. He had trained all the chefs inside personally, after all. Towards the end of the meal a calming tea was sent out for Elly, and she sipped it with a long, drawn-out sigh.

"This was exactly what I needed, Sanji," she smiled. He grinned back and drank some of the espresso he'd ordered. He was pleased with himself, since everything had gone smoothly and was quite looking forward to rubbing it in Zoro's face when they got back. A few minutes after they had been served their dessert and drinks, however, Knuckles popped up from where he'd been hiding under their table, mostly hidden by the cloth covering it.

"Hey, slimeball," he whistled softly. "Is she alright?"

Sanji scowled at him. "Of course she is." He was about to tell him off, but a hand abruptly grasped his slacks, squeezing gently. His face instantly flushed such a dark red that their server noticed and came back.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yes, fine, go. Thanks." Sanji waved the man impatiently off, nodding vigorously. When he left he cleared his throat and whispered, "Angel dear, was there something you wanted?"

Knuckles sniffed the air. "Get her out of here quick!" He rasped at Sanji. "She smells wrong!"

"Smells wr-" Sanji was caught off guard by her hand sliding further up his thigh. When he faced her he saw her cheeks were rosy and her eyes were glazed over as if she were drunk. All of this was not something he ever expected to happen, especially in public. Knuckles was right; she was not herself. "Emergency exit," he told the echidna. "I'm taking her home, call a doctor."

"Yes." He jumped out from hiding and scooped up her plate and teacup to save for inspection later. People on the patio were gawking as Sanji found she was unable to walk and was forced to carry her. Not a few had their phones in their hands and he knew at least some were recording this. Unfortunately, in full view of their audience, she responded to being picked up by kissing him full on the mouth! Sanji's eyes went impossibly wide and he kissed her back, at first. Then he broke away with a gasp. "Getting carried away, aren't we, love?" He ran off to the side, out the emergency exit as he'd told Knuckles and straight to the waiting car outside on the rail. He bundled her inside and crept in after, slamming the door amidst people that were waiting in front and others cruising the boardwalk that had been startled by the commotion inside the restaurant.

"Sanji?" Her voice had a syrupy quality to it.

"Moment," he told her and barked, "Mansion! Fast," to the driver. Coincidentally it was James again today, and he did a double take when he saw how Elly was groping the lean chef. He punched in the destination and the car sped off.

"C'mere," she whispered, and it was all Sanji could do to not cry out as she dragged him down by the necktie he was wearing. He struggled to hold her quietly on the seat but she purred and mouthed the scruff on his chin, kissing it and moving upwards.

"Baby, no, wait..." He whined softly when she didn't stop. "Something's wrong," he told her as sternly as possible. "You shouldn't be doing this."

"Spoilsport," she stuck her tongue out at him. He moved his face back so she couldn't reach so she ducked down and started to nibble on his wrists instead.

"Ahh, damn it," Sanji breathed. He was, however, saved by the car stopping at the mansion. With a tremulous sigh he grabbed her up and rushed for the front door. It was open, and for once he was glad to see that green-haired idiot standing there. Zoro stepped aside as he ran in and the doors slammed shut behind them.

"What the hell happened?" He snapped angrily at the panting cook. Elly was clinging to him, nuzzling his cheek and trying to steal as many kisses as possible.

"Drugged," Sanji wheezed as he carefully set her down on the floor. "Or something. Don't know. Did the spiney thing call a doctor?" Elly struggled for a moment when he put her down but then her head snapped up, her nose delicately testing the air.

"Yeah. Watch out!" Her pale eyes focused on Zoro and she suddenly leapt with a catlike roar that startled them both. Zoro snatched her out of midair, whirling and pinning her to the ground. He felt one of her hands sliding under his haramaki and repressed an urge to jerk away. Instead he held on, keeping her mostly at bay with one hand restrained and her other groping him unmercifully. "Ungh!" He threw his head back, sweat flying. Sanji was frozen by the door, watching the tableau in front of him in horror. Her voice was even more slurred now, and when she spoke the guard's name it was in such a rolling purr it was more beastlike than human.


