Monday, March 7, 2016


Like every artist alive, I need money. You know, to continue paying the bills and such. So if you like my work, here's a chance to get some for yourself! I'll be adding to this page often, so check back if you're interested, or drop me a line.

Never fear! Professional here.
I'm a 39 year old freelance artist with a Bachelor's under my belt in graphic arts/web design. When you buy art from me - whether it's writing, drawing, a craft or whatever -- it will be very different from most types of "commission work" you can get online. I am committed to excellence and must feel that I have perfected everything that I work on. You will be updated on the progress, shown sketches/samples and/or concept(s), and sign off on a final draft of whatever type you are purchasing, so you know exactly what you are getting. I work quickly and well, you will not be waiting for weeks. It often takes only a couple days for me to finish something unless I'm bogged down by holidays or a big workload.

For both download art and writing, you will not receive a physical copy, of course. You will be emailed a downloadable form of your piece in whatever file form(s) you want. You can use it on things that you will be enjoying, for your personal pleasure. Please do not mass produce anything that I make for you for any resale scenario.

I have the right, of course, to refuse any request that makes me uncomfortable, and I will not draw or construct anything illegal. Just ask if you're unsure - I won't freak out. If I decide I don't want to or should not draw it, I'll let you know calmly. 

Yes, I do trades! If you're an artist and want to trade artwork, crafts, your own writing and/or anime/game stuff you have for what I can do/have, just let me know. I'm open to most trades if your skill level is at least equal with mine. I feel sad that I have to say it, but I get a lot of offers from folks that should know their work isn't comparable. If you have doubt, show me samples! I promise I won't be "mean", I'll just say yes or no.

I can draw anything: inanimate objects, animals, cartoons/anime, any body type of person (male or female). Prices are below, for one character/object each. For additional, simply ask - depending on complexity prices vary.

Work sheet showing my art is coming! I've got to reinstall some programs.

) MS Paint b/w: $1
) Pencil Sketch: $5
) Pencil drawing: $15
) Inked drawing: $20
) Oil Pastels: $30

) CG simple color furry badge: $5
) CG black and white sketch: $10
) CG black and white/graytones drawing: $20
) CG simple color drawing (plain color BG): $25
) CG complex color drawing (full BG): $40
) CG Couple art color (simple BG): $50
) CG Static Avatar (bust or simple): $15

) Flash Dressup Game (simple, 10 outfits): $50
) Animated Avatar (simple): $20
) Hand-drawn cartoon poster (many characters/objects): $100 b/w, $200 color  - example 1 (color)

I can usually work anything: inanimate objects, animals, cartoons/anime, any body type of person (male or female). Just ask, really. Prices vary depending on complexity of the object/character and materials used. You will receive an item from a crafts listing, and I can place it in my Etsy Shop if you desire for your safe shopping concerns.

Work sheet showing my art is coming! I've got to reinstall some programs.

) Clay (sculpey, simple): example 1  . example 2 . example 3 (on right) . example 4
) Needle-Felted Soft Sculpture (simple): example 1 (on left) .
) Needle-Felted Soft Sculpture (complex):
) Sculpture Repair (prices vary): example 1  . example 2
) Plastic jewelry/keychains/tags/Con IDs (prices vary): example 1 . example 2 (b/w)
) Photo Collages (prices vary): example 1 . example 2 . example 3

If you want to see examples, this is the blog for that. I really have to know the series that I'm writing about to get it "just right" so this is a bit tricky. If you ask for something I haven't read or seen, I may have to immerse myself in it before I begin. This is why written pieces are a bit pricier than drawings. The prices below are for series I know.

Standard size for my works is around 3,000-5,000 words. I don't cap myself when writing as it stifles me. The only thing I do not write is female x female (yuri) pieces. 

Standard Fluff - romance, nothing serious, just cute stuff. $25 /PG
Minor Romance - romance, a little seriousness. $35 /PG-13
Adult Romance - simple sexual scenes, nothing "fancy". Missionary stuff. $40/adult
Adult Romance, extra - extra interesting stuff! Fetishes, etc. $50/adult
Yaoi Adult - guy/guy pairings. $60/adult


I'm looking into getting some of my finished work printed instead of sold as eBooks, so this will be coming soon. I have more erotica novels in progress as well, all with original characters of course.

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