"Cat! Snap out of it!" He leaned closer to try and reason with her and she responded by lunging at him. He moved fast, but she caught one of the dangling gold earrings in his left ear in her mouth. She tugged at it, growling playfully while her hidden hand slid even lower. Zoro gulped, knowing that in her aroused state she was going to do something inappropriate that she would regret later. He reached inside his belly band on the opposite side, his fingers finding the strip of paper he always carried with him. He had to let go of her other hand to do this, and she miaowed happily and wrapped her arm around his neck.

Zoro got the paper out and showed it to her.

"Stop," he told her firmly. "You know what this is." She hissed at him, and he saw she was simply too far gone. Her pupils had completely dissolved, creating two frightening, glowing white slits that burned with an intensity that caused him to shudder. Her hand continued to grope him and his lower stomach jerked with grim pleasure. "I'm sorry," he choked. Bracing himself, he slapped the prayer slip to her forehead.

Her scream was more than loud. It reverberated inside their heads as well as in their ears, and later all the guys on the compound would swear they heard it, too. Small birds burst out of trees in huge flocks in front of the mansion, squawking in fright. It also broke Sanji free of the paralysis that had held him up until that point and he rushed over.

"The hell? What did you do to her?!" He stopped, his eyes widening as he read the Japanese writing on the paper stuck to her head.

"Don't mention this to anyone," Zoro snapped. She fell back in a faint, her face even paler than usual and mouth twisted in agony. Her ears were so flat they were folded into her hair, creating a strange, almost perfectly human look. When she opened her eyes again they were lavender, lighter than the purple they normally were, but much better than that demonic glow.

"Hurts," she whimpered. Zoro grit his teeth, looking as if he were in pain himself as he continued to hold her. His throat convulsed and he suddenly couldn't meet her eyes anymore. They were filled with an intense sorrow, tears spilling down her cheeks. He'd never seen her cry before and it was gut-wrenching. "Why?" She sounded baffled at what was a betrayal of the worst kind among demons and their companions.

"Hang in there for a little while," he told her in a rough voice, gently removing her hand out from under him. Sanji glanced at the big man and saw that he was as close to tears as he'd ever seen him. "Doctor's coming."

"I'll go make some coffee," he said quietly. "We're gonna need some, I think." And with that he excused himself out of the room.

A man-shaped bubble suddenly appeared, a small sculpture in the front room disappearing as it was replaced by a lanky man wearing a yellow and black shirt with faded jeans. "Shit," was the first thing he said as he took in the situation.

"Dammit, Law, what took you so long?"

"Communication," he said shortly. Then, "She was drugged?"

"The cook said she was drugged. S'gotta be catnip. Only thing that could make her act the way she did."

Law reached between her lips with one long finger, careful of her fangs. The binding of the talisman allowed them to do whatever they liked as she was completely immobile. He drew it out and placed it in his own mouth. He nodded as he tasted a faint trace of the herb. "Damn. The reactions from catnip are the same as the estrus behavior of female cats, but it isn't an aphrodisiac. She simply derives pleasure from it. Why this always causes her to go into false heat I'll probably never know." He sighed as he reached into a bag he held by his side. "And believe me, I've tried. Demons are very different entities from normal living creatures."

"Just give her something to help her get over it."

"I am, fool." He took out a needle and carefully let some liquid out. "She's not going to like this."

"She doesn't like anything right now."

Law puffed out a gust of air and carefully injected her while she mewled pathetically. "Shh, it's okay. That will help." He turned to Zoro as he stood. "She'll sleep it off, several hours at the most. When she wakes she'll have a hell of a headache, though."

"All right," Zoro said glumly.

"It was bad enough that you had to take her down, huh?" The doctors in the compound were among the ones that knew about her weakness. Law looked pointedly at the paper on her forehead.

"Yeah." His reply was curt and he ignored the doctor as he left. He waited until her eyes slipped shut and her breathing was slow and even before taking it off, however. The writing had left angry red welts that would fade quickly, but the physical pain wasn't what he was worried about. Zoro carefully lifted her in his arms, cradling her limp form to his strong chest. Her sleeping face wasn't peaceful and she clutched at his coat, whispering the same thing she'd asked him before.

"Why, Zoro, why?"

"I had to," he sighed disconsolately, stepping into the elevator. His face burned when he thought of the thrill he'd felt as her hand had grazed his navel. He'd been slow to stop her, hoping that he wouldn't need to use his weapon of last resort, but he admitted to himself one more thing. He would have enjoyed passionately wrestling with her right there on the floor of the entrance room. Zoro had wanted to let her go all out, to test her full strength at last and enjoy the climactic release of both fighting and pleasure. The problem was keeping those feelings a secret from everyone else, including her. And while he would have loved it, it wasn't the right time or place. He wanted her to want him on her own, not while she was strung out on a common herb that acted like a narcotic in her system. The elevator opened and he entered her dimly-glowing world of fish and soft things, making his way to the bedroom to tuck her in so she could sleep it off.

He hoped she didn't hate him when she woke.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Moy Mell 6: Art Critic

"Moy Mell, 6: Art Critic"
orig. 11/18/2017
Zoro, Elly, Tracey Sketchit, Shota Aizawa, Sanji - PG-13
Original Concept, mixed fandoms


He was always close to her, round the clock, every day and she wondered just how he did it. The others had time off, but he didn't like leaving her alone. Elly watched Zoro as she lazily sipped some coffee in the kitchen. They'd finished breakfast and Zoro and the newest member, Aizawa, were together in the sunny room. Shota was as inconspicuous as possible, on ghost security today. Sanji was sitting outside on the deck, smoking and blowing trails that drifted across the pool. But it was Zoro she was focused on as the big man cleaned the dishes in the sink. He swore as he almost dropped a soapy cup but caught it in midair. She chuckled softly.

The light, almost diffident tapping on the kitchen door startled Elly out of her reverie.

"Elly?" It was the young artist from the other day. He seemed upset, like he wasn't sure if he wanted to come in or not.

"Tracey, what's up? Yesterday was a lot of fun. I always love seeing all the sketches you come up with." And it had been more interesting because Zoro had sat with her, something that hadn't happened before. Tracey had, in fact, hid some of them that he was certain the bodyguard wouldn't want her to see. He'd managed to catch the exact moment Zoro had glanced over at her, and his expression had softened considerably, changing his harsh features for a moment. It was a split second, but the artist had keen eyes and had sketched it. It was a reason he felt he had to come directly to the mansion the next morning. He was nervous, shaking a little as he walked over to the patio doors near her.

"Um. About that."

The dishes rattled as Zoro finished up quickly. "Something's wrong." He strode over, wiping his hands on a towel. He tossed the cloth indifferently aside when they were dry and sat down on an empty stool.

Tracey sighed and ran a hand through his lanky black hair. "Yes..."

"Uh oh. That's not good." Elly set her mug carefully down. "Tell us what happened."

"I posted all the sketches -" stammering as he realized he hadn't, he took a breath and corrected himself. "Most of the sketches online, like I usually do. I got some bad messages." He brought out his phone from his red cargo shorts and held it up. "Look, I sent every single thing to your phone right before I walked in."

Zoro's own phone chimed and he swore, digging deep inside his haramaki. "You didn't have to come here, then." He swiped it open and began reading.

"Well, uh, that's the thing. I feel like this is my fault, and careful, some of those are images and..!"

"Holy shit!" Zoro almost fell off his seat. He held the phone in the air, away from Elly, when she tried to peek. "No, no way, little cat - trust me. You don't want to see."

"All that makes me do is wonder more!"

"They're -" The big man paused, his eye narrowing thoughtfully. "You didn't paint those, did you?"

"Gosh, no!" Tracey stumbled a little, his face burning in embarrassment. "N-no, there's no way, they're all different styles, it's not my work at all. Really. I wouldn't have sent them if I did them - someone sent them to me and, and." He froze, seeing Zoro's face had become deadly serious as he watched him flounder about. "Honest, Zoro! They're not mine. The person just says they are, and they sent them out to everywhere like the letter and stuff." He blurted this last out.

"Oh my crap," Elly husked, her eyes wide. "I just realized what they could be."

"Yep." Shota had crept closer to look at Zoro's phone when he held it away from Elly. "Nudes." He pursed his lips thoughtfully. "That one's pretty good," he murmured.

"Quit looking at it!" Zoro snatched the phone close to his body.

"I'm sorry," Tracey whimpered.

"S'not your fault, kid," Shota shrugged.

"Hey, I'm twenty one," Tracey grumbled. "I'm not that young. But yeah, I mean I guess not. If we hadn't done that sketching session though, it might not have happened."

"It's not your fault," Elly groaned. "Zoro? Are they really..?"

He blushed bright red. "How do I know?"

"No, silly," she sighed patiently. "I didn't mean are they real, because they can't be. I've never posed nude for anyone. Or been fully nude around anyone, for that matter. Unless doctors count... or my full cat form."

"These are definitely not you in cat form." Shota whistled softly through his teeth.

"Aizawa!" Zoro's face was mottled with anger. The man prudently shut up and stepped away from him. The raging man's hand was on the hilts of his swords, flexing as if he'd come seconds away from unsheathing them.

"Zoro," Elly soothed quietly, "Calm down. Sanji just heard and now we have to explain things to him."

"Great!" Zoro snarled so loudly they all jumped. "How can today get any worse?!"

"The hell's going on in here?" Sanji stepped forward and naturally edged closer to Elly than the other men. "Anyone bothering you, angel?"

"No," she said as serenely as she could manage. "The - what do we call them, harasser? Made some terrible accusations again."

"I'd call them stupid," Tracey ventured in awe, his eyes large and focused on the seething aura of rage that surrounded her main bodyguard. "Zoro's gonna kill them when he finds out who they are."

"You haven't caught them yet?" Sanji affected a tone of surprise as he turned to face him. Needling Zoro was his favorite pastime, and even in a serious situation he did what he could to infuriate the other man. He raised a curly eyebrow when Zoro completely ignored him, however. That usually didn't happen; a comeback was required. He was instead feverishly tapping on his phone, sending a message out to the other members of his team. "Anyone want to fill me in?"

"Someone sent nude drawings of Elly to the media," Shota said into the stillness of the room. Sanji blinked. A small trickle of blood ran down one of his nostrils, and he abruptly passed out.

"It's only Tuesday," Elly mourned.



orig. 9/24/2011 - finished 11/18/2017
One Piece - Elly x Zoro, adult / rape

Her legs felt like dead hunks of meat. She could only shuffle slowly, bent over but not yet crawling along the narrow path to the shoreline. Funny thing was she hardly felt the physical pain anymore. Bruises circled her wrists, brutal finger marks squeezed into the pale skin and there were other things wrong - she knew that. But nothing like that mattered. Nothing mattered except getting to the water's edge and to safety.

Chopper was the first one to find her.

"What happened?!" The little reindeer gasped as he shifted form to catch the wounded woman.

"Got hurt," she coughed weakly. She tensed as he sniffed the air and of course caught the scent on her. "Don't tell anyone," she pleaded before passing out. He quickly carried her to the infirmary where a careful examination told him the grim facts of what he'd already known from scent. Now he had a serious moral dilemma. On one hoof, he knew who had done this to her. On the other, she'd begged him not to say. The others had come back as well, drifting in small groups. They had known the island was small and considered safe. Besides, everyone in the crew could usually take care of themselves.

The danger hadn't come from the island, though.

Chopper sighed as he spotted Zoro yawning by his favorite tree on the main deck. "Come with me," he said in a grim voice. Zoro glanced at him curiously but said nothing. The big man followed him to the infirmary and paused while he closed the door quite firmly closed behind them.


"You need to sit." He shoved a stool at the big man.

"What's going on?"

"Elly came back from her walk," the reindeer said quietly. He lifted a lamp close by the cot they were sitting beside. The pale girl was wrapped in bandages across her lower midsection and right arm. The bruises on her flesh were livid and seemed to glow malevolently in the soft light. They were everywhere: her neck, arms, even an odd couple on her legs. The color on Zoro's face paled, tan draining off to be replaced by a sweaty sheen of pale milk. He looked sick as he stared wordlessly at her injuries.

"That's not the worst," Chopper told him.


"There's more to her than physical injuries." He looked up sadly. "Much worse than some bruises."

"What do you mean?" Someone would have to spell it out for the green-haired man, he saw that. And he really didn't want to be the one to do it. The longer he sat there and fidgeted, though, the more Zoro understood. "Her - her mind. She's really upset."

The green-haired man gargled in the back of his throat. "What?"

"She didn't want me to say what happened," Chopper fussed, staring down at his bottom hooves as they dangled from the stool he was sitting on. "But I need to ask you."

"Ask me what?"

"What did you do to her?"

"Wait..." Zoro didn't know what to say. Chopper was serious; he could see it in his face. The little guy's eyes were full of tears and he sniffed loudly. "I don't know what you're talking about," he confessed weakly. On his part, the doctor saw the swordsman was speaking the truth - he clearly was baffled.

"She was attacked," he said quietly. "I smell your scent on her, and from her bruises, it looks like you held her down a-and," he swallowed hard, his eyes tearing up, "held her legs apart."

Zoro went completely white. His mouth opened but no sound came out. The big man was never at such a loss for words. Something very strange was going on here. Unfortunately, Zoro quickly regained his composure in the form of - what else -- indignant anger.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, jerking upright off the stool. His breathing was harsh and ragged and he kept clenching and unclenching his massive fists.


"There's no way I did that! I'd never..." He trailed off as a frightened squeak and a thud came from the bed area. Elly had scrambled backwards until she fell, completely unaware of the edge in her haste to get away from him. Chopper reared up into his giant form and stepped between him and the groggily awake woman with his arms spread out.

"I told you to be quiet!" He roared angrily. Nothing upset him more than someone disturbing his patients. It made him unusually brave in the face of the larger man's rage. "Now get out!"

Zoro slammed the door.

He spent the rest of the day in a daze, not even bothering to lift his weights. The haunting idea of "worse than physical injuries" and Chopper crying "why'd you do it?" tormented him. Could the little doctor have been wrong? He was always excellent in diagnosing patients and he did have that superior sense of smell (like she did, he thought wildly). Could he really have done something so hideous and not know it? It all came down to the fact that Zoro knew Chopper wouldn't make such a serious accusation without proof of some kind. The only logical assumption was that he had somehow done this terrible thing. Zoro grimaced and banged a fist on the wall of his special room below the crow's nest. "I don't remember!" he snarled.

A knock at his door startled him out of his rage. He opened it to find the last person he expected to see. She was shaking and pale, but he was oddly proud of her for being so strong as to search him out after such a horrific ordeal.

"All right," Elly said in a rush. "Let's get this over with. You didn't rape me. You were too, ah, excited for that. But you intended to."

He clenched his jaw. "Shit." Visions blurred in his head of what might have happened: him clumsily trying to do something he'd never attempted before and failing. Her afraid of his actions and then disgusted as he came all over her. Any scenario he came up with made his stomach churn. He didn't know exactly, but it had to be bad.


"I can't, uh. Don't know what to do. I didn't mean to do that! I don't remember doing anything!" He paused, then fought back any further outburst. "I would never hurt you," he insisted.

"Not if you knew what was happening," she agreed.

"What the hell happened then?!"

"I have no idea," she sighed wearily. "You ate something, drank something, goodness only knows. Chopper said your ah, fluids, had something odd mixed with it."

"How did he get..." He trailed off as she coughed nervously. "Oh."

"Hey, you two," a new voice called out. Robin's head poked up from the ladder top.

Zoro swore. "There isn't enough fucking room here, what the hell do you want?"

"I think you two should spend some time together," the dark-haired woman suggested mildly. "Off the ship... on the beach, maybe."

"You said what?" Elly gasped.

"Are you nuts?!" Zoro snapped out, eyes bulging.

Robin shrugged. "We're not going anywhere until this is settled, so feel free to do whatever you like." She turned and walked slowly off, her book still tucked under one arm.

Zoro swore. "Great."

"No." Elly was breathing erratically, eyes darting wildly about. "I - I can't..."

"You little idiot!" He shouted at her, knowing what she was thinking: what if he tries it again? And of course the minute he'd opened his mouth he knew it was a mistake. He grit his teeth and swore as she slid down the ladder in a hurry, following Robin. He pelted off after her, barely touching the rungs to try and catch up. When he reached the deck he looked around, baffled.

"She took off down the gangplank to the beach," Robin offered in a mild tone, fashioning a string of arms with hands attached into a large arrow with her ability. He frowned but didn't speak, choosing instead to use all his energy to run as fast as he could.

"Cat?" Zoro had to stop when he reached the sandy beach, however. It was dark, and her trail stopped at the dune grasses that led up to the main island. The place seemed deserted, as it was night and he couldn't see any lights from neighboring towns or anything. There was only a dim flicker a little ways away, and he headed towards it. It turned out to be Elly sitting in front of a fire she'd made. "You're not running anymore?"

"No," she called softly over the crackling of the flames. "I guess we need to talk a little more." He grunted, folding his arms across his chest in a show of defiance but the cheerily burning warmth soon won him over. The big man crept closer and finally sat next to her on the log she had pulled up, holding his hands out to the flames.

"I'm sorry," he said finally, thrusting his lower lip out in a pout.

"I know," she murmured. "I know you didn't mean it." Her ears folded slowly back as she spoke and she sat very still, not knowing where to put her hands. She settled on grasping her legs lightly, trying not to dig her nails into the soft flesh.

"That's not exactly right," he said shortly.


He groaned, rubbing the side of his face with a rough palm. "Look. It's not your fault, all right? I'm mad at me, not you. I don't know."

Elly nodded though her eyes were filled with confusion. She took a deep breath and raised her chin slightly. "If you say so." They sat in silence for several minutes watching the crackling flames. He suddenly reached over and placed a hand on her shoulder. Elly flinched and he frowned, then hastily tried to smooth the lines on his forehead when he saw how her eyes widened. He took a deep breath and tried a smile but she wouldn't look at him.

"Damn it, cat," he groaned.

"You don't have to stop being you," she ventured quietly. "Grumpy, strong Zoro. It's all right." She curled her tail around her. "I'm not really afraid."

"You are," he insisted. "You jump if I so much as move," he huffed. "That's why I got pissed. I didn't mean to do what I did."

"Well..." she hedged. "I'm not really afraid of you, anyway. More, um, what you think."

"I don't think."

"Obviously," she snapped. Zoro's grin was much more natural this time. He slouched down a little on the log and folded his arms in front of his chest.

"All right, what would I think?"

"Oh, honestly," she sighed in a weary voice. "I suppose it doesn't matter now. You know what happened, and that you didn't actually... well, succeed entirely. What you don't know is that I didn't fight the whole time. I want you to know that."

"What?" He seemed to be saying that a lot today. He blinked, stunned. There was no way he'd heard that right.

"I wanted it," she said simply. "I wanted you, Zoro." Her face remained expressionless, her eyes dull. She wasn't even embarrassed.

He placed his hands on her shoulders without thinking, but this time she didn't jump away. "What the hell do you mean? How'd you get all those injuries if you didn't fight back?"

She laughed softly and looked up to stare deeply into his dark eye. "I only fought back when I realized you didn't know what you were doing. I didn't want you if you didn't want me. You know, I might be stupid now and then, but you're completely blind about things like this. Everyone else knows how I feel about you."

His hands grew limp in shock, but only momentarily. "You - wanted...?"

"The feel of your hands all over me, your lips, your tongue," she said dreamily, "Yes, okay? I want you. I thought in the beginning that you wanted me back, but then I saw you were drugged or something, and..."

"You want me?"

She cleared her throat, a dark red blush staining her cheeks at last, yet still answered defiantly. "Are you deaf?"

"No," he murmured slowly. "No, I'm not."

"Yeah, well, that's that. We never have to speak of it again."

"Right," he agreed very softly, and she jerked to the side as his breath tickled her ear. He was leaning close to her, his lips an inch or so away from the lavender fur. She flicked it, and he wrinkled his nose as the tip brushed him.

"What are you doing?"

He carefully reached out and turned her face to meet his, so he could stare into her eyes with the single one he had left. "I'm not drugged now," he told her seriously.

"N - no, you're not," she stammered nervously. She tried to drop her gaze but he tapped her lips with one finger, startling her enough so their eyes met again.

"Are you sore? Does it hurt?" He gently touched one of the bruises on her arm and winced when he saw how neatly his fingerpads fit into the dark circles.

"It's not that bad."

"Are you still afraid?"

"Of you? No." She fidgeted on the log, her eyes never leaving his. The one that was open was such a dark color, and it burned with an intensity that mesmerized her. His hand slipped around behind and stroked her short hair. She blinked several times, trying to process what was happening.

"Do you still want me?" This was delivered in such a low tone she barely heard him.

She swallowed hard, barely able to catch her breath but determined to rattle him as much as he had her. "I want you to do to me what you didn't, before," she answered in a quavering voice.

He pulled her even closer and leaned in so their noses were touching. "You sure?" His tongue flicked out and lightly traced her lips.

"Mnn... very sure." She shivered and closed her eyes.

"I can be gentle, you know." He kissed her softly on her closed mouth and then murmured against it, "Is that how you imagined me?"

"Zoro!" She choked.

"Now I wanna know." He laughed a low, raspy sounding sort of laugh and kissed her again. "Was I slow, soft and sweet? Or," he nipped her neck, "did I grind you into the ground until you screamed my name?"


"Like that, sort of. The screaming."

"Whew! Have you ever practised talking like this?"

"Why? I'm just talking." He slipped his hand down until he could caress the base of her tail. "I'm not like that asshole cook. I just say what I think." He stopped, frowned a little. "You went limp, cat... did I find an even better spot to tease?" Since Elly was utterly and completely speechless, he went on. "Good. Maybe you'll answer me, then." He chuckled when she miaowed softly. "Now, kitten, you're almost there. S'not so big a deal, just tell your crush how you fantasized him having you."

At last she found her tongue. "Crush?!" She yelped indignantly. "I love you, moron! And I didn't just have one fantasy, it was all sorts of things." She clapped a hand to her mouth as she finished speaking, aghast. "Er..."

"Ha! Got you." He let go of her tail to concentrate on her rear, pulling her up further on his lap so she could straddle him. "I wasn't sure, you know."

"Wh - what?"

"You really are stupid." He brought his other hand around, clasping her fully to him in an almost crushing embrace. "Why'd you think I did, uh... that, before?"

"Now look who's not saying."

He blew out air in an annoyed rush, his dark eye glaring at her. "I love you too, okay? Idiot." The soft insult finishing his sentence somehow made everything more real and she dug her nails into his shoulders, gasping. This was actually happening!

"What are you waiting for, then?"

"Fuck, kit..."


He started laughing so hard he had to turn his face away. She whapped him lightly on the back and he stifled himself, though his eye still sparkled with mirth. "How d'you want me?"


"Yeah, so? It'll be difficult to hold back now, but I can if you want gentle." His lips quirked, a small smile still hinting at the corners of his mouth. "I know you're still bruised up. And s'my fault." The mirth faded briefly. "Not this time, though."

"I know."

"I'll give you whatever you want, kitten." His hands began to move again, cautious, tender touches. "I sort of want the slow, soft route, though. It's our first time. Let's make love."

"Oh my god. Yes."

"Just tell me."

"Like that..."

"This?" Lighter on her than she would have thought possible, his calloused hands pulled her down to the warm sand where he had at some point spread his coat out for her to lay on. She'd been so mystified she hadn't even noticed. He propped himself up, resting only some of his bodyweight on her but covering her completely.

"Oh, Zoro, yes."

"Be ready for me, kitten." His mouth pressed against hers, and for Elly there was just one man and nothing else in the world: Zoro moving slowly, efficiently and lovingly on her and eventually in her.